Dark Alley

raw, gratuitous, sexual violence ahead…mega dragons here today ~n~

“I said, shut the fuck UP, whore.”

He slapped her face, hard. His friend chuckled meanly, as he held her from behind.  A sock had been slipped over her clasped hands, then tied tightly around her wrists.

Its mate was even now being lodged inside her mouth. His fingers gripped her chin as he rammed it in. She coughed, gagging as she struggled to break free.

It was useless.

A strip of silver tape went over her mouth, making panic flutter in her chest. What if she coughed again? What if she vomited?

She tried to calm herself. The best way to survive now was to remain calm, to breathe slowly through her nose.




His hands grabbed either side of her shirt and jerked it wide, scattering buttons onto the dirty linoleum  floor. He leered at her tits, framed by her pink and lacy bra.

“oooh, slut is so pretty in her pink bra,” he crooned, before digging his hand into his front jeans pocket. He held the metal thing before her eyes, and with a snick the switch blade opened, narrowly missing her nose.

He waved it in front of her eyes, making her heart flutter in fear. She shook her head gently, ‘no’, and moaned, low in her throat.

Grabbing the bra roughly, he snigged the knife through the soft fabric nestled between her tits. Hooking his finger into one shoulder strap, he cut that, then the other. With a few tugs, the remnants of her favorite lingerie hung on his fat and dirty finger.

Holding her eyes with his, he let the bra slip to the floor, then traced the knife along the swell of her left breast, poking the point into her nipple.

She moaned again, trying to arch away, but the man behind her held her tightly. If she survived this, she would have terrible bruises on her arms. Already she felt her flesh hurting under his uncaring grip.

“Scared, whore?”

She shook her head. She was not a whore!

His eyebrows shot up and he traced a pattern on the other breast. A thin line of blood appeared, and she would have gasped if she’d not been heavily gagged. It took a moment for the pain to hit. It wasn’t a deep cut, a scratch really, but she was bleeding,  dammit!

Yet she remained still. Fighting now would only ensure that he hurt her worse. How she hated the smell of him.

The onions that he’d eaten for lunch, maybe days ago.

The smell of urine that wafted up with every movement.

He was dirty, and disgusting, gross.  The hands squeezing and tormenting her tits were grubby with grease, the nails black with it.

“such sweet titties. Gonna have a good, good time with these titties.”

The guy behind her was just as gross. His tongue slurped along the side of her throat, up into her ear. His spit wet her, filled her ear. He bit her earlobe, pulling on it the way a dog tugs meat off a bone.

Impatient now, they worked her jeans open, then tugged them down and off, along with her sneakers.  One of them dug in her pockets, grabbing the $20 she’d put in there.

She had just run down to the market for teabags and milk, dammit. They’d grabbed her at the edge of the alley, so close to her destination, and yet so far. They’d pulled her through a door jigged open, and along a dimly lit hallway, and into a room.

“Seen ya coming back and forth for the last few months, whore. Knew that someday we’d get to be in the same place, same time. Aren’t you a lucky slut, getting to play with the big boys instead of those wimpy men you fuck around with?”

She didn’t know how they knew all this about her. She’d only moved here about 3 months ago.

The slap on her tit was hard and brought her attention back to the man with the knife.

“Too bad we had to plug up her mouth…bet she gives good head,” laughed the guy holding her.

“That’s okay, our little whore has two other holes we can use. We’ll have to rock-paper-scissors to see who gets to fuck this sweet little hiney first, won’t we?”

She shook her head, grunting behind the gag.

No! no no no no no!

No one had ever … no!

She struggled, but the man behind her dug his fingers into her upper arms. She tried to kick, but the guy in front stepped in, pressing against her. She couldn’t move.

She twisted and tried to knee him.

His hand grabbed her hair, pulling her head towards her shoulder. His grip pulled her roots, and she would have screamed had she been able to.

“Don’t fuckin’ try that again, you fucking bitch-whore.”

Releasing her hair, a few strands tangled and pulled away from her sore scalp, drawing tears. The slap on her cheek jolted her head to the side.

