This should be a story but….

….it’s not.

Nothing carnal got in the way today, sadly enough. Just vanilla life, kinda overflowing. I had a good afternoon with my kids, despite the end of another cold making them a bit grumpy.

But the weather up here in the northeast has been nothing short of fabulous. 65 degrees in early December? Hell, i’ll take it!

And the kids and i made cupcakes for dessert, and baking with kiddo’s takes more time (but is more fun) than if i did it solo. And i am juggling my jobs and and and….

i had insomnia Monday night. And i was too warm and comfortable in my bed to get out and do the yoga pose that helps combat it.

How about that? A *lazy* insomniac!! laughing!

But i was still oh so tired and drained from being with Master.  So i did some facebook, and did some editing on the novel, and finally fell asleep.

And i overslept today…er Tuesday…waking up 2 hours late! i *never* do that! Nice of the family to let me sleep…and turns out that my eldest and youngest sons also were still asleep then.

But it put me off my daily tasks, and that meant no time for writing.

So what can i tell you about?


It does seem that there should be *something* to share with you all.

But i doubt you want to hear about all the orgasms. Nah. And you don’t want to read about the  Wall do you?


You do?

OH. Well.


The Wall session came very late in our afternoon. Before that there were pix to take, and clothes to audition (i think i showed you the heart hose in the pic in yesterday’s post? Yeah, they were just to tweak him a bit…i really didn’t keep them on long, as He prefers fishnets).

There was kissing and poking, pinching and clamping.

Ah the clamping. Maybe i’ll tell you about that before the Wall.

You know my wicked clamps. They bite like a bitch. And they don’t let go….usually.  They did fall off  this time…however…i can’t be sure if He *planned* for them to pinch off…or it was just happystance for Him…(yes, happystance. My blog, my words, silly as they may be!!)

He was all “oh, nilla, did that pop off? oh my that must’ve hurt, poor slut” all spoken in this faux sweet tone as He busily clamps the fucking thing back on my left nipple.

The Bastard!

He clamped them  so they were vertical on my nipples, and kinda on the edge of my skin. When *i* do it, i make sure to pinch my full nipple, and well.


it’s kinda less painful that way, yanno?

But His way? You know.  They were *on* there.  Painfully on there.

And then He added the weights. And they kept getting hung up on my corset. It’s not a true corset in that it has hooks in the back rather than ties…so it is much more comfortable to wear.  But i think there was some metal in the front stays, and the magnets were drawn to it.

So if He saw it, He’d flick it off.

Dropping the weight.



Ouching me.

And since my nipples are hardwired to my pussy…it kept me in a constant state of arousal.

The pain was awesome and hard. It was sensual and sadistic. It was amazing to watch His eyes gleam every time he saw that fucking thing caught on me…and came at me to flick it off. And it was arousing to know that something i had no control of whatsoever was turning us both on.


oh, yeah. Such a goooood memory, that.

Pain, pleasure, sex, love.

And isn’t that the basis of every story?

i said in the title that this should be a story but…..

…but i guess it was, after all.


19 thoughts on “This should be a story but….

    1. this made me giggle out loud!

      i do love my nipple clamps…the pain and the pleasure…remember…there was a time you didn’t enjoy the FSCT either….just sayin’….


      1. Yeah… about that FSCTw/T (tulips)… it can stay in the toybox. For the most part. We originally bought it to send to you. Then he decided to ‘help me understand spanking’… and it never left. You’d think I’d learn by now…
        He does more with a few flicks of his hand than I ever thought possible. I can always tell though when he’s going to grab the FSCT, because he gets this evil giggle… Then my ass is in trouble. Dammmmmn that thing stings. However, he’s learned something else. He’d better be ready to cope with me afterwards. I wear him out as it is without the FSCT… and spanks. Silly Wolf.

      2. i will never tell M about the cut out one that you have.

        unless He tortures it out of me.

        oh my fucking gawd.

        *shaking head*

        yeah. You really do have my sympathy on that one hon!!


    1. *smiles*

      they are wickedly cute!! and since i simply cannot manage to fasten regular garter straps, i have elastic garters that hold them up…

      You and hosiery….*grins*


    1. i’m not sure i enjoyed the clamp pulling off…that hurt like a son-of-a-bitch…i was cussing like a sailor…which amused Him no end.

      but when He touched my pussy?

      Dead giveaway.



  1. So are you going to try to demagnetize the corset stays or make sure they stay magnetic? lol Inquiring subs want to know.


  2. I like the word happystance, both descriptive and whimsical at the same time, perfect. And as to the header, I’ll take one in a 3×5 and 10×15 please, in color of course!

    1. Thanks Bill! LOL….i’m so glad you, too, like the header…*smiling* it was one of those “happystance” pix that M took that i was unaware he was taking…love when it works out nice like that!


  3. I, think you just wrote the perfect love story, now to your new and wonderful header. My wife just asked me why I was licking the computer screen. It does jump out at you, and I like it. Tip

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