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Did you think you were safe? That I wouldn’t find you?”

His words rang through her head. She had. She had thought she was safe. She had thought that she was “anonymous” in her blogging.

She shivered at her naivete. Her world had done a 360 degree turn in seconds, the moment she had walked into her kitchen and seen him standing there.

He’d taken the end of the chain that attached to the clamps squeezing her nipples, and affixed it to the bedspread.

“Stay right here, slut, or … hell, you’re a smart girl. You can figure out what will happen if you move too much.”

With her hands tied behind her, and her nipples latched in front…she wasn’t going to move an inch. She even inhaled carefully. He left the room, the floorboard just inside the spare room door creaking under his foot; she heard the tread of his shoes crossing the kitchen floor.

He was off to get that fucking black bag.

She tried to ignore the slow drizzle of pussy honey on her inner thigh. She didn’t want to be like the girls that she wrote about in her naughty little tales of sex, seduction, pain, and pleasure.

That was fantasy.

This was real. The ache in her nipples told her exactly how real it was. He returned to the room, the floorboard creaking, and dropped the bag with a thud.

She shivered, looking over her shoulder at him.

“Such a pretty sight, a little fucktoy just waiting to be used by her Master. But first, let’s get that stinky stuff off your bottom. ”

He wiped her ass with a damp paper towel. Inwardly, she cringed. How fucking mortifying.  He dropped the used paper on the nightstand and she averted her eyes, not wanting to see the brown streaks that he’d pulled from her asspipe.

She heard the pzzzt of the zipper, and the sound of the bag opening.  He made a ‘hmmmm’ as he dug through it, but she refused to turn her head.

She knew he was going to hurt her. She wrote about this stuff all the time.  Dom meets sub. Dom sucks sub into His circle. Dom hurts sub. Sub likes it. Dom and sub stay together, happily ever after.

She shuddered.

Then cried out at the first, hard blow against her ass.

“Oh, that was nice!”

He repeated the action on the other cheek.

“Damn, that wooden spoon works great! Already you have two lovely welts on your ass…and might I say, little slut, you wear it well. Well, no time for chit chat just now, I have much work to attend to.”

He hit her several more times with the spoon. Tears welled and spilled over, as her ass began to throb. It fucking hurt. There was a longer pause, and then another smack. She fell forward on the bed with the sharp blow.

“Nothing beats a flat-backed hairbrush. And this one has a comfort grip handle so I don’t hurt my hand while beating you with it. OH, this will be fun. I can’t wait to see how you write this story up, slut.”

Tears and snot slid into the coverlet, yet moving was not an option, hooked as she was to the spread by the fucking clamps. Her ass was screaming, and she could feel the terrible heat being generated.

Occasionally he would stroke her ass, his hand cool, and murmur at her, but she turned her head and refused to engage. Which of course, led to more smacks.

A rubber spatula was particularly painful, as was the thin lexan rod from the venetian blinds. He’d looked up and seen them there, and chortled with glee.

“Oh, that’s great! I did forget to pack a cane, but this will do nicely!” He swooshed it through the air. It made a noise that scared the piss out of her as it waved in the room.

She screamed when it hit her at the junction of ass and thighs. He worked his way down her legs, then back up and over her welted, bruised ass.

He dropped the rod and she felt his hands caressing her, running up and down the thick welts he’d made.

And then she felt it. The head of his cock pressing against her. Her nipples throbbed, her ass ached like she’d never experienced before, and her head spun.

Then he was inside her, groaning as he encountered the slick passageway.

“Fucking slut, your cunt is soaked and ready for me. I’m gonna push such a load of cum up inside you, you’ll never forget this moment.”

He pressed in, pulled out, fucking her slow and deep. Each tug back out caressed her spots, those sensitive areas that sent her spiraling out of control.

She began to press backward.

The tug on her nipples reminded her to be still. His cock filled her, his jeans rubbed her sore ass, and all the sensations buzzed and blurred. Pleasure and pain, just as she had written of. She hadn’t known it could be this intense. She hadn’t known it could hurt so much yet feel so fucking good.

She hadn’t understood, not firsthand. The words may have been right, but through happenstance, not from experience.

She gasped as he released the gag. His cock was buried inside her pussy, stretching her. She felt the orgasm building, building fast. She pressed back, disregarding the pull in her nipples.

“Take it. Take every fucking inch…” he growled at her, pressing up and into her belly. She felt his teeth on her shoulder and she arched up, crying out in shock and pain.

Oh gods it hurt so fucking good.



She woke, wrapped in his arms. He was spooning her and she felt…full.

“my cock is in your asshole” he murmured against her ear. “and I’m gonna fuck it, hard and deep in a few minutes.  Then you can write about that, too.”


“…did I find your blog? You left it up one day a few weeks ago. I closed it after I read a lot of it. I’ve been reading ever since.  You should have told me. Told me about this.”

He ground his hips in a soft figure 8, making her moan. Suddenly her ass was awake and alive with sensation.

“But for now, we’ll just make it up  as we move along…”

Rolling her onto her belly, he slowly began writing the next chapter.