Not Your Typical Day at Work

this is a l-ooooon-g  nilla-dragon tale, brought to you with  huge kudos to loyal reader vixen,  who “e-mused” me with the idea for this story. it won’t be to everyone’s taste…but it kinda turns my engine on…..  ~n~ (yeah, i’m that naughty…!!)

She was pretty pissed.

The store was almost closed for the night, but at the last fucking minute, a client had come in, demanding that her standard poodle be groomed.

“It says by appointment,” she pointed to the sign by the door,  “and I made an appointment,” the woman sniffed, looking down her nose. The store manager was full of apologies and promised that Amanda would get to the grooming right away, and would even drive her prized pooch back home when the task was done.

Amanda fumed, but fuck, she needed the job if she was ever going to build enough clientele to open her own grooming shop. Pasting a smile on her face, she marched the fucking poodle into the grooming area at the back of the store.

She shampooed Major, talking to him like he was a stupid teenager.

“It’s all YOUR fault i’m missing a fuck date,” she grumbled at him.

He looked over his shoulder as she rubbed his back haunches especially hard, and bared his teeth.

While she was scrubbing she noticed that his fur was matted on his legs. That was going to be a bitch and a half to smooth out, she knew. Damned owner had been letting him run loose, and not brushing him out afterwards.

She aimed the bottle of conditioner on his backside, just as the door banged open, startling her and the dog.

He spun in the tub, barking at the sudden noise, sending a wave of water out of the tub and down the front of her. It soaked her tunic, her pants, and her sneakers.

“Whoopsie…sorry Amanda,” sing-songed Natalie. Fucking bitch, fumed Amanda silently. Rumor had it that the blonde cunt was fucking the boss and was close to being promoted.

Goddamn fucking bimbo.

“I told you before, Nat, you can’t scare the dogs like that. They’ll bite someone, and fuck, see what you did? I’m soaked.”

“Well, it’s not like dog washing is a dry job anyway. I just came in to tell you that Marty has locked the front door, and you’ll have to go out the back once you’re done.”

“He’s out back counting the daily receipts, and you’re the last one here.  Sorry you’re going to miss your date. Toodles..” With a smile of complete insincerity, she waved at Amanda, and  flounced out the door, shutting it hard behind her.

Amanda began rubbing the conditioner into Major’s knots.  She was as pissed as she’d ever been. “go ahead, you bimbo bitch, rub it the fuck in. sorry you’re going to miss your date… right. That was such an asshat thing to do.”

She grumbled to herself as she massaged the big dogs  inner thigh, working the conditioner deep into the knots and matts.   She noticed he was surging forward a bit, humping against her hand. Peeking under his belly, she noted his long red cock was out.

“Well, aren’t you the horny dog,” she laughed. It wasn’t as though this was the first time she’d seen a doggie dick, after all. Still. He was a big dog, and he had one of the biggest cocks she’d seen on a dog. It kind of amused her, seeing the long length of it, the wet pulsing shaft so different from her Sir’s cock, yet she thought it might be a bit bigger. How strange, that a dog cock could be larger than a man’s!

She peered at it again. She knew she was a pervert…but still…she was kind of fascinated by the big dog dong.

OH, and okay….. she did occasionally fantasize…but that was for those verrrrry naughty girls.

She was just a regular normal slut.

She turned on the hose, and rinsed him thoroughly. Checking the noose holding him in the bath, she decided to strip down to her long shirt, and threw her sodden pants, panties, tunic, and sneakers into the dryer.

Her shirt was long enough to cover her ass, and it was plenty warm in here, so the dogs didn’t get chilled.  Reaching into the bin where the towels were stored, she smiled. Good thing she was almost alone in the store.  Marty never came out of his office, and chances were that he’d leave soon and go bang  Natalie anyway.

Grabbing up some towels, she headed back to the tub, and released the noose holding Major inside. Opening the back panel, she folded it down so that he could stalk his way down the ramp.

She toweled him vigorously, squatting to check his head, eyes and ears. He looked deeply into her eyes, tongue lolling.  Like he was laughing at her, the prick. Rising, she rubbed down his back, and taking up her smoothing brush, began working her way down his body with it.

She talked to him as she worked.

“You’re a pain in the ass, you know. I really do think you’re laughing at me. Your momma is a real bitch. I like you, pooch, but man i needed to be fucked tonight. The Man will understand but geeze. ”

She continued her monologue, complaining about management, about her lost opportunity to get laid, about her lifestyle in general.

She realized that she was fantasizing out loud now, and turning herself on at the same time.

“,,,,and when He ties me to the bed so i can’t move, and fucks the shit out of me? it’s heaven pooch, sheer heaven.  Sometimes He’ll spank me, or just let me get to the edge of orgasm, or  stop and make me suck him off while i’m laying there squirming…”

“You really are a slut, aren’t you?”

