The Maid (version 2 part 2)

She lay back on the bed, thighs spread.  The surprise ‘gift’ in Thomas’ bed had proven to be very adept with his tongue. What had begun as a kiss to her clitoris, had become a laving, and evolved into one of the best tongue-fuckings she’d ever experienced.

Without being ordered, he had sucked and nibbled her pussy lips, then had licked from her cunthole to the top of her cleft and back down. Her clit had begun to quiver with the delight of his tongue rasping along it, teasing her perfectly.

He was an expert at eating pussy.

But the true test was when she told him to rim her. Without pause his tongue swirled around her brown rosebud. Her ass trembled as the warm wetness lapped around, across, over, and finally pressed against that puckered opening.

She had groaned aloud at the sensations. If she’d had a jot less of control, she would have flipped over and given him her ass there and then.

Not yet.

His mouth had played over her pussy and ass until she came in a suprising rush of sex juice. He lapped up every leaking drop, and in so doing, gave her another gushing orgasm.

She pulled him up by his hair, and as he rose, took hold of his thick and throbbing shaft. She knew she couldn’t keep him in the make-shift ring for too much longer; she was always careful to not damage her toys, and his cock was so temping.

Pulling him further up the bed, she drew her tongue along the underside of his shaft, then encircled the tip with her lips and sucked him, hard as she could.

He jolted and groaned loudly.

Her lips popped off with a sharp snap, but her voice crooned, husky with lust.

“no cumming, slut. You hold onto that fuckjuice, hold onto it for me.”

He nodded, his eyes glazed. She wondered if he’d ever needed to hold back so long before.

She pressed her tits together.

“Slid that big cock between my tits,” she ordered, knowing that titty fucking was a fantasy most men had, but never got to do. Every bump of his pee-hole on her chin left a wet smut. The smell of his cum was intoxicating.

“Down,” she ordered tersely. “Lay down on the bed now!”

With a moan of loss, he complied. His cock stuck almost straight up, deeply red and pulsing. She flipped over to straddle him. His eyes widened as he realized that she was going to ride him.

Slowly she lowered her wet tunnel onto his cock. The fat head pressed against her cuntlips, and she groaned. It felt so good. He was big and hard and filled her wonderfully full. Her knees trembled and she dropped down, his cock fully embedded in her.

“Now, my little pony, let’s ride.”

She braced her hands on his pec’s and lifted her pussy. It was hot, sweaty, wet. Her pussy oozed a steady stream onto his crotch. He lay, arms sprawled, letting himself be fucked by her. His eyes were half-closed, and his mouth, oh that glorious mouth, gleamed with the remnants of her cum.

Leaning up, she kissed him, tasting herself on his lips. Mmmmm she moaned against his mouth.

“Roll over and fuck me, do it hard and fast and deep…you fuck me good, understand toy boy?”

Her words were gutteral, mean. He  nodded, licking his lips.

In seconds she was on her back and he was pulling out and slamming into her.

“Harder,” she moaned, reaching up and pulling on his chest hair. He winced, and slammed her harder.

“Fuck me harder, you fucking pussy-assed cunt,” she yelled at him, and with that, she broke through his last reserve.

He fucked her deeply and brutally, and she came again. Her nails dug into his shoulders, drawing blood. Her teeth sank into his shoulder, as he ground his hips into hers.

“Please,’ he moaned.

She pushed him off.

His cock gleamed with her juices. She grabbed it and staggered to the bathroom.

“Now, NOW,” she yelled, her fist tightening around his shaft. She pulled and yanked it hard, the slickness adding to the glide of her hands jerking him off.

With a groan, his cock jetted onto the bathroom floor, the splats as each wad hit the floor, audible and lovely music to her ears.

He was panting and gasping as if he’d run a marathon. She reached down and slid the elastic off his cock, then gathering her hair, she affixed it back with the wet and sticky band.

“mmmm, delicious. And all day people will ask me what fragrance I am wearing. I’ll tell them it’s a special blend.”

He looked up at her, eyes glinting. She slapped his face lightly. “Say thank you to me, boy.”

“Thank you….Ma’am,” his voice was whisper soft, and trembly.

Oh yes, she did so like them new like this. So eager to please. So hungry.

“You need to clean this up, you know,” she said, pointing to the cum painting the bathroom floor. His hand went to the mop handle, but she forestalled him.

“No, boy,”she said with a laugh in her voice. She tapped his mouth. “With this.”


this one popped at the same time it’s predicessor did, the M/f version….and i could barely decide which to write first.  i rarely venture into the land of Fem-dom…but this one simply screamed to be written!  ~n~