WTF? (pt 1)

There were  many things she’d never done before, and this was another. Go to a munch?


Go to a play party and do more than watch?


Serve a Dom, then break up, serve another Dom, break up, repeat?

Check, and check.

But this was new. This was different. She craved that, on this journey into darkness.

But this was also …stupid.

She wasn’t sure why she was getting into the car of a man she had just met at this play party.

He’d stood out from the crowd, an older man, oozing self-confidence.

He had Dom mojo, bigtime.

He’d asked if she was unattached.

she’d nodded, a bit shy, a bit nervous. she was always like that with Doms. Even other sub’s Dominants.

He’d asked if she wanted to play.

she’d nodded again, then a shy ‘yes, Sir, i would like that,’ squeezed its way through to her lips.

He’d taken her by her hair, a big rough fistful of it, and pulled her along with him.

He’d tied her, expertly. The rope was a sensual experience at the worst of the best it was sublime. she was floating in no time, her head spinning into the ether, her body connected to Him by the nest of rope he wove.

When it was done, she was tired, but smiling. Always, it amazed her how much it took out of her to be bound. He’d not made her cum, nor let her cum, although he had toyed with her nipples a bit.

Tweaking them.

Pinching them.

Twisting them.

Making her moan and writhe, which pulled the ropes in conflicting ways, which were painful and arousing.

And now, now she sat in his car, as He leaned across her and fastened her seatbelt. Her hands were tied in her lap, secured in front by the waist-belt he’d wrapped ’round her.

Quickly he pulled a hobble around her ankles, and then in a trice, was closing her door, opening his, turning on the motor.

They pulled away from the curb in silence, coasting through the darkened streets. The light would flash past as they drove,  squares of brilliance briefly illuminating the darkness that surrounded them.

she didn’t ask where they were going, and doubted he would say anyway. He didn’t even look at her, as he drove through the night.

It wasn’t long until he pulled into a driveway between two houses. Normal, suburban area, she saw, taking in what she could under the wash of streetlights, and headlamps.

And then it all fell to darkness as he killed the engine, turned off the lights.  She saw his silhouette turn towards her, and then felt the release of the seat belt.

His door opened, the light flashed on, until the door shut behind him. He crossed behind the car, and opened her door, and helped her out. He didn’t release her from the hobble, tied in a loose figure 8 around her slender ankles, so she had to take tiny, mincing steps.

She tried to keep pace, which she knew he expected. Still, she felt a bit like a pony clip-clopping just behind his left shoulder. Thankfully there were no steps up to his back door.

In a moment the door was open and she was in…whereever it was they were. His house? Though she’d originally discounted that, there was the unmistakable  scent of dirty dishes from the sink, the tang of fried something hanging in the air.

He took her arm and pulled her forward, and in a second the room was illuminated by a small lamp over a door. He bent and removed the hobble.

Still, no words had passed between them since she had agreed to play. Her heart fluttered wildly in her chest, a moment of panic.

What the fuck was she thinking ?

He led her downstairs.