Just a random assortment of ‘things’ in no particular order…

Things i hate

  • people who are mean
  • being unhappy
  • snow in October (trying to embrace it but really? Ugh.)
  • people who don’t write back. Sorry fellow bloggers but this includes those who rarely respond to comments left by other readers. People (including me) take time to write you, and lack of response is a form of ignoring them.  Same goes for emails not responded to, phone calls not returned. Basically, i hate being ignored. Don’t you?
  • having to wear my brand new winter boots in October
  • not getting to sex my Master until LATE November. He is being way good about it, but i feel like a bad sub not being able to be with him. Told ya’ll my vanilla life is way outta control lately.
  • people who don’t pull their fair share of the workload.
  • not having enough time to read OPB’s regularly.
  • cleaning ash out of the pellet stove
  • upsetting Master by forgetting to follow a rule or direction
  • kittens climbing curtains so fast, so high that i almost cannot rescue them before they plunge to the floor, narrowly escaping death! (or so it seems)
  • being too tired to masturbate and have an orgasm
Things that i love:
  • snow (just not a half-foot or more in October, thanks)
  • walking
  • YOGA!! 
  • not having a killing frost by October 29th.
  • having a job (okay, its three jobs, but who’s counting?!)
  • Master. Master. Master.
  • the number 3 and the number 9 (and the number 5)
  • blue skies framed by golden leaves
  • Autumn, even the raking
  • blogsisters
  • kittens (i have two if anyone wants them-just sayin’)
  • music…right now, New Age groups 7 and 5,  and 2002, are my favorites, (especially “Beautiful Days” by the former, and “Remember Now” and “Inner Light” by the latter.
  • waterfalls
  • being spanked, hard, with toys or hands, brush, or shoes
  • kisses, slow melty ones that become rough and hot and lead to rough probing, desperate needs, satiation against the door, or wall…
  • mountains…the real ones, and ones that are hurdles that i’ve overcome, even the ones i’m currently “climbing”…
  • writing
Things i crave:
  • Master
  • sex, sex, sex. 
  • cuddles
  • pain. Sometimes, i wish i didn’t. But i accept who i am. And i really get off on being hurt.
  • thick warm socks that i’ve made with my own hands (someday i might even do this!)
  • time alone
  • time when its quiet 
  • chocolate (and maybe someday Master will give it back to me.)
Things that are important to me:
  • family
  • Master
  • home
  • finding good homes for the last two kittens
  • pleasing Master fully
There’s more, of course, and the lists are constantly in flux. What seems terribly important today may be less so, or resolved tomorrow.  i’m in a funny mood today, missing Master since we’ve not spoken in two days, as He is away this weekend. Lots of texts and that helps but it isn’t the same as hearing His voice. 
And i’m so frigging needy.
Keep your fingers and toes crossed that the snow isn’t too bad and He gets home tomorrow. Our time to see each other is pretty much in jeopardy right now, as we don’t know if and when He will be home tomorrow, as He is also in a “snow zone” where He’s at.
And now, i’m off to bed, to snuggle and dream of my Man…

20 thoughts on “Things

  1. i am totally with you about the snow! i was at work and it was a complete madhouse! i kept thinking “snow? In October? i can’t remember the last time it snowed here in October” Damn if i wasn’t surprised when i woke up and saw it! Oh well, i guess it just goes with all the Christmas stuff that is going up now. Am i the only one who is digusted by this????

    1. you are not !!!

      i do like snow, i do. In late November. In December. In January and February too. But in OCTOBER??? no. fucking. way.

      it was very pretty, once i reconciled to the lack of electricity….but still…i’dve made a sucky pioneer!


    1. He made it back to Mass but not home. Sadly, we missed our date…Mom Nature got us again! There’s always next Sunday and the chance for a coffee date…

      thanks TS for the kind words!


  2. I very well done post nilla.
    Living in the south has many advantages but the one thing I do miss most though is the change of seasons. Mostly the changing of the leaves and the glorious colors that come along with it.
    That much snow in Oct. is a bit much.


    1. our official tally was 15″…a record of dubious regard!! And i’ll still need to rake those fucking leaves!!


  3. Glad to see you posting – I think that must be a good sign for your well-being. I hope that means you got electricity back during the night!

    And I really, really hope you and your Master get your time together…



    1. i’d actually auto posted it Sat after work and forgot i’d done it. I knew i’d written it, but never recalled if i slipped it into the Drafts folder or not. So so so glad to have electricity back this early a.m.!!!

      28 more days until play time…and maybe seeing each other Sunday evening. One more week, at least until coffee date time…


    1. *smiles*

      we all have our things, sis…and i know i’m a bit fanatical about responses…just how i’m wired, i guess…remember this was about my peeves, not to make you (or anyone) feel guilty…



  4. This snow is a mess, esp. this early. I was with my folks in the country and my father (70’s) had a medical emergency. Ambulance took him at night, then the hospital called in the pre-dawn hours to say he can come home. So, driving in the dark and when it was starting as wet snow was a pain for my mother. But, we got thru it. Mother Nature is having menopause!

    Glad you’re okay, except for cravings of Him. Sure hope you get what you wish for.

    1. sorry about your Dad, hope things are going better for him and your family.

      i’m definitely craving. 10 weeks between play dates is a long long time….


      1. Thanks. He is okay – he didn’t want to take his water pills and the fluid built up. Can we say STUBBORN? He’ll be fine………….

  5. I understand the craving and the rest of the list is understandable! But, remember this, the first hundred years are the hardest after that it gets easier

  6. An interesting list. 🙂 Amazing what deprivation will make us think about. Wolf has been ill, I’ve been ill. Not many O’s for either of us. argh… I hope that you get some Sunday coffee time and that the homefront settles down.
    Lots and lots of hugs and love.
    Oh, and just how long is your foot?

    1. zmg…are you making me sox????

      size 6.5…wait…i’ll measure it out…(doesn’t everyone have 4 bags of knitting and rulers in their bedrooms?)

      from heel to toe is just shy of 9 inches…8.75..

      small feet, big ass, i always say…(laughing like a loon)


      1. Laughing with delight!

        woot woot….oh i love that you will make me sox. i’d make you a pair but yanno, i think you might want them before you’re 170, yanno? Its all in the turn. Did it once a few years ago, forgot, got lost, got a deformed sock and couldn’t face doing the second one! I’ll stick to mittens and hats for now i guess!

        oh, remind me to tell you backchannel about silk hankies and making your own “roving”…makes the *lightest* yet warmest mittens EVER!!

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