Fantasy, “B” side

i text You from outside the door.

in a moment it is pulled open and you kiss me, hard.
i’m yearning towards you, leaning on you panting with my need for your hugs, your touches, your ownership.
Your fist moves to my hair, and you pull me across the room.
A man sits there. (my heart races when i see him there) He is perhaps about your age, maybe a few years younger. His hair is thick and almost shaggy. He is holding a hank of rope in his lap, and a white cane in his hand as he sits comfortably at ease in the chair.
Kneel, you tell me, pushing me to my knees in front of him.
This is Sir Q, you say, and you will be obedient to him, slut.
yessir, i say, quickly and quietly. thoughts are whizzing in my head, until he speaks…then i am just there…unable to think only to obey.
he unzips his fly, takes out his cock.
suck this gently, he says.
i open my mouth and wait for him to move forward a bit.
you smack the back of my head.
i have to move to him.
i look at you once, not sure if it is supplication or entreaty and you gesture to me to get on with it.
i put my hands on his knees, moving between his legs.
no hands you say almost in unison
i slide my hands behind my back, nesting one fist inside one palm. You slip a noose over my wrists, tightening it and wrapping it around my wrist several times. This is much harder, and i lean against him, trying to get his flaccid cock into my mouth.
he makes a hmming noise in his throat as i root around for his shaft, and i feel it twitch a bit as i place my lips on the head of it.
he shimmies his hips just a bit, and the head lays in my mouth. gently i suck on it. how odd, to have another mans cock in my mouth.
i close my eyes and picture you looking at me. i want to make you happy, i want to be an obedient slut, i am desperate to prove myself to you and to him.
to show him what a good slut you have created.
i suck and he hardens in my mouth. i slide my mouth down the length of him, gagging a bit, then remember Donna’s trick.
it works, and he goes deeper into my throat. i pull back, sucking gently, trying to not fuck up.
my lips leave a red trail of streaks from my lipstick along the length of him.
without a word, he pops the head out of my mouth.
i look up at him, you with questions in my eyes. he grabs his cock and jerks it hard a few times, until he moans and jets his juice onto my face.
his hands search for me, and he rubs his cum all over my face.
i am grossed out
i am turned on
i wonder if you will kiss me later with another mans jiz on my mouth.
you untie my hands, and bid me to rise. you’ve thrown my stuff on the bed and you tell me to strip down to just my stockings.
i have to be naked?
yes he’s blind but still…
i say nothing, but slowly disrobe. you see i am reluctant, and smile. a  bit of mind torture obviously pleases you.
sitting on the edge of the bed, i slide my hose up my right leg, then my left, then the garters to hold them in place. you pass me the red shoes, wordlessly.
in a moment they are on and you pull me to my feet. you pinch both nipples at the same time, and ask me where my clamps are, n’est pas?
i tell you and you find them, and put them on the window sill. i know they will be cold when you put them on. such a mean master!
yet i smile because i like that about you.
Sir Q  rises and taps his way to us, and he begins to explore me. his hands pull and slap at my tits, his hands explore my pussy, my ass.
good he says to himself. the hank of rope is placed around my neck, and he begins to work, tying my tits hard and tight. i grunt from time to time as he pulls and tugs, at the loss of free movement, and moan at the sensations beginning to soak into me.
the rope is rough, his hands are smooth and warm
my tits ache already.
he threads a rope through my pussy, a knot placed precisely over my clit. i moan again.
the rope is tightened, secured. my tits jut out, turning purple.
you put the mask over my eyes, and shut away the world. shut away my chance to prepare for what happens next.
slapping blows rain down onto my jutting, aching tits. i twist side- to- side, but am admonished harshly to stand the fuck still. no moving.
and both of you are hitting, until there is a lull. i breathe hard through the pain, feeling the wetness of my leaking cunt running down my thighs.
and a pinch warns me a micro second before the first cold clamp bites into my nipple, then the second one. the chain is cold, very cold, bouncing around my belly
so fucking cold
such a fucking turn on…
and you start hitting my tits again, snapping against the clamps and making me whimper …
and then switch up,
 swatting  my ass….
and i lose my breath
and find myself
all at the same time
this was written very freeform, not any punctuation or grammar rules…just as raw and visceral  as i imagined it. (and oh my i had a delightful orgasm!!)