Orgasm Fantasy

i am in bed, blindfolded and tied.

a vibe is pressed against my clit, while i feel something inside of me.

“you’re in slut training school” says a silky voice near my ear. Clamps are attached to my  nipples, the chain threaded through my teeth, and a strip of tape holds my mouth shut around it. My head pops up to stop the incredible pull on my nipples, but a hand presses my head back to the pillow.

The pain makes my clit throb, and the vibe is turned up a notch. i want to squirm, to move away, to stop the sensations, but it is pressed there, and i’m afraid to move, afraid i will hurt my nipples even more.

The fucking starts.

i feel my hips roll with it, feel the growing of need inside of me. it shames me to be so turned on so fast. i hurt, and i lust.

“later, your ass will be filled with cock. For now, we’re just priming the pump, so to speak” says the unseen speaker. The pace is slow and steady, and i suddenly crave hard, fast, deep.

He laughs.

“I know what you want. But this goes my way, slut”

after a time of gentle stroking, he picks up the pace. i’m moaning, and trying to keep my head still, even as my ass raises and i fuck into every stroke.

And then he stops.

Holds the dildo outside of me, holds the vibe away from my clit…and laughs as i whimper, and hump at the air.

“what a slut you are,” he says, and suddenly the vibe is back, turned up another notch and pressing harder to my clit. It is almost painful and i moan and move my head, and tug at my nipple.


but i cannot speak. the tape holds my lips shut tight.

and then the dildo slides slowly back inside of me. Once more it is a slow and languorous fuck and i want more, so much more. I strain at my wrist bonds, try to slide my feet. But i’m caught, helpless to do anything but take it. Take whatever i’m given.

i feel the need build in me again…so close so close…

He reads my body so well…and seconds before i erupt, all stimulation stops. I hear a door open and close. Someone has come in.

“Rick is my plumber. He’s fixing my toilet for me. In exchange, he gets to ream out another hole. Your ass.”

His attention turns to the other man in the room, and he speaks to him.

“There is a thin cane on the desk there. Come over and switch her tits while I finish this,” he says.

i wonder if i can take it without coming apart…he’s gonna hit my tits while the nipples are hurting like this? The vibe and dildo are back, seconds before i feel the first stroke of the can on my left tit.

once more i’m being fucked slowly. i want more. more speed, more more more.

but i can only take what he gives to me, and i whimper with every slash of the cane on my tits, while rising my hips into the fucking of the dildo.

“Can’t wait to fuck that asshole” says the plumber casually….

and i erupt.

He laughs at me. they both do.

and i know in moments they’ll be moving me, and using me, again.


you absolutely won’t believe what the Man did to me, that Bastard! more on that tomorrow…~n~