This is not going to be your ‘typical’ nilla post…

Wow, am i ever glad i wrote that fast post Saturday night when i got home from work! i’d had a quiet day, no kids, but a big project to work on, so i had a lot of thinking time.

And that list grew from those “behind the scenes” musings.

And then it started to snow. By 4 pm it was sticking pretty good, and i was still at work. i got the call to leave work a bit early. It’s complicated, but my wife is kind of my boss. It took me 25 minutes to make the three-mile trek home. Crawling through “white-out” conditions was kinda thrilling and scary too. And sheesh, it’s fucking October, people!

And yes, i was annoyed that she kept me at work until 5 pm when it was obvious that the driving conditions were not great. Over it now, but still….it rankled. i know she has to be careful to not play favorites, but if it had been someone else there, would she have let them go earlier? Dunno.

And it got bad, fast. Heavy snow, very full of water, compresses on the roads to icy slush that is very slippery.  It weighs on tree branches still covered in just-turning-color leaves.

Went to my room and wrote yesterday’s post, then went to bed, a bit sad that i would not be talking to my Master as He was traveling. Saturday he was unavailable all day except via occasional texts. And then there was Sunday.

Master woke to a lot of snow where He was, but traveling was okay, and He headed homeward. We were in the dark, and it was chilly. Thankfully there is a gas heater in wife’s bedroom and we spent a lot of the day in there.

Remembered my eldest has a crank radio so we could listen to the Pats game in the late afternoon (i could only stand it to the end of the 3rd quarter, then went to bed to read).

Lost a few trees, one badly damaged, the Japanese Maple i’ve nurtured from a small sprout over the last 20 years. That made me pretty sad. Not sure if i’ll lose more of it, since the tree that came down has big limbs laying on other parts of the maple.

There is still power out in much of my city, much of my area in middle Massachusetts. Traffic lights, and stores and such are impacted.

And Wow!…The Powers that Be  cancelled Trick or Treating tonight, Halloween night, as there are still too many dark areas, too many wires still down.

And i still need to rake my yard!

Being offline for 36 hours was hard….my kids missed tv, but i missed you all…thankfully i texted aisha and Master off an on through the late afternoon.

There was no way to be with Master as everything was cancelled, and He got home to a house that was powerless, with trees down, inaccessible. He and his son spent another two hours trying to find a hotel with power for them to stay at, and finally found something about an hour from His house.

What chaos! What destruction.  The reality of today is finding tree guys to take care of all the hanging “widow maker” limbs. To chop up and cart away the tree that fell in my yard/neighbors yard.

To hope the snow melts soon so we can rake up the mess of leaves and limbs left behind (and there are still plenty of leaves yet to fall).

Yet late last night, i touched …magic.

i slipped out of bed, into robe and slippers, and went quietly downstairs and out into the night.

The storm was well past, the crescent waxing moon had just slipped below the horizon-line of my neighbor’s house…

….and i saw stars!

It was….breathtaking.

It was …magical. So much light pollution here in the Megalopolis….yet last night, i saw stars like i’ve not seen since i was a child. There, right there overhead, was the Milky Way in all it’s splendor, despite downed trees, despite electrical disconnection…

and i was suddenly re-connected to something older, deeper, magical. Something inside me just relaxed, just let go. i was smaller, but not diminished. i was cradled, for that moment, in the hands of ancient lights. Submissive to the Universe, i stood, head craned back, mouth open, palms turned up in supplication….

and rather than being crushed by that immensity, i was ….cherished.