“I like the way she wiggles when she fights” said the unseen man behind her. He ground his crotch against her ass. The denim was rough, and the rasp of the zipper scratching tender flesh made her wince.

It only took moments before she was tugged across the room to where a stained mattress lay pressed against the wall.

There was the sound of zippers being lowered. The man in front of her barked at his friend.

“Hold her.”

Then he lay down on the mattress. His cock jutted out from his open fly. It was fat and long.

“Come to Daddy,” he crooned, with a rancid laugh. She was shoved, hard, from the man behind her, and she fell forward, unable to stop herself.

He caught her and lowered her to his chest. His legs kicked open hers, and the man behind pressed her down as she struggled to get off. In moments her pussy was being stuffed with his dick.

She shook her head, she moaned and cried. Little sound passed through the gag, but he laughed at her whimpers.

“Little kitten here is meowing for her dick,” he laughed. His hips bounced as he buried his length inside her. His fingers bit into her hips, holding her there.

In seconds she felt the man behind her pressing his cock into the cleft of her ass. His hands pulled the globes of her ass apart and she heard him spit. The hot wetness hit her just above her anus.

She screamed but to no avail. His finger jabbed into her tight-puckered asshole, spreading his spit, tugging the recalcitrant hole open.

“Give me your ass, whore, give my cock your tight shithole,” he growled as he stretched her.

She fought, clenching hard, but that only made the man under her, who’s cock was buried in her pussy, laugh in delight.

“She’s fuckin’ milking my cock, tryin’ to keep your’s out,” he chortled. “You’re between a fuckin’ rock and a hard dick, whore,” he giggled. She tossed her head, tried to fight, but seconds later, she screamed as the second cock invaded her body.

It hurt. His cock pressed hard and deep. For a moment she prayed for it to end, for them to kill her and be done with it. The throbbing was intense and terrible. She was so filled down there that she thought they were ripping her apart.

She may have blacked out for a moment or two, fighting for precious breath.

She woke up to the man under her groaning in delight as the cock in her asshole sawed in and out of her.

“So fuckin tight,” he growled. “so good, jeezuz her asshole is like a fucking furnace, it’s so hot. What a good fuckhole…oh man, I’m gonna cum. Got that whore? I’m gonna blow a wad of fuck-juice up your shitpipe. ”

She felt his cock pulse, though she didn’t feel the surge of his seed inside of her. She cried out in shock as they rolled, still buried in her body.

In seconds, the man in her pussy began to fuck, brutally shoving his cock deeply into her belly. She grunted through the gag with the force. His hands grabbed her tits, using them like anchors, tugging and twisting them with every surge of his thick tool between her legs.

The cock in her ass had been deflating, but the fucking was beginning to stir it to life. Her ass began to stretch again as his rod grew harder, thicker. He was moaning against her ear, his breath so disgusting she wanted to vomit.

The feeling of his cock growing inside of her made her tremble. Horrified, she realized she was going to cum. The cock in her pussy was hitting that spot that her boyfriend never managed to hit. He was deep-thrusting, and so large that every pull rubbed her. She came, back arching, in one of the most violent orgasms of her life.

He stopped, staring at her in amazement.

“You really are a fucking whore, aren’t you, cunt? What a little piece of fuck-meat you are. Fight like a prima donna, then cum like a whore.”

He pressed harder and faster then, even as the man in her ass trembled through another orgasm. She felt it then, the wetness leaking from her holes, as she, and they, squirted over each other. She fainted.


She woke slowly, body throbbing. She touched her pussy. It was wet, and sore. She ran her tongue around her dry mouth, and coughed.

Blinking, she saw that she was behind her apartment building, behind the dumpster. She was naked. Feeling around the ground in a panic, she found the tattered remains of her shirt, and her keys to her apartment. Her jeans, her money, gone.

There were no lights on in the building. It was late. She rose to her feet, unsteady. Grabbing her shirt, she pulled it on. It didn’t cover much. She made a dash for her apartment, praying that no one would see.


He looked up at her as she slid into the apartment. His eyebrows raised as he sipped his beer, and looked her over.


She smiled, crossing to him, kissing him hard.

“Thank you, Master.”