for sin…just in case you thought i wouldn’t? i did!   just in case you thought i couldn’t…hell yes i did!! oh, there is a dragon here, but he’s small and cute and fuzzy….just sayin’….

They thought it was  a fucking riot.

Letting her play poker, at her endless begging. Going to “help” her learn to play the game, they’d said.

“It’s like this, girl,” her Master had said. “We’re going to teach you the hard way. School of hard knocks way. You lose, you lose your shirt. Got it?”

She had thought He’d meant her cash, or some metaphoric “lose your shirt,” not the real-deal, “off with the pretty top, girl” kind of thing.

She should’ve known better of course, HE always meant what He said, and if she had a question she should have asked it at the outset.

She shivered as the a/c drew goosebumps along her spine, down her tits, hardened her nipples.

“I wanna suck them.” Her Masters best friend, Max couldn’t take his eyes off her big hard nipples, her round and full tits.

“Go ahead,” He said, waving a hand negligently. Her eyes widened. He had always promised this…”someday”…slut, someday.

Today was “Some Day”, apparently.

Max didn’t need to be asked twice. He all but leapt from his chair,  and grabbing a fistful of hair, pulled her from hers.  Bending her into an arch, his lips and teeth explored her left tit. Nips and sucking drew pain-and-pleasure points along her flesh. Where his lips left a damp trail, gooseflesh rose in the chill air of the room. She shivered.

“She looks hot for old Max, ”  Ethan said, laying his hand on the table. “I’m wondering about using her as your kitty.”

Her Master raised an eyebrow at her, smiling that wicked smile that turned her on, and turned her knees to jelly.

“You think I should use my pussy as my kitty?” He said, amused. That drew a short, hard laugh from Adam.  “So, what to you propose, gentleman? Winning hand gets a hole?”

There were nods and smiles around the table. Max sat down with her on his knee, fondling her tits.

“Max, no playing with the kitty” her Master admonished.

His smile widened as she was pushed to the floor between Max’s thighs.


She ached. Her jaw throbbed, from sucking cocks to the point of absolute hardness.

Her asshole throbbed, from taking three cocks, hard and deep, as her Master encouraged them to “use the little fucktart well”.

Her pussy was wet from the last fucking, her Master’s cum leaking down her thigh.

Her face was pressed against the coffee table, her tits mashed under her, her knees on the floor.

She was tied, thighs spread wide, each leg attached to a table leg, her arms tied over the table. She was open and available for use.

The poker game was long forgotten. Cans of beer, empty now, littered the living room.  The television was on, turned to the football game. The game was in the throes of overtime, the hometown team fighting hard to recapture the ball as the opposing players pushed downfield.

Max had left after a call from his girlfriend, so Master and his two remaining friends took a break from tormenting her, and were eating pizza.

The smell of it tantalized. Her thirst was unquenched.

She knew better than to interrupt an overtime game, however.  She inhaled deeply, slowly, when the sound of the back door opening and closing startled her out of her mindfulness meditation.

There was yapping, and the sound of nails scrabbling across the floor, and an annoyed mans voice.

“Goddamn it, you dumb fuck dog, get down!” Max was back.  “I’m baaa-ack” he hollered to the guys as he strolled through the kitchen, stuffing  pizza in his mouth.

“Ssssh!” came the roar from three throats as they watched to see if the fucking upstarts would capitalize on a penalty call that gave them 5 extra yards.

“FUCK!” They yelled almost in unison as the runningback zinged through the defensive line like a hot knife through butter, making yet another first down, and crossing in to the 49th yard on the home teams side.

She jolted as a cold, wet nose pressed against her thigh and began to sniff up her leg.

“Hey!” she burst out, wiggling her ass as best she could. “Hey, mutt, cut it out…”

Max came over as if to pick up the offending pooch. Her Masters voice came from over her head.

“No, leave it. I wanna see what happens next. Worlds smallest dog licks pussy?”

“He’s a licker,” Max said, “Michaela is always pushing Him away. Yeah, I know Wellington, all you want is a taste of pussy, dontcha, boy. Even if you are a dumb fuck of a dog.”

The dog sat back on his haunches, looking for all the world like he was grinning.


“Damned Pomeranian’s,” Max grumbled.  His girlfriend had pipe dreams of raising a championship dog. He’d wanted a pug but no. She wanted Poms.

“What kind of a guy walks around with one of those at the end of a leash? I wanted a mans dog.”

“A gay guy? Now shut the fuck up…overtime, man.”

At a quick hand-gesture from Max, Wellington resumed his sniff-and-lick up her leg.

It tickled.

It was warm where his tongue lapped, then cold when he moved on. She shivered. His tongue drew closer to her pussy. And closer. The faintest brush of the edge of his lapping on her plump and swollen outer lip.

She gasped, and he drew back, unsure what to make of this human spread before him, yet half-expecting that push and “go away Wellington” that he always got from his mommy.

He looked around the room, at the men watching the talking box, and the one staring at him, with sharp eyes and a smile. Taking that smile for encouragement, Wellington stepped up on the back of her calf, and lifted up to the delightful smelling aperature before him.

He licked, he lapped, he all but shoved his nose into the tasty, warm hole. So good. He licked. So good! He lapped.

His tongue burrowed deeply up inside the hole, and for a second, he felt the squeezing clench around him. Almost instantly he was rewarded with a gush of the sweet and sticky fluid.

She was moaning like crazy.

The fucking dog licked her pussy and she came.

Her Master lifted her face by her hair.

“You really are a fucking bitch now, aren’t you, slut?” His cock was hard and heavy in his hands as he moved towards her.

As the dog kept up his attentions on her pussy, her Master began to slowly fuck her mouth. She came again, faster, harder than before. She tried to tell Him it was too much, but her mouth was full of cock, and He was taking his time in taking his pleasure from her.

He knew what she wanted of course.

But really, this would be the tale of a lifetime, and a great story to share in the nursing home someday.

Not to mention sharing on her blog.

Ha ha!