Tired…. :)

oh, gosh so tired.

yesterday…wait…you’re reading this on Tuesday…so Sunday…


ohhhhhhh   my, ……..Sunday…..

i want to tell you all about it.

i want to hold it close to my heart and not let one piece of it go.


i’m too tired to worry about grammar or punctuation so if bad grammar offends you, you might not want to read here today. 😉

my hands are sore from being cuffed behind me, while He tortured my feet. seriously, He tormented them and me for so fucking long!

omg, foot torture.

He lulled me into a false sense of security….it took Him so long to get around to doing it,  that i thought He’d decided to not, that this time He’d leave my poor feet alone….

He had prezzies to open, His birthday was last month and it just didn’t work out to get them to Him. So He took his time opening each one, looking at them, taking pix of them.

And enjoying all of them, even the vanilla ones.

And i think He liked each of them for what the represented…but perhaps none so much as the crop. Or what He calls “The Weapon”.

Ah, the crop.


He broke it, you know. Not broke broke, but ….the heart came flying off…so He’ll superglue it back on. That fuckin’ thing packs one hello of a whap!

oh, and …i guess i should add…to that grammar warning above? This is kinda jolty and disjointed coz that’s how my brain is working today. jumping all around like a flea….

since i spent (am spending??) a great deal of time in subspace, i’m still decompressing . . . or something…whatever…

i kept trying to steal the FSCT and hide it.


like that was gonna work.



He holds his hand out, palm up and sez..”gimme”

and i try to smile innocently and then burst into giggles.

“Nilla…” He says in that singsong, (ogoodyou’reintroublenow) voice.’I know you’re hiding something. Give it to me nooowww.”

and then harsher (but still humorous)


and i do and earn a few resounding thwacks on the butt-tocks…WOW…(typoed that as woe the first time, lol)…that fuckin’ thing hurts…it’s like a sting and a punch kinda thing. Yowza!!

There was much laughter, sounds of groans and moans, giggling (me), rumbly laughs (His), the screams of orgasms, and the panting aftermath.

There were photo’s, and shoes, and outfits and ….

Gods, i am so full….happy and sated and tired and not able to hold two thoughts in my head. what a good feeling that is.

So where was i? oh, right foot torture. He did use the crop on them…after he’d tickled me into a snotty, laughing/crying mess.

fuckin’ OW!

And He spins me onto my back, hand bound behind me…and finger fucks me to ???? so many orgasms. Three or four or twenty? no idea. i was already half into subspace from the tickling.

and i wasn’t even dressed yet.

and i’d been fooled into complacency, coz, yanno…we’d met at starbux and He’d bought me tea, and we talked and did computer stuff, and then it was time to go to the hotel.


i’m grinning so big right now…

i hurt in so many places.

and am kinda walking like a duck.

and i’ll be dehydrated until Thursday

and i’ve never been happier.

Waiting for Master to finish laying out His “toys”, and watching some of the Pat’s games…(you’ll notice the ongoing theme of “hearts” in my outfit, something i did especially to tweak Him…and which earned me a few “extra” tweaks back from Him….i’d call that a fair exchange!!)