Just a random assortment of ‘things’ in no particular order…

Things i hate

  • people who are mean
  • being unhappy
  • snow in October (trying to embrace it but really? Ugh.)
  • people who don’t write back. Sorry fellow bloggers but this includes those who rarely respond to comments left by other readers. People (including me) take time to write you, and lack of response is a form of ignoring them.  Same goes for emails not responded to, phone calls not returned. Basically, i hate being ignored. Don’t you?
  • having to wear my brand new winter boots in October
  • not getting to sex my Master until LATE November. He is being way good about it, but i feel like a bad sub not being able to be with him. Told ya’ll my vanilla life is way outta control lately.
  • people who don’t pull their fair share of the workload.
  • not having enough time to read OPB’s regularly.
  • cleaning ash out of the pellet stove
  • upsetting Master by forgetting to follow a rule or direction
  • kittens climbing curtains so fast, so high that i almost cannot rescue them before they plunge to the floor, narrowly escaping death! (or so it seems)
  • being too tired to masturbate and have an orgasm
Things that i love:
  • snow (just not a half-foot or more in October, thanks)
  • walking
  • YOGA!! 
  • not having a killing frost by October 29th.
  • having a job (okay, its three jobs, but who’s counting?!)
  • Master. Master. Master.
  • the number 3 and the number 9 (and the number 5)
  • blue skies framed by golden leaves
  • Autumn, even the raking
  • blogsisters
  • kittens (i have two if anyone wants them-just sayin’)
  • music…right now, New Age groups 7 and 5,  and 2002, are my favorites, (especially “Beautiful Days” by the former, and “Remember Now” and “Inner Light” by the latter.
  • waterfalls
  • being spanked, hard, with toys or hands, brush, or shoes
  • kisses, slow melty ones that become rough and hot and lead to rough probing, desperate needs, satiation against the door, or wall…
  • mountains…the real ones, and ones that are hurdles that i’ve overcome, even the ones i’m currently “climbing”…
  • writing
Things i crave:
  • Master
  • sex, sex, sex. 
  • cuddles
  • pain. Sometimes, i wish i didn’t. But i accept who i am. And i really get off on being hurt.
  • thick warm socks that i’ve made with my own hands (someday i might even do this!)
  • time alone
  • time when its quiet 
  • chocolate (and maybe someday Master will give it back to me.)
Things that are important to me:
  • family
  • Master
  • home
  • finding good homes for the last two kittens
  • pleasing Master fully
There’s more, of course, and the lists are constantly in flux. What seems terribly important today may be less so, or resolved tomorrow.  i’m in a funny mood today, missing Master since we’ve not spoken in two days, as He is away this weekend. Lots of texts and that helps but it isn’t the same as hearing His voice. 
And i’m so frigging needy.
Keep your fingers and toes crossed that the snow isn’t too bad and He gets home tomorrow. Our time to see each other is pretty much in jeopardy right now, as we don’t know if and when He will be home tomorrow, as He is also in a “snow zone” where He’s at.
And now, i’m off to bed, to snuggle and dream of my Man…