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She stood frozen as He advanced upon her. Before she could move, could holler, He forced a gag between her lips. It was black and round, and almost too large for her mouth, yet a solid push of his palm slid it deep, snugly behind her teeth.

Spinning her quickly, he pressed her against the doorjamb, his weight holding her there, as he quickly buckled the gag, pulling it tight. The leather bit into the sides of her mouth, tugged and tangled in her hair.

She moaned.

The wood of the jamb pressed between her tits, and she struggled for breath. Held this way there was nothing to push off of, to get away. Every wiggle made him press harder, pressing wood against her breastbone, her pubic bone, making her moan again with the pain.

Though she struggled, it took him only seconds to grab her hands and secure them behind her.

Taking hold of her hair in his one hand, and her wrists in the other, he began propelling her through the house. He stopped at the guest room door, peering in.


She balked. His hand released her wrists; with one sharp tug he pulled her skirt so it fell around her ankles. She tried to scream behind the gag, but only a whimper of noise escaped the gag.

She wasn’t wearing anything under her skirt…she never did. His hand smoothed over her ass a second before he smacked it painfully hard.


He pushed her forward.

She balked again. No fucking way was she gonna make this easy for the bastard!

He slapped her ass harder, then, releasing her hair, he hooked his arm around her waist.

“Fine, we’ll do it the hard way, then, slut.”

His other hand began probing between her asscheeks, and found her puckered hole. She squealed, attempting to lurch forward, but he held her tightly as his finger penetrated that tightly clenched opening.

“Bad girls don’t get lube.”

A second finger joined the first and she shrieked at this added intrusion. She had never allowed this to happen, ever. Her only experience with ass fucking was in her head.

It hurt so fucking much. His thick fingers sawed in and out as he laughed, the sound low and wicked against her neck.

“Used, just like the whore you are. Wait. Wait until I get it loose enough to ram my cock up there.”

She whimpered. He felt the fight go out of her, and with his fingers still buried in her asshole, propelled her forward towards the bed. She moved forward fast, hoping that the forward motion would pull his fingers out of her throbbing butt.

They didn’t.

He pushed her facedown on the bed, and proceeded to fingerfuck her ass. She wriggled, writhed, but could not budge him. He lay half across her, kissing and nibbling her back through her shirt as his fingers probed her stinky back door.

With a sudden pop, he pulled them out. She grunted as he slapped her ass.

“Got a small deposit here, slut. I wonder where I should wipe this shit? His fingers smoothed over her butt. “There,” said, “now it’s off my fingers….and all over your ass!”

She shook her head . Even through her fear, she was mortified. Of course there was shit on his fingers…that was an assholes primary duty after all.

He pulled her upright by her hair. Her eyes widened when she saw the flash of silver. His mouth moved against her ear.

“Stay very still now, slut.”

His breath warmed her cheek even as the cold touch of steel teased her flesh. He cut slowly, deliberately, in time with his breath. Breath in…snip…breathe out…snip.

She shivered.

She tried to speak, but he shusshed her with a soft hiss. His hand came up and caressed her bared tits, pinching one nipple then the other.

She heard the jingle and tensed. Of course they were clamps…fucking bastard ! If he had been reading her blog, he would have known that they were a component of so many of her fantasies.

She was unprepared for the intensity of the bite as they clamped onto her tender nipples. Her moan this time was accompanied by a headshake, and a struggle to release her wrists.

She was helpless.

The ties around her wrists held; she could only stand there, and take it.

“mmmmmm, delightful, isn’t it slut? Hurts, hurts so lovely. Pinches your nipples, squishes them tight. I love to see you hurting…just like in your stories slut.”

His words, nearly crooned at her, made her shiver.

And holy fuck.

She was getting turned on.

Just like in her stories.