A littlea dis, a littlea dat…


How’s that for a catchy title huh? I’m trying to get a bit ahead in my writing so i can spend some quality time…with my novel.

Does that make me a two-timing slut?

Yeah, mebbe.


Now that the basic book is done (and really, it’s more novella length just now)…i have some major re-writing to do to buff out some very raw edges. It’s an interesting process, really. The attempt is to work on one chapter a day; which isn’t always possible but even 6 out of seven days a week will see it done by mid-January.

And Donna has sent me links to a variety of publishing places.

Like. . . . oh. my. gawd.

and i’m going to need a pseudonym.  Coz i don’t want “nilla” getting too popularized, so that i could be found by my wife. That’d be bad.

But i told her i was writing a novel and really? She’s been pretty supportive of it, overall. Apparently, she doesn’t mind sexy writing if it has “context” rather than just gratuitous sex.  (does that help explain our lack of sex over the last 8 years?)


i have no objections to some good, hard, rough gratuitous sex.


anyway…i’m off topic.

So i have a few pics from when Master and i got together. Okay, He took like…48 or something. i had no idea. And it would take too many weeks to HNT His and my favorites, so i’ve decided to occasionally drop some here in my posts if appropriate.

hah. nilla and ‘appropriate’…talk about an oxymoronic statement!!

So, here’s one …

Okay, okay, so that was a farther-away shot of this weeks HNT…but you understand why i wouldn’t use it as another HNT…yet it’s a good shot of the corset and the underskirt i wore…which has *feathers* around the hemline.

And no, i didn’t wear it for the Wall, nor for fucking. Instead, i just stripped down to my panties.


I wore panties.

These, in fact….

Aren’t they funny? Kinda sexy and kinda silly. But the Man? He very much liked them.  Okay, enough of the smutty stuff!

OH, is that why you’re here? Well there may be more later in this kinda random-ish post…so keep reading.


Hey do you blog? If so, then  i just found (thanks to WordPress) a website that helps with …grammar.

You should know that *most* times, when there are grammar “no-no’s” in a story, they are in there specifically to make a point, or build a character.

Seriously, grammar was taught to me “old school” style, drilled and drilled and drilled, so that i may not remember the why of it anymore, i just know how it should be.

Then there are posts where i’m talkin’ to you all….

i write like  i talk– so if it’s a post like this one? I’m verrah likely to ignore “good speech”…er…”proper” speech, i guess, and just write like how i talk.

But this website is funny. yes, grammar done humorously. And there was a list of the top ten words that we misspell…and two of mine were on there. . . wanna know which two i always fuck up on?

You should know i take it as a matter of pride that i don’t have issues with the three “theres” nor the ‘yours’, or the ‘ its’ and their various spellings and usages.

But i “definately” keep misspelling definitely. And their rule of thumb? If you put an “A” in definitely? Then you’re definately an A-hole…LOL! Now see? That’s my kind of grammar rule.

The second word i misspell all the time is “wierd”….i’ve fucked that up a thousand times. Thank goodness for spell check picking it up!!  You also won’t often (never say never, nilla) see “alot” here. Because, even though it is really  “a   lot” of work to put that space between A and LOT,  my fingers are always up for a work out! *laughing*

So, if you want a good laugh while you’re getting all educated ‘n stuff…go here to The Oatmeal!


And now, remember up there i said to keep reading coz there could be more gratitious smut ahead…..Ah, yes…… it’s flashback time…

i’m on my back, blindfolded, hands secured to my thighs. He’d been fucking me, hard, my feet in the air, his hands grabbing my ankles,  and slamming into me….

and He pulls out.

i feel the squirt of lube, and suddenly His finger is in my ass, and i….well…

i was dreading it.

Three months with little ass action tends to make me forget that i do like it.

i was sure i was gonna hate it.

His finger probes deep, spreading lube, stretching me. My ass is throbbing from the OTK spanking i’d gotten, a really heavy-handed one, with the sound of my “voice-mail giggle call” being played through His phone near my ear.

And now my asshole is under siege.

That was all i could think about. And i’d been so close to another O while He was pussybanging….

And then He presses. Presses. Presses.

And i fight it. For a minute…and He presses…and with a sigh, i give up, give in, just give.

Relax the asshole, pushing out in acceptance.

He pops in, sliding deep.




and i came, hard.

Later of course, He has to tease me about it. About the fact that i’m an ass-fuck whore. About the fact that i like (really, really like) what He does to me. About the fact that i enjoy His cock pounding into my butthole.

About the fact that i came a half-dozen times or more.

All i remember, really, is my leg curled up over his neck, His body laying on me pressing the knee of that leg up near my ear.

What 52-year-old does this?


i do. i did.

It put Him balls deep into me, put His mouth near mine. Did He speak to me?


But His body did.

Over and over, it spoke to me.

And it said….’mine, mine, mine’…..