Contractual Obligations, part Two

She was tied to the mattress, but for the first time in hours, he wasn’t touching her, or tormenting her into yet another orgasm. She lay thinking for a moment or two, wondering how the fuck she had gotten into this position in the first place.

She’d seen the ad on the message board on campus.




INQUIRE TO: M. PROF. 555-5252

Well, who was she to turn down something that had to do with sex? She was constantly horny, and the boys on campus just didn’t seem to measure up.

And it wasn’t about size, but about finesse. How many times had a guy shot off and then pissed off? He was there, in her pants, and gone.

Who gave a fuck these days if a girl got an orgasm?

A fucking scientist.

She’d called that number after her last class for the day. The interview was set up on Wednesday.

He was a fussy man, wearing a long lab coat. He looked like a scientist, all kinda nerdy. But nerdy was cute.

He told her very little about the nature of his experiment, only about her role. She would be required to get undressed. She would be required to let him touch her intimately. She would be brought to orgasm multiple times.

Additionally, she would need to be here from Friday night until Monday morning, when she would be released, and given her paycheck.

“How much?” she’d asked. She’d expected the standard $100 a day.

“Ten thousand dollars.”

She had stared at him, open-mouthed. That was serious cash, and she could ditch her landlord, get a nicer place, and not have to work for a week or two while she moved.

“I’ll do it!” she said immediately.

“You must be approved first.” He didn’t smile, flirt or fool around. There was no setting her at ease. He was a true geek, apparently.


“Here? Now?” she’d asked. The office was private, and she’d seen no one else here, but still. He had begun to testily write on her papers, and she was afraid she’d pissed him off.

She leapt to her feet and peeled off her sweater, bra, and jeans. She wasn’t wearing panties today.


He’d walked over to her, pinched her nipples to hardness, and she tried not to gasp. It kind of hurt, how hard he’d done that.

“Hands on the desk, bend over, and spread your legs.”

She tried to move quickly but she was blushing now. This was pretty fucking fast to get to know someone, she thought to herself. She’d never even done this on  a first date.

“Remember that if I approve you, you will be paid handsomely for a brief period of embarrassment,” he spoke as he prodded her ass, felt along her pussy folds.

The sharp slap against her ass jolted her.

“HEY!” she said, rubbing her butt.

“Hands on the desk.”

His fingers had come back to her pussy and felt around. There was a hmmm of satisfaction from the man.

“I am going to make you cum now. You can try to resist if it makes you feel better, but trust me, you will cum.”

“Please keep your hands on the desk.”

She didn’t cum all that often. This would be interesting!

She jolted when he rammed three fingers into her pussy. There was no preparation, no introduction, just *BAM* and he was inside. His fingers began to twitch and move inside of her, and she was pressing back against them, and moaning.

He slapped her ass with his free hand, hard and painful swats, not gentle play slaps.

Somehow the two sensations blended, and it wasn’t more than a minute, or two, before she felt the twitching tingle deep inside. Her mouth opened wide and she began to pant. Her hips moved with an age-old rhythm, fucking against those invasive fingers. When she came, she felt the fluid spray out of her.

It was shocking!

It was intense. She felt her legs trembling. He removed his fingers, and wiped them on a tissue he took from his pocket.

“You may re-dress.” He informed her blandly.

Talk about  a cold fish, she thought, still shaking with the after-affects.

When she finally got her clothing together, she sat in the chair he indicated.

He passed her a packet of papers, explaining each one, and having her sign or initial the bottom of each.

She signed quickly and efficiently. He looked at her, studying her, she felt. He’d made her so fucking wet, the geeky nerd! She wanted to cum again. Even if she’d not been offered ten grand she would have signed, just to be fucked like that again!

He tapped the signed papers together, fussily tidying all the edges into alignment before attaching the clip.

“Very well, all signatures are in place. You are absolutely certain that you are doing this with sound mind and body, my dear? No regrets, no last-minute ‘oh my, what was i thinking’?” He placed his fingers on his lips, mimed laughing like a nervous girl.

“i said i was ready. i signed the same statement.”

“Tell me dear, are you in this for the science…or the money?”

“The money,” she answered quickly, not really caring what the strange little man thought of that. It was the not the whole truth of it, not after that intense, finger-fucking orgasm. The orgasm itself was pretty fucking neat…the money was a nice touch, too.

And really, getting paid ten grand for having orgasms?


She could give up one weekend of her life for that! She couldn’t think of single job where she would earn that kind of dough in such a short time. Her landlord was pissing and moaning for her late (again) rent; moving her meager belongings into storage would save her a bundle…and she would be here, rent free, having orgasms, for gosh sake.

She hated to say it, but this seemed too good to be true.