HNT 11/3/11 Braids ‘n Boobage

After i took this picture

i noticed that it is almost like last weeks…well, except for the braids rather than loose hair, and the shirt and the …well, whatever. But i’m tired.

okay lazy.

Call it what you will. Didn’t feel like setting up a new shot, like laying in the snow and doing an aboobinal snownilla, or any thing like that…

So i began scrolling through my archives, being lazy as mentioned above. And okay, i’m feeling a bit moody…its been days and days since i talked to Master. His power is out (yes, still) so He’s been at work late, then hanging at Starbucks until they close, then going home and to bed right away. And His phone was low on charge (likely from calling and yelling at the Powers that Be regarding his lack of power)…so when i got his text to call last night, it was just for a snippet of time. First a warning that his battery was almost out of juice…then a dozen final  words.

hi are you? is everyone okay there? kids? wife too?

and then silence as His phone died. He was there and gone so fast, that i cried.

yeah, i know.

He sent me a short email afterwards, but i know its hard to type when your fingers grow stiff from the cold.

All that said, i went trolling through the old media files i have here and found this pic.

Ahh, happier times….