Have a Heart…

Someone asked me in comments that i was responding to last night, if i’d managed to slap another heart sticker on Masters ass during our get-to-gether last week.

Remember He’d grabbed me the second i got into His car?

Remember He’d grabbed ALL the stuff out of my hand and pinned me?

Remember He’d pinched me to a moaning, wet mess across His lap, then “checked” my feet, changing up the torture, from painful grips to tickle torture (and o gawd it is such  torture…)?

You do? Good.

Then you know that i had little opportunity to attach a heart to Him, hiney or otherwise.

And yet.

i have to say, after telling you all that i sometimes will procrastinate, though not often, and often “ignore” things that i don’t want to focus on…that i am absolutely persistent, too.

That’s both a good quality and a bad one, don’t you think?

Later, in the car, after the orgasms, and the fart, and the sillyness, and the serious stuff…i reached around the front seat to fetch the clamps and such that He’d dumped there.

i handed Him the first set of clamps, which are not designed for D/s play, btw, they are just ones i found in the store. The first set isn’t too tight, meant for hanging kids artwork on a line to dry. They are big and blue and plastic, and M had fun sticking them on me to gauge reactions.

Meh…not so much.

The other clamps i found at Target. Dunno what their purpose is…though i use the extra’s in my room to hang my warm vests from a little “scarf rack” i have on the wall.

They grip verrah tight.

Those definitely got a sit up and take notice reaction from yours truly.

And of course, there was the wee heart i’d palmed, too.


i *know* …. i am just sooo naughty.

i trailed my fingers down His beard, along His jaw line, down His throat.

He growls at me, reading my body language expertly.

“What are you doing  little girl?”

“nothing Master,” i strive for a totally innocent voice.

Damn He knows me well, and before i can clap that heart on His throat, He grabs my hand, and steals that little “fucking heart!” away from me.

i explode into giggles, and He gives me the “scary Dom” face.

And pinches me, and then tries to shove it up my nose.

In the tussle, i got it back and tried again.

i do so love tussling with Him.

And somehow it disappeared. *shrugs*

i have *no* idea where it went.

Like, for reals.

What? YOU don’t believe me either?


Well, it’s time to part, i must be away and headed back to pick up middle son. One last kiss, one last laying of my palm against His heart.

And then i’m in my car, and happy and sad, such a poignant mix, as i drive back to Vanilla-ville.


The next day, we text, we email.

And then that night, the phone call.

There is danger in His voice…delicious and dark.

“Oh nilla,” sez the M….

His voice is like dark chocolate, and makes me *instantly* wet. i should be ashamed at how turned on i get, perhaps…….but i’m not.

“Want to guess what I found?”

“i—i have no idea, Master.” And it was true, i was clueless. A full day had passed, with much angst. Last Monday was a freaking trial for me, and Tuesday would turn out to be no better.

And He changes up our convo, goes into ‘narrative mode’.

So, there I was in the morning, taking my shower, scrubbing up, getting ready for work.

I’m rubbing myself dry with my towel, and then go into my bedroom to get dressed.

And what do you suppose, but as I’m buttoning my shirt, I feel this thing on my chest.

And I look in the mirror, and what do you think I see, nilla?

i am clueless. Thinking but not saying…a tick? A big pimple? Thankfully before i could say anything, He picks up His narrative.

it’s a heart nilla.

Specifically, half a heart.

And I’m not sure how you got it there, little girl.

But you can be sure that it’s going in my notebook of retribution.

A wise woman would have not made a sound. A smart woman would have made some appropriate comment about the Pat’s game. But this is nilla, and i’m not always wise, not always smart.

i laughed.

And i’m pretty certain that’s going to be an entry in “The Book”, too.


It was M’s birthday last week, and we didn’t manage  a hook up this week, which was sad. But it did give me time to order His birthday gift.

It’s a riding crop. With the perfect ending to this tale:Lover's super strap - Crop

And will be, i’m sure, the perfect ending to my tail….*giggles*

i know, isn’t that so naughty of me? It will be here in time for our play-day, too. i’ll be sure to report back to ya’ll about Master’s “hearty” use of it.

i wonder if the crop will go in “the Book” ? or simply be the resolution of my infractions.

There’s a conundrum!

Oh, and lest i forget…yesterday’s Riddle of Immense Proportions…

Several of you got it, notably, PEPPER, who got the right answer, right away.

And i had to laugh at Sin’s multiple guesses, coz i did the exact same thing to Him…i too guessed he was a midget, and gay, and one armed, tho i didn’t think of the “used his feet” line which made me laugh out loud!

But the truth of the matter is that Master’s Rope Guy is blind.

And you know what that means, right?

(this is the same follow up question that Master posited to me once i guessed ‘blind’…)

And this answer i got right away….

it means that His Rope Guy…does everything by feel.

*swallows hard*

That is…um..embarrassingly hot.