The Boss (2)

Stacey sat in the passengers seat in her car. Vivienne had driven them home easily, chatting about this and that, keeping it light. Somehow she had responded.

Or at least she thought she had.

Her world had just taken a surreal tilt and she wondered how it had happened. Her confused musing was interrupted by Viv.

“Out of the car, now.”

Woodenly she obeyed. She wasn’t sure why, but it just seemed…expected. Sliding out of the seat, she saw Greg pull up behind them. Vivienne led the way to the kitchen door, which was unlocked.  She glided into the house like she belonged there, Stacey thought with a hint of anger. She turned to growl at Greg, but before she could say a word, Viv leaned out the door.

“I said,  come along now.”

In seconds, both of them were standing in the kitchen, side by side. Vivienne looked them both over. Her smile was sweet and wicked. Stacey couldn’t help but be envious of her beauty. She just oozed perfection.

“Look,” she began, only to be hushed by a finger lain across her lips, and a short shake of Viv’s head.

“Lunch, slut. You will fix us all a light lunch, and bring it upstairs. Be quick about it. Boy, go upstairs and sit in position and wait for me.”

“Yes Mistress,” he said, turning and heading upstairs quickly. He knew that “in position” meant naked. His cock still throbbed, hard as steel. She had yet to release any of the elastics that covered his dick. The pain was sweet;  the front of his boxers were  soaked from the constant leak of cum drizzling out of the swollen tip of his cock.

“Take off your shirt and bra. I want to see my new tits.”

Stacey stared at Vivienne.

A sharp slap across her face didn’t hurt so much as startle her.

“Do not make me repeat myself, slut. Remove all your clothing now. I want to watch you make our lunch. And if you remain recalcitrant and disobedient, you will not get any food until dinnertime. Understood?”

Stacey nodded. She didn’t know why she had the compulsion to obey. Yet her fingers rose to her blouse, and began unbuttoning it. In seconds, it was on the floor around her ankles.

“I do not tolerate untidyness. When you remove clothing, it is to be put in the hamper or hung up immediately.”

“Yes, o-okay,”

Another slap.

“You heard my fucktoy answer me properly. You must as well. Try again.”

“Y-yes M-mistress”

“Better. Now, pick up that blouse, and finish getting undressed. You have two minutes or you will be punished.”

Her fingers flew to retrieve the blouse, folding it and placing it on the counter behind her. She unhooked her bra, hesitating a moment as she looked at Mistress’ face. Then her tits were free.  A bit overblown, sagging with age, she was immediately self-conscious. Yet there was no expression other than hunger on Viv’s face. She quickly unzipped her skirt, and folded that as well, placing it carefully on top of her blouse. Left shoe, right shoe, and she walked across the floor to place them on the shoe rack by the door.

She slipped out of her pantyhose, careful to not snag them. These, too, were folded and added to the neat pile of clothing.  A swat against her ass made her squeak. She tried to step away, but a manicured hand landed on her shoulder, holding her in place with fingernails biting into her skin.

“Stay, slut.”

She froze. A drawer opened, closed. There was another swat.


The yelp escaped before she could call it back. Vivienne leaned against her side, whispering into her ear.

“I said two minutes, slut, and I meant two minutes. You still are wearing panties. I mean every word I say. You will stand here and take your punishment like a big girl, or I will have my fucktoy drag you upstairs, tie you to the bed, and give you the spanking of your life with his thick leather belt. Understood?”

Stacey trembled, nodded. Her heart was racing. She winced as the spoon fell again on her ass.  Viv’s hand grasped the small swatch of white satin covering her pussy hair.

And tugged.

Stacey gasped.

The tug came again, harder, even as another series of swats landed on her ass.  The crotch of her thong was pulled tightly between her pussy lips, and buried in her asscrack. It was ….uncomfortable. Another tug pulled the fabric taut against her clit. She moaned now, eyes closed, accepting the next blows on her ass, swaying slightly with the miriad of sensations.

She wasn’t surprised when Viv’s finger slipped between her legs, but she was embarrassed when she took that finger and wiped it across her mouth, lapping it with her tongue.

“Slut, your cunt is leaking.”

She was smiling that smile again. With a push, she set Stacey to preparing a plate of cheese, crackers, and fruit, and tugged her up the stairs with her finger hooked in the white panties.