Drunk (2)

She woke when the first splash of cold water hit her tits. Shaking her head, she realized two things. The first was that she was kneeling on a very cold floor; the second was that her hands and upper body were tied to a sawhorse kind of contraption, which was bolted to the floor.

Her arms were spread out like she was a soaring eagle, her knees were held apart by some kind of bar-and- strap thing.

Oh, and she was naked.

She hadn’t been that drunk, had she? There was another splatter of water and she lifted her head. In front of her was a man, holding a spray bottle.  He was naggingly familiar. He was old, and neatly dressed, and seated in a rattan chair.

Which was rather incongruous in a blue-tiled bathroom.  She tried to see if there were other fixtures around but all she saw was a rank of tiles.

“Good you are awake and right on schedule. You may begin Madeline.” He placed the bottle on the floor under the chair.

“Wait!” she yelped. “Who are you? Why am i here? I need to go home.”

“My name is of no matter. If you choose to address me, you may call me Sir. You will speak to me in respectful tones, no matter how upset you are. This is your training period. And you came to me. Your family has been notified that you have taken refuge here, which they have accepted. To the outside world, we are a retreat where one may come to ‘find their inner light’. In reality, you will be trained to be a proper companion to men.”

She stared at him. She was missing something, she was sure of it. His nod made her nervous. She felt a probing…in her ass?!

“HEY!” she yelped, yet she was unable to move her arms or legs to prevent the intrusion. There was a faint metallic scraping sound, a gurgle, and suddenly a feeling of heat and warmth in her asshole.

“NO!” she shrieked.

“If you yell again, you will be gagged. The enema will help to clear your body of the toxins that you have been polluting it with. Today you will fast, and become cleansed.”


Calmly the man rose from his chair and slapped her across her face. In seconds, a hard rubber ball was pressed behind her teeth and a leather buckle was fastened around the back of her head.  At the same time, her belly cramped.

She needed to shit. Her belly was swelling with fluid and she was aching and crampy and needing to crap and she couldn’t talk and she was so fucking scared.

This guy was some fucking-assed weirdo and she was at his  mercy. Another cramp made her moan, made her sag.

“Remove the nozzle.” His words were calm.

She didn’t know there was a bucket behind her. The moment the tubing came out of her hole, a flow of dirty liquid followed. The smell was horrendous. Her belly seized up again, making her whimper as foul water flowed from her. The sound of liquid shit was almost as appalling as the smell.

After a few minutes the liquid had drained. A few farts followed. Her belly eased, though she felt quivery and light-headed.


Her head snapped up and she glared at him. Mumbling behind the gag, shaking her head furiously, he just cocked his head and smiled that supercilious smile. She remembered him sitting behind a desk, but didn’t recall the whole of it. She felt the tubing press up her butt hole again. She tried to squeeze it shut, but she was weak and the woman behind her was implacable. Once more she heard the squeak, the rushing gurgle of water.

In seconds her belly filled again. The cramps came faster, her body trembled.

“Turn off the flow, and put the plug in her asshole,” He ordered.

“For your impertinence, you will be forced to hold that fluid in your belly for 15 minutes. If I need to speak to you again about your tone, you will be filled again, and forced to hold it for 30 minutes. Your fate, the control of your pain lies with you.”

He stared into her eyes. She felt the tears start. The plug stretched her asshole, hurting it. Her gut was twisted and wracked with cramps, and she shivered with the need to release the belly full of liquid she was forced to contain.

“While we wait, we will begin your first lesson on pain.” He crossed the room to the chair, and picked up a thin stick of wood. Returning to stand in front of her, he slapped her right tit with it. She reared upwards, straightening her back, which made her belly roil.

Cramps threatened to make her scream with pain, yet he methodically slapped her tit again and again. Occasionally he hit her nipple, which hurt so intensely,  but eventually her entire breast was covered with thin red welts. Every hit made her gurgle behind the gag, made her arch or quiver with the pain of it, which made her belly cramp.

There was a faint ding from behind her.

“There now, didn’t that time go by quickly?” He looked down at her. He wasn’t smiling. “Release her plug,” he said and stepped away. The flow from her ass was less vile this time, but there was no less relief in finally being allowed to let go. Her belly hitched, and for a fear-filled moment, she thought she might vomit. She breathed through her nose, and calmed herself.

His finger lifted her chin.

“Better,” he said.

“Again,” he ordered, still looking at her, but speaking to the unseen woman behind her. “Fill and plug just like last time, but use the  number four  rather than the two.”

She cried as her belly filled for the third time. She was shaking with fear, shock, and the rough treatment of her innards.

“Tomorrow will be better,” he said. “The faster you learn your place, and follow the rules, the easier each day will become. Again, how much punishment and pain is under your control. Good girls get rewards. Bad girls…..”

He paused, and drew a breath as he looked down at her. His expression was grim.

She shivered, thinking she didn’t really want to know what happened to bad girls. Again the flow of water, the release of the tubing, was accompanied by the plug being shoved up her asspipe. It felt like a fucking shoe was being shoved up there. Tears trickled down her cheeks, rolling down to splash on her tits.

His fingers pinched her nipples, the sore one and the untouched one. She whimpered.

“And now the vibe.”

She felt something press against her pussy lips. It was big, and cold. It was pressed up inside her warm hole, and she felt the press of it, with her ass and belly filled with liquid, much more intensely.

Straps were fastened around her waist, pulled tight, holding the thing inside her pussy.  There was a faint click, and then the vibrations began.  Despite the pain in her belly, the sensation in her cunt was intensely erotic.

“Before your enema is complete, you will have several orgasms. They will be painful, yet delightful. And thus we begin, braiding pain and pleasure into your body.”

She closed her eyes and tried to fight the feelings, but they grew, rather than diminished. He was right again.

He was going to make her cum, despite the cramps fluttering through her abdomen.

Where the hell was she?

16 thoughts on “Drunk (2)

  1. Good Grief, ‘Nilla. You’re certainly facing your own dragons with a vengeance. Very hot actually, despite the um, disgustingness of it. You know i love those training fantasies.


    • lookin’ that dragon right in the eye and saying “fuck you, dragon”…


      and then running as fast as a round, 52 year old woman can run in the other damn direction!!!


  2. Now dear nilla, down deep you must know how much you want to be schooled in such a fashion. It will be good for you in the long run, and one more item to cross off you list of must do’s ( you know you have that list stuck away under your mattress) Tip

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