Um….Some Help Here?

So you all know how i told you last week that i rarely procrastinate (although i was in that post!)…right?

Well…..i do have one bad habit.

Okay, i hear snikkering there (and yes, i know snickering is spelled with a ck …it’s double kk’ed because it sounds more like how i hear the sound in my head…so bear with me!)…i confess….i really do have more than one bad habit.

This one is one that Master is working on.

If He says something that makes me UBER nervous…i ignore it.

Like He never said it.

Oh, not for orders, never that. But for things i know He’s saying to gauge my reaction to.

As if ignoring it will make it go away.


We talked late this morning (Sunday)…He’d been hoping we could hook up briefly this morning, but i was already out doing errands and left my M-phone at home, and thus, missed the text.

He’ll not make our meet tonight, so…we’ll be skipping a week.

Anyway, in the conversation, He reminded me of something He’s been asking about, and several times.

And i’d gotten the answer wrong, several times, and…(He’s going to read this before YOU all will…so i’m ..yeah…being open like this is scary when your Master is gonna see inside the slut brain…)…

So..ah…i forgot about it? Not really forgot, but got really busy and put it to one side and denied its importance. That’s a more truthful answer, actually.

To M, it was important. And today He upped the ante.

welllllll, nilla,

……He says, his voice almost a drawl. He’s musing as to my fate, i think, and i feel my heartrate rise, my pussy wet. Rut Roe.

Let’s up the ante shall we?  How about we say that you don’t get ANY more O’s until you guess the correct answer.


He’d sent me a picture of His rope guy’s work. Asking me what i thought about it. Which i did reply to. Then came the riddle. Which i did, in fairness, try to answer. Incorrectly, and more than once.

So here is his riddle, let’s see if YOU can figure it out…

First, there is a picture which i am not allowed to share. The room is dimly lit, a candle on the mantle. To the front, center, is a woman, standing in 3/4 profile.

We can’t see her face, only her tits.

The right one is right there, almost in our face, the left is barely visible, because her tits are wrapped tightly in rope, and jut out. Even in the dim light you can see her breast is swollen and purpled from the rope binding her.

It is an erotic sight, and one that makes me very wet. He (Master) goes on to say this:

That adjoining room is getting pretty crowded isn’t it. And besides his obvious rope talent, it’s even more remarkable when you realize that he’s …………………..

So, first i try guessing.  Wrong.

Then i get creative and set a scene to try to answer it. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Can any of you think of what goes on the end of that sentence? Because i want to paint an ug-lee picture for you.  Ever see the original Willie Wonka? Where the girl steals and eats the blueberry and then puffs up and turns purple and gets rolled out of the factory?

That will be your nilla, if i am denied O’s until i guess/figure out the answer to Master’s riddle.

Think about it. I’ll wait right here while you do….

…………………la dee…………………………la dee dah….

oh. done?

It’s not pretty is it? a red-headed, puffed-up-blueberry woman, chock-full of pussy honey from being denied o’s because she could not figure out her Master’s riddles.

Let’s see if it’s obvious to you. Maybe i’m too close to it? Maybe the idea of going O-less has me in panic mode and i’m totally fucked-out over it?

Dunno. But really?

Some help, here?



As our convo wraps up (no pun intended), He again repeats the line about the adjoining room getting crowded.

Like a turtle pulling into its shell,  i totally pretend i didn’t hear Him say it.

I don’t recall now if i said it or He did…that i was ignoring it.

“I know you’re ignoring it, nilla,” He says, his voice at once firm, and compassionate, and thrilling.

“and I’m not going to let you.”

My voice now is almost a whisper. “i know, Master.”


“Because You’re in charge, Master.”

Funny how few words it takes to put me in my place, isn’t it?