The voice behind her startled her. She whirled around. Naturally,  it was Marty. She tried to speak, but he wasn’t listening.  He was looking at her legs. It was obvious that he’d been there, listening to her chat with Major, for quite a while. There was a suspicious bulge at the front of his pants.

“I had no idea you were such a nasty girl,” he continued, moving towards her. She fell silent,  speechless. Her mouth hung slack, her hands frozen. Major slipped behind her, as Marty advanced.

She jolted as a cold wet nose dug up her backside.

“Geezuz! Major! Cut that out!”

Before she could move, Marty grabbed her hands.

“Oh, no, Amanda,  let Major have his due. After all, I think he may be sympathetic to your circumstances. You’ve been telling him how he’s deprived you of your fuck visit. That you’ve been needing a good fuck from your “Sir”. You know,  I’ve read about sluts like you. Girls who let their Doms do ‘whatever’ to them.”

“I know….let’s pretend that for tonight…..*I* am your Sir….”

He paused, looking at her.

“Sir-Boss…kinda the same thing, right?”

She shook her head no, but he continued to hold her hands, preventing her from moving away from the dogs nose and tongue.

Marty surprised her by grabbing her ponytail.

“I think, slut, while the dog licks you out, you will get down on all fours like the bitch you are, and start sucking my cock. And you’ll suck it good, coz if I’m not totally happy? I’ll let the other dogs out and we’ll have ourselves a nice little doggie bitch orgy!”

He let the threat of that hang in the air for a moment. She shivered, but dropped her eyes to stare at the floor between her feet.

“And since you like getting tied up before you get fucked, let’s see what I can do about that.”

He led her over to a grooming table, and lowered it to the shortest setting, the one they used for the tallest dogs. He slid the noose around her neck, then slid her hands…first the right, then the left, into the corner restraints.

“Marty…please…don’t…Goooooooooddddd” she moaned, as Major, enjoying the opportunity, began lapping at her pussy. His long thick tongue  swabbed up and down her cuntlips, then pressed deeper, between them. Though soft, his tongue rasped against her clit. She moaned, bucked.

In short order, Marty had his pants unzipped, and his heavy cock bounced in front of her mouth.

“Open,” he demanded. “And no fucking teeth or else.”

She didn’t bother to ask what ‘or else’ meant. Her pussy was being roughly lapped. Major’s tongue slipped over her asshole, up her asscrack, not missing a spot of flesh over her buttocks.

Over and over, that tongue returned to her pussy. She was starting to drool sex juice now, her body quivering. Marty’s cock slid into her mouth, and his hips began plunging forward.

“suck that dick you whore,” he moaned at her. “suck my dick like the fuck slut you are..”

She yelped when Major’s claws scraped her hip. He had hopped up, climbing up, mounting her, his paws grasping at her hips.

“Ojeezuz…that dog is gonna fuck you, you slut…” Marty moaned, laughing. “You really are a fucking bitch…” he grunted,  fucking into her mouth, hard.

She sucked and stole snatches of breath, yet yelped when she felt that hot rubbery dog cock slide between her folds. The dogs hips rammed her hard, his hairy thighs and belly rubbing her ass as his hips jerked furiously into hers. She felt the slime of his dripping semen run down her legs.

“You fucking hot bitch…your cunt is being fucked by a dog.  What a fucking slut you are. Dirty, nasty, dog-fucking whore.” Marty groaned louder, pumping furiously into her throat in his excitement.

Oh gawd.  She didn’t want to be turned on.

Oh gawd.    She didn’t want to be turned on by having a dog fuck her, by having her face raped by her boss. By the nasty things he was saying to her.

And yet, shamefully, she was. Hot, throbbing, wet, responding to the cock slamming deep inside her belly, and the thick, hard fuck-rod choking her throat.

In moments she was swallowing furiously, as her boss’s cock spasmed in her mouth. His hands grabbed her hair, thrusting his crotch into her nose, making her gag on the fat fullness of his dick.

“oh fuuuuuccckkk”  he moaned, “whadda good fucking whore you are….”

At last he released her hair, even as the dog kept up a punishingly fast rhythm against her pussy.

She came hard as his knot grew, pressing into her g-spot. The spasm felt like it was never-ending, and as the knot continued to grow, it pressed that spot harder, deeper.  The knot was holding his spent cock inside of her, holding his jizz inside her, and filling her pussy past comfort and into pain.

“Ooooh…please…” she moaned, yet the pain added its own dimension and she came again. Her pussy clenched around the hard knot blocking her hole, as the dog relaxed his grip and began to turn away, still tied to her.

She knew they would stay like this for a while.

Her boss wiped his cock against her cheek.

“We’ll have to do this again sometime,” he said, as he tucked his shaft back into his khaki’s and turned to release her hands.

“Have a good rest of the night……bitch.”

His laugh resounded in the room until the door shut behind him. She lay there, pinned to the table by the dogs knot in her cunt. The door opened and Marty leaned inside.

“And let’s do this again, bitch. Soon.”

It sounded, very much, like an order.