so nilla is a bitch…

So i’ve gone around and around in my head about this all morning. Some days, i’m just bitchy.

overtired? check.

short-tempered? check.

pissy? check.

So…yesterday i snarked at a blogsister, and i will publicly apologize to sin for that here and now. It isn’t my business how she runs her blog, it is her place to vent and gripe and get stuff out…and i went over and became judgemental (a huge failing of mine–likely due to my own “perfectionist” nature)…

i am sorry sin.

And  while writing responses i confess i snarked again. However, this time, i feel justified.

Dave, i’m going to write this post to you…but it goes to any reader who does what i did to sin…

Those of us who write blogs enjoy what we do. It’s a place to give creative birth to words, to vent feelings, to share things we are moved by, for good or bad.

It is the voice of our inner minds, in a place where we can be free and open and vocal in ways we cannot in our full vanilla lives.

It’s great to get comments…positive ones feed the creativity. Negative ones help to guide us towards self-examination. But what Dave has done on multiple occasions is not done as a critique…i read it more as a “you should do this” because it is what will ring his bell.

I get that not all of my stories will hit every pervy button. But my stories are overwhelmingly Male Dominant, female submissive, with a strong bend towards romantic.

Yes there are exceptions. Tentacle sex, alien sex, pure-on nasty sexcapdes…

but overall the vast percentage are M/f. Dave, when you write “you could have her hit him in the nuts and then beat him…” it changes several things.

it changes the dynamics of the story i am writing (or attempts to)…it puts the story a way that YOU want it to go…and i’m not writing your story, but mine.

There is a widget in the sidebar for people to send me kinky ideas. If you want me to write a story like that, send me a note and ask. But putting it in comment after comment insults the storyline as i’ve got it mapped out. I write things to tingle my own kinks, for the most part…and i don’t have those same needs to smack a guy in his nuts and make him grovel on the floor for me. Not my groove, not my kink.

I could write it, of course i could.  But mostly you won’t see that here.

Dave, you might see this as a public remonstrating and in some ways perhaps it is…but i’m trying really to make you see that what you want isn’t to be found here.

If you are looking for stories that float your groove, than search for them…there are TONS of fem-dom sites. Ximena over at Erotic Writers writes glorious stories of femdom (link in my blogroll). Suzanne (blogroll) is a fem-dom wife, IRL…and writes of her exploits with her sissy husband Tammy there.  Her blog roll as well as Mick and Molly’s have lots and lots of cuckold/Fem-dom bloglinks.

i am not a dominant. i write about domination because i know what i like, what i want, what i crave.

When i run out of ideas, i’ll be happy to throw open the doors and beg for some…but in two years i’ve not really been at a loss for words.

if you think i’m a bitch for this …so be it. But i hope you consider opening your own blog and giving vent to those feelings and needs that are building up in you.

Give them a place to “be”….and let me write my own stories, in a way that pleases me.

Thanks for listening.


The Maid (version 2)

She let herself into the house, juggling her buckets. She was a master of concise, economical movements, and was well choreographed in the fast in-and-out her tasks required.  She moved quickly into the kitchen, filling the largest bucket with warm water. At the last moment, she squirted in cleanser.  In a few moments she was sweeping the floor, then mopping it. When she was done, she moved from the kitchen area, hefting the bucket and mop.

She jogged up the stairs, intent on starting the laundry, and then cleaning and mopping the en-suite Master bathroom. She paused on the threshold. In the dimly lit room, she could see the bed was rumpled, clothing tossed on the floor. That was rather out of character for Thomas, she thought.

She put her bucket in the bathroom, then went over to throw open the blinds and curtains.

“What the fuck?!”

A voice from the bed yelped as sunlight streamed into the room. Whirling, she stared.

“Who are you? What are you doing in here?” She grabbed her cell from her pocket, intending to call the cops, then Thomas.
“Wait, wait,” he waved his hands at her. “I’m Tom’s friend,  just got in this morning. He’s letting me bunk with him today; I’ll be gone later to a conference.”

She lifted the phone and direct-dialed Thomas. While she waited for him to pick up, she pointed at the bare-chested man in the bed.


He smiled at her in a crooked-toothed way that made her belly flop. His chest was bare and hairy, the dark curls making her mouth water. How she loved rubbing her pussy on a hirsute man, feeling the rough texture smoothing over her cuntlips, while marking him with her scent.

In a moment, Thomas answered; after a brief conversation, she hung up.

“Okay, he vouches for you. Late arrival  or not, get your ass out of bed.” He blinked. It was obvious that he needed to be taken in hand. Crossing to the side of the bed, she took a hank of hair in her hand and tugged.

“Up. Now.”

