Last week, due to Master’s kindness…or maybe because He was uber busy at work, too busy to orchestrate His slut’s orgasmic duties…He allowed me a “free-pass” orgasm.

Only one, mind you.

Still, one is better than none! Plus, i could use any toy or toys i wanted, orchestrate any fantasy scenario…it was all mine to play with.

This was so kewl!

He takes Ownership of me very seriously, and is rigorous in my O’s…whether it’s going to be a ZNN day because He wants to fuck with my head, or like Sunday night, giving me the occasional freebie…

Or He may set a scene in mind, or choose the toy(s)…in all ways orgasmic, and beyond, He keeps me on my toes, and constantly held tight in His fist.

gods, just writing that gives me happy shivers!

But Sunday night He gave me a pass on detailed instructions. i wanted something different from my ‘normal’ fantasy…this take was to be a bit more twisted, a bit more almost-realistic. The roots of it, of course, lay in the fictional story that bloomed here as “Drunk”- that of the training School of Q….

That orgasm scenario was the fantasy that you read here yesterday.

Now, like many of you subs out there, i am required to submit an O report the day after my orgasm. Often i will text Him a “thank you Master” right after i cum  (if i can remain conscious long enough afterwards!), sometimes with a brief “wow that was intense” or “nothing fancy, but nice nonetheless”….just as a FYI sort of thing.

Sunday night i texted thanks for the permission,  prior to getting into bed and getting busy. I was just so thrilled about the “freestyle” orgasm. But before i could get going,  He sent me a  text reminder that i needed to submit a report to Him Monday morning.

Now, i’ll admit, publicly, that i was a bit …huffy…in my response. Coz, yanno…it’s been a rule for a long while now that i need to do the report, and i’ve not missed a one of them. Several went to Him late in the day due to family circumstances, but none have ever been missed.

That was pretty much what i texted in response. It was polite, but a bit …terse. Maybe a tad defensive. A bit snarky.

Coz okay…i was still sad about not getting to see Him. And a bit…miffed. i *knew* it was beyond His control. Still, it will be a while before we even have the possibility to see each other again. A LONG while… something like …3 weeks? (this is for “face time” not to mention play time!)

So i was dealing with my sad feelings, and then, layered over that, became frustrated…(okay, annoyed)  about His reminder to send the O report in the morning.

Crawling into my bed, tugging up the covers, getting myself set, i was muttering. And finally i just lay there knowing that if i didn’t put away those feelings, i was never going to be in a sexy mood, would have a hard time heating up, have a hard time cumming at all.

Deep breath. Another. And then…dreamspinning…

i created my fantasy, putting all of vanilla life out of my head. Just…away in a box, on the shelf in my life closet. There, for that moment, i was *in* my fantasy.

And if you need to,  you can take a second to pop back and refresh your memory of that wee fantasy. It’s here.

When that orgasm roared through me, it was like being….gosh…how to describe it? It was like being run over by a freight train, and exploded.

Every cell in my body felt it. There was a moment when the Universe held her breath…when everything  was suspended,hanging still and silent,  before i crashed over the edges of the need, and went free-falling into bliss.

If you happened to freeze in place for a nano-second of time there last Sunday night around 10:25 p.m. eastern time, um, that was my fault!

In other words, it was fuckin’ awesome!

i’d barely had time to put away my toys before i fell into the deepest sleep i’ve had in a week.

I woke up in the morning, refreshed, and clearer of mind and much less sad. i read all of your comments and felt better that this …this nebulous network not nebulous…this..invisible network? yes, better….was there, reaching out and patting me, and consoling me…and i thank you all for that.

It is a wonderful feeling to be so nurtured and cared about, especially when i had been so very low.

Now,  to get back to those orgasm reports….i’m thinking that  you would be surprised to know…well, um…overall?  They’re pretty boring.

i mean, He’s never said ‘gee nilla, this sux” after reading one, but He’s also never patted my head and gone “good girl”…usually i get  a one line response from Him….like…. “nice job on the O report.”

Or if it had pain, He might say something like…. “your pain is My pleasure…” …something lovely and  Dommish like that.

i tell which toy or toys came out to play, the order in how i heated up, how His directions worked, describe whether it was a BIG orgasm or a teeny one…all that …stuff. It is really just straightforward and pedantic. Or do i mean pedestrian? Whichever.

i don’t go that much into the scenes i picture, the words, the feelings the drama…all of what  goes with (at least for me) making myself get turned on and having a lovely cum.

um…i guess, looking back at the past objectively,  i was holding back, a bit. Maybe because He controls so much of it, yanno?

But last Monday morning?

