Art Piece

The heat was intoxicating, mesmerizing. The tension was electric.

His hands moved over her flesh, hurting and tender. The caress of the whip, the swipe of a paddle, the heat of his mouth.

They were entwined, a dance of submission and Dominance, a weaving of pain, of pleasure.

Nipples pulled downward by heavy clamps, weighted and swinging free,

Cunt leaking, dripping lust onto the floor between her spread thighs.

Flesh, welted, throbbing, heated, excited.

Ice played along each welt, making her moan and shiver, writhe and wriggle.

The head of his cock pressed into her dark places, easing moans of ecstasy from ruby red lips.

The delightful touches went on, drawing people from around the room to witness beauty in motion. Red streaks, white flesh. White cum leaking from shadowed holes. Shadowed holes gaping and wanting.

They wanted to touch, that press of people, but they stood in awe and watched a Master at his work.

She hung, like a museum piece, living art.