She sat naked at his feet. She’d never felt so happy before in her life, and it was an amazing thing.

A gift, really.

Okay, the tree was gorgeous, though she had to admit that, at first, she hadn’t thought that she was even “into” Christmas anymore. Christmas made her sad, for those childhood wonder days, now so long gone.

Christmas made her mad….. the frenetic pace it forced people to maintain, to get it all done, all those rituals and events, and all the gift buying, the whole ‘marketing’ aspect.

Where was the joy of the holiday?

She’d long outgrown the religious rituals. She’d gone from one strict religion to a less structured one, to being a total non-believer. She hadn’t believed in miracles for a very long time.

And then she met Master.

He’d tucked her up, taken her under his wing, under his spell. He’d changed her, molded her, shaped her…he’d brought out the best in her really.

She’d forgotten what she’d had inside of her. He helped her unlock herself. He helped her to remember laughter. He helped her to remember…love.

Another gift.

These, she was recalling, were the true gifts of the season. The joy, and the love, and the lust were braided together as tightly as the singletail whip that lay wrapped up under the tree, her special gift to Him.

They had become a couple several years ago, and merged hearts and bodies together over time. Until they’d begun living together, she’d never contemplated a 24/7 dynamic.

And now here she was. The tree, gleaming in blue and white fantasy, had been decorated by her, but under his direction. Blue and white were his favorite holiday colors.  The ornaments were sparkling, and the branches of the tree were healthy, green, and so delightfully scented.

She remembered trudging behind him, pulling the sled. She had worn knee high boots, and a mini skirt. The tube top he’d insisted that she wear under her open hoodie kept slipping down, baring her tits.  Occasionally he’d peg a snowball at her. Oh, he’d had a wonderful time. She, not so much.

And yet, that wasn’t really true, not by a long shot.

It really had been wonderful fun, to be used, and tormented in a way that pleased him so. Her submission, her compliance…all things she freely gave to him.

Another gift that wasn’t under that pretty tree.

“Slut, pay attention!” He tugged at her hair, and jangled the chain that was attached to her collar.

“Under the tree is a package done in green shiny paper. Go fetch it for me.”

She crawled under the tree, ass in the air. Turning to look over her shoulder at him, she decided against the smartass butt wave she’d been contemplating. She blew him a kiss instead. He gestured with his fingers to go, go on and look.

She found the present and brought it back to him, laying it carefully on his lap. It had her name on it. She smiled.

“You didn’t need to get me anything, Master,” she said, looking up at him with love.

“Anything I get for you? Is for me, too.”  He indicated that she unwrap it, and she tore into it. Inside the box was a paddle, obviously hand carved. His  initials had been carved out of the wood, and she knew that when he smacked her with it, she would wear his mark.

“Master! This is …clever and kewl and awesome. And…it looks painful.”

He waggled is brows at her, then crooked his finger at her. Oboy! With a frown, she turned and offered her ass. A very hard swat against each ass cheek had her moaning. It did indeed hurt!

He peered at her ass and laughed.

He allowed her to fetch the handmirror from the bedroom. The letters SA were on her left cheek, and AS  on the right, though the S was reversed.

“That tells it like it is….” he laughed. She stared at him.

“Well, if you spell sass phonetically, it would be spelled saas…..and slut, you are the sassiest of them all!”

She giggled, rubbing the welted letters. She knew it stood for “Scotts Ass” as well as Scott Anderson.

“We’ll call that the toy that keeps on giving,” he said, smoothing his hand over her red rump.

The morning progressed, and one play toy after another was revealed. A new vibrator, a large ass plug, new rope for him, a hood for her.

He appreciated the single tail, ran the braided leather through his hands, between his fingers. There wasn’t room in the living room for whip play, so he tugged her outside to the backyard, ignoring her protests about snow between her bare toes.

After a few swings of the whip she stopped complaining about the snow, and started moaning about the whip. He brought her in before she was frozen, but her ass and back throbbed even more in the warmth of the house.

The last present was in the branches of the tree.

She opened the box and discovered a paper inside, folded small.

There were many gifts under the tree this year, my slut. I enjoyed watching you unwrap and play with everything we’ve done here.

I’ve enjoyed watching you, my most precious gift, under the tree, and under my feet.

We’ve been Master and slut for 2 years now, and you have served me well. Yet I know that there is more that we both want.

Next week, we will make this union official in the eyes of our Community, as well as our city.

slut, I am claiming you for My own, to care for, and be cared for by you in return.  I ask, on this day of sharing our gifts with one another, that you think about this for a moment.

you will be mine forevermore if you agree. I will never release you. I will own you, in the eyes of our Community, and in the ways of TTWD.

You have been mine for a long time. I want you to be mine, forever.

Marry me.

Her eyes were as glowing as the lights on the tree as she turned to Him, slid into His arms as easily as He had slid into her heart.

With joy on her face, she kissed him softly on his mouth, then slid down his body to pool at his feet. With her forehead on the toes of his slipper, her “Yes, Master,” filled them both with joy-filled pleasure.


Blessed be, dear friends. At this time of year, when so much seems so overwhelming, when life is chaotic and hurried, i wish you joy and wonder– for now, and for the coming year as well. I hope that you will take time for yourself, to breathe in the beauty of every day, and breathe out the sadness that clouds it. I hope you see with clear vision the love that surrounds you, even in hidden places. I hope you hear kindness in others, and give it back in full measure.

 Finally, i want to say a sincere thank-you ….for the e-musing messages that have inspired many stories, for the kudos when you say you liked what you read….and for the hugs and cheery words when i was feeling blue…for all this..i thank you, and most of all, i wish you happiness.    ~nilla~