Contractual Obligations, part One

She lay gasping on the mattress.

A vibrator was pressed deep inside her pussy, while her ass was being fucked, very slowly, with a dildo.

Her nipples were compressed by a pair of clamps, mated by a chain, which was pulled up through a pulley, and down again, attached to a matching pair of clamps on her pussy lips.

Every fucking rise of her hips tugged the pussy clamps, every lowering, her nipples were pulled.  Laying still was impossible; the assault on her senses was too great.

She’d cum at least a dozen times.

It hadn’t sounded so bad, hours before, getting paid to cum. Not in a whore-like way, but for research.

Cumming for science, and being paid to be a sexual guinea pig sounded better in her mind, than being a whore for a weekend.

“More pleasure to drown out the pain…” she barely registered what he was saying anymore. Periodically he offered her sips of water through a straw, or a mouthful of energy sap.

A strong vibe was placed against both nipples, which were beginning to scream with the pain of being clamped.

It hurt.

It hurt a lot. Far from being relaxing, the vibe added another depth to the pain. A larger vibe was placed against her clit and she almost arched to the ceiling.

“ogod ogod ogod..” she moaned, cumming hard. Her clit was so fucking sensitive.

For a moment, all that existed was the intense thrumming of her pussy.


He checked the settings on the fucking machine, increasing the pace of the dildo entering the subjects asshole.

The orgasm and subtle relaxing of her lower body loosened her sphincter just a bit, and he wondered if she’d even notice the increased pace. He made meticulous notes in his laptop.

Later he would measure the wet spot on the collection mat…she seemed to be a very explosive cummer. He wondered if it was her, or the new configurations he was working on that made the difference.

With the push of a button he lowered the pulley fractionally, giving her nipples a bit of surcease.  His assistant was fitting the second fucking machine.

In a moment it would replace the vibe in her pussy. This dildo was much larger than the one in her asshole, and would be pumping quite a bit faster. The rhythm would be uneven, as would the internal pressure.

He also noted the hard tent in the front of this weekends lab tech with a touch of envy. An accident in his youth had stolen his manhood, and he had never had an erection in his life.

The mechanics of it fascinated him, as did the complex relationship between pleasure and pain.

He tried to contain his excitement, thinking about the beating sequence which was scheduled for tomorrow.

It was his favorite part.


22 thoughts on “Contractual Obligations, part One

    • thanks Donna…i keep having these weird sex dreams. *grins*

      maybe i need help?

      Coz i don’t wanna stop having them….mwahahhahahaha!


    • thanks michelle…it is actually fully written, too!

      (i’m trying hard to not leave hanging stories…tho we do need to go back to Maine soon, don’t we?)


    • To borrow from Spock, if he were the one doing the experiments, he would raise an eyebrow and say – “Fascinating!” Or, in one part of “The Wrath of Khan”, he is asked something and this line would be another comment as to why he would be testing for the science of sex: “I am understandably curious.”

    • Laughing…how does one NOT get distracted while fishing? Sorry S. Sir, but that’d put me right to sleep…water, waves, sunshine…*yawn*….



    • Thank You, Bill…i’m working on a wicked “dragon” and am almost afraid to let that one out of the bag…it’s verrah intense…


  1. Sounds like pleasure and pain go hand in hand. My ‘cheeks’ tighten when I am ready to ‘explode’ and if I try to position myself so that they can’t contract it isn’t the same. But, you’ll get your just desserts.

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