was to have been O/our day…

so anticipated, so needed, so yearned for…

for Him, for me.

And something has come up

~life can be like that~


we’re postponing.

It’s only a week.




It has been 11 weeks since we were


behind closed doors.

So today,

forgive me

for being a little


30 thoughts on “Sad…

    • thanks mouse, appreciate those hugs…

      today is better for me, up and feeling better and coping.

      that’s what we do, right? *smile*


    • thanks charlotte….

      sympathy tears are appreciated…and this morning i am better about it. Maybe its the turkey in the oven?



    • hugs help.

      thanks sis.
      yeah, things are okay, just a work obligation that came up last minute for him. and i’m done pouting now.


    • oh, don’t i wish…well, not…but whats one more week after 11 others, right?

      and Sunday my kids and family will decorate the house for Yule, top to bottom…that will make my heart a bit lighter.


    • Thanks Charlene….it sucks, but i’ve got my big girl panties and i’m dealing…LOL @ hand turkey!

      Happy HT day to you too!


    • indeed.

      i’ve spent much of today being grateful for him in my life. And we’ve had small “touches” of time…but there won’t be any this week…

      but when it happens, i know it will be superlative.

      Blessings to you and yours, faithful!


  1. Sorry for the spankus interuptus, Okay, bad joke, hope the rest of the weekend pulls together and makes you smile, very sad picture of Nilla, will remember the happier ones!

    • actually, that was a good joke, and made me smile.

      spankus interruptus…*grin*…

      i know you have some much happier pics of nilla in your head…and thanks for the underlying note of caring, Bill. It is greatly appreciated.


  2. Life has a way of getting in the way sometimes. I definitely feel for you. The woman that I’m ever so grateful to have in my life, especially today, and I were unable to get together last week and it may be another week before we will see each other, making 3 weeks. I can’t imagine eleven.

    • Thanks for writing Tripp.

      And it is so hard to face that disappointment, isn’t it? How we yearn to be with the ones we care so much about.

      I hope you manage to be with your special someone, and soon.

      in empathy,


    • Thanks sweetie…i’m better now, i guess. i miss the Man…though he is constantly on my mind today…despite thanksgiving and all….i’m still on ZNN…

      guess that means he loves me!


  3. Oh Nilla,

    I am so very sorry that you have to wait. Blame it on Mercury in Retrograde… It started today. (turkey day)
    Wolf sends his hugs too along with a “Damnit!” in frustration for your delay. I think he’d work for your Sir if he could as it isn’t fair you’ve had to wait so long.

    • yanno…i had wondered if fucking merc retro was happening. it just *felt* that way…

      and then to have it on turkey day…i had a mini blow out with my sis the evening before, tho the day was okay…i am so glad to have it behind me.

      Thanks to you and to Wolf for your ongoing and steadfast support…it means a lot to me, to have you both “in my corner” so to speak!



  4. Sorry. I know it is hard when you can’t see him, but just think how hungry you both will be when things finally work out again. (naughty thoughts flashing through my mind)

    • Thanks mijena…you keep those naughty thoughts flashing!!! LOL…He’s been “priming the pump” for a few days, now, though our day is postponed.

      He keeps telling me that he’ll have to see which “weapon” is the most effective on my ass…the brush or the new crop….and it makes me shiver with dread….and delight!


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