He winced, and crawled towards her. She was pleased that he didn’t fight back. She liked a strong man, one strong enough to harm her, yet smart enough to understand his own submissive needs. She saw his cock swinging between his legs. He had a bit of a paunch, but that was okay. He wasn’t a boy, but a man.

And oh, did she did like a man! She pulled him off the bed to her feet.

“Looks like I get the bonus today.” She reached up and released her ponytail. Her hair fell in a chestnut wave, and he watched it catch the light, like silk.

“Up.” She tugged his hair, ungently, and he rose quickly. She noted that his cock was more than half-hard. Yum. Quickly, she doubled the elastic, then placed it on the head of his cock. Hmmm. Too loose and she would lose control of him. Too tight and she might harm. Experimentally, she twisted the tie into thirds. Yes, tight, pretty tight indeed. It would certainly get his attention. And keep him nice and hard. Throughout, he stood, quiet and complaisant. What a good slut he was going to be!

She knelt, and began pushing the elastic over the head of his cock. His hand came to her head and pushed her forward.

She slapped his cock, hard, with her hand.

“Hands down by your sides, boy.” Her words were terse. He didn’t immediately drop his hand, and she slapped his cock again, then grabbed his left ball, fisting her hand around it tightly, and pulling it down, slowly.

The pressure built. Her hand grew tighter on his nut, and the pull increased almost simultaneously. He groaned, then dropped his hand. She kept squeezing, making her point. She watched his left knee buckle and heard his quiet ‘please’…

Satisfied that she’d made her point, she released him, and continued to roll the elastic down his cock. She wasn’t terribly gentle about it now. Time for this boy to understand who was in control here.  He was groaning by the time the elastic band was snuggled around the base of his shaft. For a moment she toyed with the idea of taking one loop and securing his balls, but she decided to break him gently to her will.

If things went well, there would be time aplenty for some good, ball-busting fun.

“While you wait for me, I want you to go into the bathroom, take the clothing out of the hamper, and put it in the washer, which is just outside in the hallway, next door down. Don’t dally, I’ll be back up here in just a moment.

She watched as he moved quickly to do her bidding. Oh, what a delicious treat this was! While he moved to the washroom, she went downstairs, looking in the kitchen drawers. Gathering her booty, she headed upstairs.

He was standing in the bedroom looking a bit lost. Time to help him find himself, she mused with an inward smile.

“Bend over, hands on the bed, and keep that ass up. Comprende?” He nodded. The first smack caught him unaware.  He jolted upright.

“Hands on the bed, boy,” and she delivered another smack with the wooden spoon. He moaned as she systematically covered his ass with round welts. The wooden spoon was warm  when she was satisfied.

The coil of lust that was in her belly from the moment she’d wrapped his cock had begun to slither down her pussy. Her clit throbbed, her cunt dripped. She could feel the slick wetness on her panties.  Her hands rubbed against his ass. She wasn’t sure what it was about a mans ass that moved her so. So different from a womans ass. Tighter. Less round, more muscled.  Her finger traced down his crack, over his anus, rubbing his perineum, then along the underside of his balls. His dick was fully hard now.

She saw his fingers clench and unclench on the bed sheets as she touched him lightly. She blew breath lightly on the red welts, and watched as goose-flesh chased up his ass. She pulled his cheeks apart and spat against the winking brown hole there. Pressing firmly, he yelped when her finger intruded into that tight passage.

“Oh, what a tight little bung-hole my boy has,” she crooned at him. “And what a sweet ass this is.”

His moan was long and low, and reached straight through her clothing to harden her nipples and thrum her clit.

“I’m going to fuck your ass, and if you are a very good boy, I will let you suck my pussy when I’m done.”

She took the ice cream scoop in her left hand, pressing against his hole with the cold metal handle, even as her finger popped out. For that one second his anus relaxed and she pressed the handle clear up to the scoop head.

His back arched, his cock pulsed, and she saw a long silver string of pre-cum drool from his cocktip to the bed below. She pulled the handle out, then fucked it back inside of him. Despite his gasp of pain, he pressed his ass back towards her. She fucked his newly broached ass slowly and gently, while watching his cock harden, redden and thicken.

She pulled the handle from his ass, dropping it on the bed between his splayed hands. His head was hanging and he was gasping and moaning, and she knew he was inches away from releasing his load.

“No cumming, boy, you’d best control it, or I’ll have to punish you.”

She let the threat hang while she slipped out of her clothing. This was always the telling part, in starting with a new boy. Would he hold in submission, and do what he was told? Or break and try to fuck her when he saw how wet and swollen her cunt was?

“Come kiss me, my boy.”

She tapped her clit, her meaning clear. His eyes almost glazed with lust, He stepped forward and fell to his knees between her spread thighs.