The Dom with the Heart-on His Pants…

Hee. i said it.

Heart. On.

not hard-on.

We were in Starbucks, and nilla was feeling frisky, bold, playful. i was happy to have time with Him, as His life as well as mine, is hectic in October.

And gosh it’s been fucking forever since we had playtime. September. The 18th of September. And we won’t have time until after Thanksgiving.

Huge pitiful sigh.

So, these breaks are helping us both through.

He’s a tough guy. Military, Special Forces, deadly force, all that jazz. Scary, yet compelling stuff. His contained power draws me in like a fly to honey. He is so *amazingly* strong. He can throw me around a room like…like i was… a feather duster, instead of the short, round, woman i am.

He is sweet (He’ll deny that), and very silly. Strict with the rules i must obey. Firm.  The Sadist is beginning to show more and more in our vanilla encounters. Remember i rarely see it, as i’m blindfolded during our encounters…

And way back, when we came )*(  that close to breaking up in January, and got back together, we were very, very mushy with one another.

He wrote me poetry.

He sent me song links.

i wrote Him love notes.  Shared my favorite love songs.

Because we found out that we truly do love one another,  soul-deep. Over time, that squishy-huggy stuff, rather than being thrown by the wayside, has interwoven all that we do.

But being the naughty little sub that i am, tend to push the envelope from time to time.

That’s where the hearts come in.

i was trolling a craft store and found these sweet heart stickers. And i knew exactly what i was going to do with them.

A few weeks ago, in His car, i palmed the first one,  and while kissing Him, slipped it just under His shirt at the base of His throat. It took him a few minutes to feel it, to grok that i’d counted coup on Him.

And i giggled about it for a long while. Well, until He …remonstrated me, delightfully, i should add.

The hearts have been a little “war” between us. Silent, “deadly” in intent. And so fucking funnah.

Sunday night, i counted coup again, as we shut down Starbucks and headed outside for a little kissy-huggy farewell before parting ways. i slid my little hand into His back pocket, and we teased and played and i got pinched, and that whole scene over the carseat that i spoke of a few days ago.

Later that night, at home, i got the text.

And Monday night got the verbal story.

He was taking off His jeans, hanging them over the hanger. He pulled the thick, leather belt from the loops. And found my ‘gift’…a pair of hearts, one over each pocket.

“That FUCKING  slut,” He exclaimed, loudly enough that His son called from 4 rooms away “You callin’ me, Dad?”….


When i got the text, i had to call, but He didn’t/wouldn’t/couldn’t answer. Instead, through my giggles, i admonished Him to not be so much of a “Heart-Ass” (i know, the temerity, right?!) and then burst into much hysterical laughter.

It just rolled outta me…guffaws, and gales of laughter.

He has told me that He’s saved that little bout of laughs.

“For an appropriate time, slut. When it will really be appreciated.”

uh…rewind, anyone?



17 thoughts on “The Dom with the Heart-on His Pants…

  1. Honey, those stickers that you love so much? They’re not stickers, they’re a shovel. Be careful how deep you dig that hole.

    I’m lol-ing at the whole counting coup…sub-warfare…hehehehe.

  2. So nilla, they say payback is hell, I guess you’ll let us know. I think you may be treading on thin ice here; I know Bill would be more than a tad out of sorts to find he had been wearing little hearts over his back pockets. Ohh…why does that make me laugh…you are such a bad (good) influence on me!


  3. I used to do things like this to my ex husband. I finagled my way into his office and taped 100’s of Hershey’s kisses to his desk in a big XOXO pattern. He was both furious and amused. Especially at all the wrappers his coworkers had decided to leave taped to the desk after they’d eaten the candy.

    The two of you are complex cuteness in a very dangerous package lol. I’m foreseeing you unable to move and getting hella payback for those stickies.

    • that is a GREAT story, Andi…love it….

      we are pretty cute. There is a lot of laughter in our relationship, something that lacking for us both in vanilla life…and feeds us over, around ,and through our D/s lives.

      oh, the payback is foretold…(in dire tones of dark gloom…and humor)….

      i’ll keep you apprised!


  4. Laughing hysterically… what an amazingly beautiful plan!! i can imagine how much you’re enjoying it.

    Yes, you might be playing with fire, but you know what Mae West said ~

    “I generally avoid temptation unless I can’t resist it.”

    Is THIS why you’ve been losing letters, and words??

    Still laughing…


    P.S. Hope you get your power – and your internet – back soon, and that you and the kids are still safe and warm. Thinking of you!

    • LOL, yes, this is what caused the loss of letters and words.

      and yet, i still laugh hysterically about this. i am so naughty…and really? i think He enjoys my being playful with Him…


  5. You are such a tease! I think it’s great, but dangerous waters. You’ll get it and I bet you won’t be able to sit down for a week. Granted, I had an entire packet of heart confetti… that I um… liberally sprinkled all over Wolf’s desk one time. (yes, his computer desk…. what the hell was I thinking? oh… yeah… it was Valentine’s Day). Damn that man has a LONG memory. So, I can see your Master doing the whole, “OH look! If I spank her like this, it looks like a heart!”. Bloody crazy Marines. And, keep in mind that a heart upside down is a butt! He may see if he can make your little heart as red as the ones you gave him.
    Oh, and for the record, even though we’ve been on the poorly side, Wolf is still making jokes at my expense. (rolls eyes) He so loves discovering a person’s kink and then playing with it.

    • yes, true…i love teasing Him, too…He’s far to serious, and i’m far to flighty to be that rigid…So we play and laugh and someday, in the not far distant future…i’ll be getting my own back….

      payback is not only a bitch…but a Dom with a heart-on his pants!!



    • *laughing*

      so i’ve been warned…His first text of the day (one of very few this week) did reiterate that “you *will* pay, little girl”…..


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