OH, i was in the mood for something different. I was ebullient with a good orgasm, a good sleep.   i decided i would knock His black sox right off of His feet, and write up the fantasy just as it rolled through my mind! Writing it out made me all wet and horny all over again, and i was certain He would be pleased to see the entire story, as it came to me, through me. i was sure He’d sit up and go “whoa” and i could picture Him, sitting there, reading it, maybe even getting turned on from it.

You’ve read  what i sent to Him. The fantasy is totally unedited from what i sent to Him. Pure, raw, gritty sex.

But wait. Before i go on, i need to fill in a few more details…which means backpedaling a teeny  bit  more…

…okay,… well..i’m  His slut. Yeah, i know you know that.  But that is “slut” as opposed to “whore”…..

Sure, sometimes when we’re fucking, and it’s wild and  intense and i’m screaming with the joy and lust of it, or begging Him to hurt me more, please more…then He’ll call me His whore.

But most of the time, it’s simply ‘slut’…

We’ve talked a lot about the “whore” word…and “whore play”…which includes the “whore” shoes (which are the header pic for nilla swirled).

He has a name for His (make-believe) ‘whore’…which is Penelope.

There are times when  i text Him something very slutty,  where He is prone to respond “Penelope?”  He sometimes does this  to annoy me, and sometimes does it to let me know that i’ve  hit the combination that makes me sound whorish to Him.

Now i’m guessing that you can pretty much see where this is headed, now that i’ve caught up the backstory, and presented you with all the info you need to figure this out?

Fast forward  up to my sending off the orgasm story to Him.

After writing this hot piece of orgasm fantasy, and sending it off right away, bright and early in the morning, and feeling so damned proud of myself….i got my bubble burst.

i checked my email around 11:oo on Monday, dying to know what He thought of this hot little piece of writing. I was so happy that He’d had time to read it, and could hardly wait to read what He’d written to me.

i stared in open-mouthed amazement at His one-word response, in shock and disbelief.


this is so long already, i think i’ll post part two tomorrow…

14 thoughts on “Master!

  1. You know, you come up with the most bizzare ways to ‘fuck up’. Geeze! I can see where you were trying to go and how you were working to tease him, but damn it backfired. Hugs heart sister!
    Next O report…I saw, (fantasy) I came, I report completion! Lots of hugs… cause somedays we can’t get it right to save our asses or our souls

  2. Omigoodness, ‘Nilla.

    i can imagine how disappointed you were! Since my orgasm reports to FS were what got me started blogging, i’m really feeling your pain. If he hadn’t had a positive reaction to them, i wouldn’t be here.

    Of course, now that i think about it, most of them involved him. Hmmmm. Maybe you just need to make sure Himself is in the fantasy?



    • OH, i didn’t know that’s how you started blogging! and LOL, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out what happens next!

      Hugs…and thanks for listening!


  3. I thought the punchline was going to be that you had forgotten to text him your thanks that night because it was so great. It does sound like he liked what you sent him in the way of orgasm report though, right?

    And it does seem like a long time between visits. That sucks for you. But don’t despair, the time will pass and you’ll be back to regular visits before you know it.


    • Ah, the full punchline comes tomorrow…and He got me…bigtime.


      isn’t it great when they make us feel that control over us? They know our buttons and how to push them, when to push them..somehow it is calming and centering, even when it is damned annoying too.

      Thanks for the commiserating…it is a long time but…not as long as our previous wait. Now we hope the weather cooperates for our January meeting…we had to postpone twice last year due to snow…you watch, thats when we’ll get our first snowfall of the winter!


  4. Nilla, face it, every time you try to tease the Man, he makes you pay, one way or the other. Never seems to react the way you expect. So much fun, too.

    I’m so sorry you have to be apart for so long. Hugs.

    • Thanks for the hugs LM, much appreciated…and yeah, teasing doesn’t work does it? (or maybe it works too well?)

      *deep breath*

      Wednesday is Yoga day, which helps me cope with a lot of things…including missing Him so much.

      thanks sweetie..


  5. We are all sorry that you have to be apart for so long, but it does make those precious moments so damn enjoyable, and memorable. Now for what Sir B calls you, slut, whore, Penelope,it is all the same, his, and he is damn lucky. Tip

    • Thanks Tip…clearly you understand His mindset (must be the Dom in you?!)…and yes, i don’t care what He calls me, as long as He calls me!



  6. Maybe he just ‘knows’ which buttons to push by using ‘Penelope’. Still, as long as it feels good, that’s really all that matters.

    • *brilliant*!! You and Tip are right on track here, Dave…He does indeed know which buttons to push!

      and yes, it does feel good…verrah good.


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