oh oh oh oh!!! Today is finally here! Today i will finally be behind closed doors with my Master! 12 weeks of living like a virtual nun…or should that be ‘none’? ….and now i’ll be heading into a sensory overload zone…

i wrote this a few days ago, a little fantasy scenario, with approval from the Man. 

i’ll ask for forgiveness for typo’s and grammar issues…feel free to tell me of them…for tonight i cannot proof read this…

Friday night was FNF…and He only let me cum once, and he made me giggle in the middle of it which kinda cut it shorter..and then got me alllllllll ramped up….

and shut me off.

no playing with the privates after that one wee orgasm. not that night, nor Saturday night. By the time we meet later today, nilla will be the horniest bitch in the world, i think. Ergo…no proofreading Saturday evening. It will only make me hornier. And i’ll need my rest. 

Coz, yanno…it’s going to be a verrah busy day for me….*throws back head and laughs wickedly*……


p.s.  Yes, it’s snowing on my blog! 

I lay on the bed, satisfied, but never fully sated. He is on his side, looking at me.

I want you to masturbate for me. Just like you do during Friday Night Fuck. I want to see what you look like when I’m giving you those directions.

Master! i protest. How can i do that with You watching me? i–i…

of course you can. I demand it. I want it. This is my show, and I’m running it. I say…and… do.

i feel the flush of embarrassment suffuse me. i’m hot, then cold. So nervous. i’ve read of this, other subs doing this.

Masturbating for their Masters.

Masturbating while they watch.

But He’s never done this before. He LIKES to be the driver.

Master, i say, You like to be the one in charge….

I am the one in charge, little girl. Make no mistake about that. And you will do exactly what I say, just as you do during FNF. Got it?

i nod. i close my eyes for a moment, envisioning my little room, His voice in my ear.

open your eyes, slut and get your vibe. And the clamps. And the pegs. And the ass plug. 

i rise from the bed and go to my bag. i pull all the items He has asked for…demanded, really. i bring them back to the bed, arrange them around me so that all are in easy reach.

His voice drops down into that quiet, sexy, oh-so-Dominant voice that never fails to arouse me. My pussy is so tired, so used, so swollen, i wonder if i can even force myself to cum.

He hands me the bottle of lube from the table.

you might need this to start, he says. 

i squirt lube on my pussy, slick a finger down the folds to spread it. Oh, ouch. So sore. He’s fucked me six ways to Sunday, and bitten me, and slapped me and even struck my tender folds with His thick leather belt.

He’s already fingerfucked me to several intense orgasms.  But… He loves to make me swollen- tight and puffy, hot and aching. Then, when i can barely stand it,  He presses His fingers inside my soreness, and fucks me mercilessly to yet more orgasms.

The Master of “orgasms as torture” He is.

And i thought, for a moment, that we were done.

Silly slut.

We’re only done when He says we’re done.

The lube is cool on my heated lower lips, and a shiver runs down my body, hardening my nipples and running a line of gooseflesh down my arms and chest.

He fingers one fat nipple, pinching and rolling it in His fingers, as if He can’t help it.

put the clamps on your nipples. Do it NOW. Right now. Hurry up slut. 

at my moan i hear Him chuckle, see His dancing eyes. This will be as revealing to me as to Him, i realize. i will see Him as He chooses the steps of this dance, watch His body, His mind at work as He torments me so beautifully.

In seconds, my nipples are throbbing. They too have experienced His hands, His mouth, His delicious tortures. The clamps bite into them, uncaring.

Yet my pussy gets that silent message, and begins to pound. Delightful ripples of pain and pleasure begin to send me into space.

His voice pulls me back.

“Put the ass plug in. Rub it around that pussyhole to lube it up, then up your asshole. Hurry up slut, don’t waste time here…”

Fumbling a bit, my hand finds the red plug. It has a series of ‘bubbles’ and each one stretches my aching butthole. He’s fucked it so hard, so deeply, stretching me out way past comfort and deep into submission.

He shifts on the bed so His face is close to my ass, watching avidly as i rub the tip along my folds. His gaze shifts to my face as i moan, pressing the tip into my sore rectum, through my painfully tight sphincter.

i don’t want to do it. i hesitate with just the head inside of me.

do it, He orders, His voice gruff.

Yes Master, i say, and i press…presss…presssss until the next bubble slips inside with a pop. i moan, louder this time. Then again…, pop….press, pop…press,until  every bubble is  inside me.

gooood slut, He croons, His eyes darting from my ass to my face. He drinks in every emotion, from pain through submission. 

My eyes are locked on His, waiting for His next order. Panting a bit, to cope with the pain…and the burgeoning lust, i feel myself sliding under. i am not thinking, only doing His will, only existing for His pleasure.

the vibe, he says, taking the cord and plugging it into the socket nearest the bed.

i feel my head shaking no…but i take it anyway. His hand closes over mine, and turns it on.


Full throttle.

Painfully intense at the best of times…but  now? i try to not think about the way pleasure will dance with pain when this …instrument of torture….is applied to my already sore and tired pussy, to my swollen clit.

His hand, guiding mine, guiding the vibe, presses it against my clit. i try to pull it away, o gawd…. not so much pressure!

like this, He says, pressing it hard against that tender bud. I want it just like this when I take my hand away, understood? You push this vibe onto that clit just like this.

There is a pause. i look at Him, His eyes gleaming down at me. I see the Sadist in there, ready to pounce.

understand, slut?

Yes, Master, i whisper. i understand.

His hand moves and i miss the warmth of it, the intense control of it. But He’s testing His control in other ways. Testing me.

Pressing the vibe against my clit, i am moaning constantly now, even as my nipples tingle with pain. Soon i am gasping and begging.

stop your whining, slut, He says, but there is a big smile on His face.  

i can’t answer, only moan, thrashing my head from side to side. i can feel the vibing through my clit, in my asshole. i’m full of sensation, verging on sensory overload.

His hand pushes the vibe down, off my clit.

no fucking…just slide up and down those swollen lips. yesss, just like that, slut. mmmm feels so good, yes? 

i nod, and beg. “Please…Master…”

no fucking! no! just up and down the pussy lips, and around the clit. Don’t touch the clit now, just around and around it…that’s good, yes, like that…good slut…

oh i need to fuck. i need to fuck. i need to fuck! my hips are drawing circles on the bed, my body throbbing and needy. Where once i thought i could cum no more, now my body craves it.

oh PLEASE Master, i whimper. i moan. i beg.

His voice grows gruffer, meaner…..’fuck!!!”  Put that vibe in your cunt and FUCK slut, FUCK it…that’s fuck. hard. harder. 

and i’m begging to cum and He is saying “yes…NOW…you fucking slut, cum NOW….”


i awaken with a start….as His fingers draw lazy circles around my clit…..