My Bad….

Didja freak out this morning (if you’re an early-bird reader, that is) when there was no post from nilla?

i’ve been as dependable as can be, auto-setting posts to drop at 12:03 every day for so long i cannot remember the last time i missed one.


Today was the day.

Yesterday is to blame, really. I had to write several things for The Man. I have two sick kids, and not feeling so hot myself.

And my teenager had his first date. Which meant i had to drive him there, go to Starbucks to hang out for a while (oh, the sacrifice, lol!) and write while there, then go back and get him…and the play ran late, and we didn’t get home until nearly 11 p.m.

Which is verrah late for nilla.

Which screwed up Master and nilla’s FNF (for the 2nd week in a row).

And yes, i was at Starbucks, writing. The book had me by the throat, and i wrote like a fury yesterday…*thousands* of words….and it made me forget about here.

*hanging head*

Sorry, loyal readers.

My very bad.

I’m seeking permission from Master to publish one of the two fantasies i had to write for Him for my “ordered” masturbation earlier this week … but He has yet to say “yes” so today you are simply stuck with plain old, unsexed nilla.

dear gawd i need to be fucked!

Did i just say that aloud?

well…dammit…it’s the truth. I can add to that list, too.

I need:

spanking, biting, kissing, hugging, fucking, spanking, nipple torture…*draws breath*…i also need time to be with Master that doesn’t have short parameters to it (like…Sunday from 915 until 1115).

i might be going slightly crazed here, from being on ZNN since my orgasm Wednesday night.

i might be slightly (slightly? talk about an understatement!) nervous about the heart crop next weekend.

i might be stalling for time while the Dragons finish chomping on my brain (yes, there is a dragon, and it’s half-written…at this point it’s just a matter of no time to write.)

And this week my wife is on vacation which will further impact my time to write. Lots of busy family things to attend to, lots of “stuff” to get done before Thanksgiving (i’m the hostess), and lots of leaves yet to rake.

That’s a lot of  “lots”….*smiles*

So thanks to aisha for texting me this morning sayin’ “whats up with your blog”

Coz when i went to bed last night i had this nagging feeling that i’d forgotten somethin’….

And one last thing….. i PROMISE….i will get to all those comments that i have not replied to. Soon.

Once again, my bad….