HNT 11/3/11 Braids ‘n Boobage

After i took this picture

i noticed that it is almost like last weeks…well, except for the braids rather than loose hair, and the shirt and the …well, whatever. But i’m tired.

okay lazy.

Call it what you will. Didn’t feel like setting up a new shot, like laying in the snow and doing an aboobinal snownilla, or any thing like that…

So i began scrolling through my archives, being lazy as mentioned above. And okay, i’m feeling a bit moody…its been days and days since i talked to Master. His power is out (yes, still) so He’s been at work late, then hanging at Starbucks until they close, then going home and to bed right away. And His phone was low on charge (likely from calling and yelling at the Powers that Be regarding his lack of power)…so when i got his text to call last night, it was just for a snippet of time. First a warning that his battery was almost out of juice…then a dozen final  words.

hi are you? is everyone okay there? kids? wife too?

and then silence as His phone died. He was there and gone so fast, that i cried.

yeah, i know.

He sent me a short email afterwards, but i know its hard to type when your fingers grow stiff from the cold.

All that said, i went trolling through the old media files i have here and found this pic.

Ahh, happier times….


26 thoughts on “HNT 11/3/11 Braids ‘n Boobage

  1. Hugs, love and here’s hoping that His power gets turned on soon. Plus, I think there is a story of sexual deprivation here… Lots more hugs!

    ps… we got more snow! And… it is 18 degrees outside.

    1. omg, you can keep your snow (it actually made our news, that you had so much of it)…and especially you can keep your 18 degrees…holy fuck!!

      it hit 62 here today so almost all the snow is gone. It was freaky to have snow on the ground for almost a week after an October snow. Usually Oct/Nov snow is gone in 24-30 hours, max.

      As to deprivation story…yes, there is one to be written…it will help pass the time in the next week or two as the calendar slowly crawls towards our next play date.


  2. In my opininon, this pic looks better thAn the similar one last ween. Don’t know why I think that, just do.

    Also, hope the mans power comes back soon.

    1. thanks ally!

      i often braid my hair before bed (which is why it was done in the first place)…and for some reason they came out very even, flat…perfect…i never look in a mirror or even fiddle with it, and sometimes things work out that way…but i love how they looked in the shot too. So glad you did!

      The Man…has power…and not just powah…but lights, and heat and water once again!



      1. Wow, I didn’t notice I had so many typos in my comment. (I guess that’s what I get, commenting from my phone with a tiny slideout keyboard)

        Also, totally jelous that your hair is long enough to braid. I’m growing mine out, because Master-of-mine doesn’t reconize me in pictures where I have long hair, as I’ve only had shorter (the longest touched my shoulders) cuts around him. But my hair is taking forever to grow back…. *whines*

      2. not a problem ally!

        as to the hair? ice cream if you can eat it. For whatever reason, ice cream helps my hair grow. I suppose i could go out on a limb and say drinking milk would help too, but i’m not sure as i only use milk in my tea or cereal.

        When i met Master online 2 years ago (woot! two years!) my hair was just barely touching the tops of my shoulders. I always wore it short, super short. But for whatever reason, i forgot to get it cut and it just grew out fast. And then one day it was to the base of my neck!

        Master likes long hair, as you know, so this is only two years growth (with one “major-ish” haircut this spring of 3 inches off)…don’t worry, it will happen!


  3. Very nice nilla, like the braids they are a different look but nice.
    I agree with WW there is a story in there somewhere and just think of how much more intense it will be when you finally do have that time with Master.
    Hope He gets His power back on soon.

    1. thanks Southern Sir, he finally has power, thank goodness…what a long time to go without power (yet i know others *still* w/o power…gods)..
      At least it’s warm here now, and the bulk of the snow has melted.

      Yes, a story lies within there, doesn’t it.



    1. well, it was long long ago now, that was from the summertime…August, i believe. I hate writing that, it was so so long ago. MInd, we did have a shortish play time in Sept, a few hours, but we are both hungry, starving for each other.

      And He is daily promising retribution for those “fucking hearts”….

      nilla, smiling

    1. well, i may have translocated to what-the-fuck-istan….but we got power after 30 hours w/o…Master got his yesterday late afternoon (Wed,)…since he had to relocate to your-fuckin-kiddingme-istan, it’s been hard to get connected, but the yak lines were up yesterday so we had a bit of chat time…


      without having to clean yak doo doo off our shoes, mind you.



  4. Oh Nilla, I love your HNT.. very Dorothy Wizard of Oz feel to it ~~
    I’m sure there will be power sooner or later but I can feel how frustrating it is to have so little contact with your master.
    Hang in there.. hugs~

    1. thanks sweetie…much appreciated. We finally talked for a bit. And we tried to hang up but then i would talk, and then HE would talk and gosh an hour goes by so quickly, doesn’t it?

      We miss each other, but hopefully this weekend get a wee bit of face time…


  5. I’m sorry to hear about the distance between pinches and hugs. So I’m sending you loads loads of happy. To you and your Master.

    1. hopefully more pinches and hugs Sunday…weather looks good, and my plans look good too…X your fingers, girlfriend!!!


  6. yes- like Nancy says- Very Dorothy like….. and so lets hope the Wizard brings power soon to your
    Master. We can put a man on the moon…… but… Power?

    Here’s hoping today brings better news!


    1. Thanks Faithful!

      He finally got power very late yesterday (uh, Wednesday, right..) and i’m sure he has maintenance to do…he mentioned a lot of limbs down…(part of the power issue, it took down his main line to the house) but no house damage, thankfully.

      Thanks for the HNT compliments…if only i had a blue-gingham dress (i love that movie!)…


    1. *grin*

      Tip! You say the sweetest things to this submissive!! Which reminds me, you and 4 days at camp….the next chapter is more than half written but i have this alien thing grabbing me by the throat to finish it….


    1. *nodding*

      i’m thinking so, although i can’t write the denounment until later this month…but perhaps best to write the depravation part now while it still hurts!

      and the” glorious ass”, made me smile…thanks Ava!


  7. One of the best HNT pics I’ve seen, great in all aspects! Must be hard to remember that good time, hope you get chance to have some fun soon!

    1. As a Man who has likely seen a lot of HNT pix…that is a high compliment indeed,and i thank you for it, Bill…many hugs,


      (and soon, yes gods i hope so….even a wee time is better than no time!)

  8. I know several people around my area are still struggling without power. My family was fortunate this time ~ we were less than 24 hours without power. When Irene came through it was five days. Just yuck…

    When you finally get back together, it’ll be glorious!!

    ~Kazi xxx

    1. thanks kazigrrl, i’m certain you are correct…oceans will pull away, planets will spin into alignment, and the earths crust will shake (tho no one will be harmed!)…it will be that explosive.

      Hopefully we’ll get an hour or so for coffee and a bit of kissy (from me) pinchy (from Him) on Sunday! He got his power back late yesterday !WOOT!WOOT!


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