Sunday, Sunday…

Sunday has come to be a bit of a Master/nilla maintenance day. We usually get a wee time to be together, which helps us face the long times between playdates.

And it’s been two weeks since we could be face to face, last weeks unexpected snowstorm put a huge damper on our time ~ as in we didn’t get nuthin’ honey!

And His power was out until late Thursday, which really limited the amount of time we had even for texting and emailing.  All in all, it’s been a very dry spell, one of our rare times with extremely minimal contact.

Oh, and i was such a good girl, too.

Sometimes i get all pissy and moany about it, wanting Him, needing Him. He met His “obligations” to me…a morning greeting, and an orgasm instruction (or ZNN) later in the day…so that helped.

But i was glad that during this stressful time, i wasn’t part of that stress.

It’s hard coz we’re needy creatures, us submissives, aren’t we? I know from reading OPB’s that it’ s not just me, thank gawd!

And really?

Most times they, and by that i mean capitol T-  “They”, want us needy. But sometimes we’ve got to sit back and deal with the reality of things…and be big girls (or boys as the case may be).

Sunday morning saw my eldest two boys skipping church and staying home to help me rake leaves that were finally falling. Although our yard isn’t huge, its pretty big, and we have a lot of trees.

When the big tree fell across into my neighbors yard in the storm, it took down a lot of the limbs of surrounding trees, and so we spent time hauling all those smaller limbs to the road as well.  Raking, and limbing took us over 3 hours, not that we’re “done” as there are still leaves on the trees.

And still pockets of snow on the ground.

We had our first frost on Saturday night. (Isn’t that freaky-weird? 15 inches of snow without a killing frost first? The weather geek in me is doing cartwheels over this weirdness!!)

(And still some snow in sheltered locations 9 days later…? Usually November snow lasts about a day in New England.)

Okay, enough strange weather weirdness!

The nilla family was pretty tired by lunchtime, and we showered (not together, you pervs!) and ate lunch and then it was time for me to go to church for a meeting. Took middle son out to dinner after my meeting then back to church for his group event.

And then whisking away to meet Master.

Not even a hug, just a whisper of a kiss, really.  Had my secret stash of hearts in my hand, along with a few gifts for Him…two new kinds of clampy things.

Took off my glasses and then *WHAMMO* He was on me in a flash, grabbing my arm and pinning me down on the seat of His car and pinching and reminding me, very firmly, and very silently, of who Da Boss is.

The only sounds for a good 15 minutes were my moans. My cries of OW OW OW OW MASTERRRRRRR…and the occasional sound of attempted limb flailing.

That should say limb flailing, “Fail”…since He’d pinned me so i couldn’t move.

Dayam He’s good.

Then He had to check to be sure i’d followed directions.

This week He instituted a few “new rules”…and they are until He says so…so i dunno if it’s this week or next or forever.

uh…i have these weird toes. Okay not weird but different. My baby toes are small, with these teeny  tiny toenails that He finds silly/cute/charming.

i’ve had two pedicures now, and each time, the person doing it has commented on my teeny baby toenails.

Master is really getting into my feet, which, okay, is a natural outflow of His shoe-fetish. And this weeks Sunday instruction was to paint my toe nails black..except the babies, which are now scarlet red.

And of course He “had” to check it out in person despite the pix i’d sent on Friday night….which meant checking my reflexes, and tickle responses.


Still ticklish, in case you’re curious.

We’re playing and fooling and i’m giddy and giggling, and i’ve had a few O’s at His hands…and i’m kneeling on the seat.

And okay, i’m just gonna say it and get it over with here, Master.

i fart.

Just a little one, mind you, not one of those nose-searing Man style farts.

A teeeny little “pfft” kinda toot.

Of course, the Man who doesn’t hear all that well hears that. Of course He hears it.

“Was that a fart?” He jolts upwards. “nilla, did you just fart in my car???!!!

And i giggle and blush and hide my face and say ‘yes Master’…and He’s off on a roll, teasing me mercilessly about farting in His car, and now He’s got to get a man of the cloth in there to re-bless it, coz who wants to ride in a car with nilla-fart in it…and on and on, and i’m giggling and beet red, and then He just stops, looks me in the eye.

Did He grab my hair then? Or just my attention? i forget.

“This,” He says in His “serious voice”….and i’m looking at Him and i just know what is coming next. And i’m shaking my head ‘no no no no no’ and He rolls right over my objections.

“This,” He repeats, “is bloggable.”


Consider this blogged, Master. Geeze. Didn’t we just have a convo, aisha, about sensual humilation? I wonder if “farting embarrassment” is under that umbrella?

Two other rules this week….ass plug while writing my novel each day. And on Wednesday, any blog work i do, either responding on OPB’s or work in my blog, or blog responses, must be left-hand typed only.

And i can’t duck out of it and do all my work Tuesday or Thursday.

He’s keeping my attention focused right where it ought to be.

On Him.