Boss (3)

Naked, Greg knelt on the floor, knees spread,  cock pulsing between his legs. His hands were resting lightly on the tops of his thighs, palms up.  He didn’t look openly surprised when his wife was pulled into the room behind his Mistress by her panties. She too was naked. She looked stunned. And stunning.

His Mistress had spoken with longing of a threesome, and it looked like Stacey had just made her dreams come true.  He knew that she was in shock at discovering his secret.

Yet he was relieved.

“What is this?” 

Mistress’s sharp remark caught them both by surprise. She had crossed to the bed and found the crumpled jacket there. She whirled and stared accusingly at her boy.

What have I told you about this sort of behavior?” she spoke to him sharply.


She whirled on Stacey.

“This is my fault. I was getting his things ready for the cleaners. I found your note to him. That’s why i was at the office. I …thought…you were having an affair.”

Mistress looked at her steadily. Then without warning, threw back her head and laughed.

“Well, it’s about time! I’ve been leaving notes like that in his pocket for a month…”

“I’ve been clearing them out of there, Mistress.” Greg spoke up. His voice was deep, and thick with lust and longing.

Mistress laughed with true amusement.

“Well, aren’t you the good boy, tidying your pockets like I told you too. Slut, get over here and hang this up, now.”

She smiled as Stacey fairly leapt across the room to grab the jacket. She carefully placed it on the hanger, then moved it to the hook where laundry for the cleaners was stored.

“Come here, slut.”

The words were almost purred. Mistress tapped the side of the bed right next to where she sat. As Stacey complied, Mistress ran a finger down her shoulder, across one full breast, and flicked the nipple. Immediately it grew, rosy-pink and eraser-large.

“Mmmmmm, how truly delectable your nipples are. My boy has told me how much he enjoys your titties, haven’t you, fucktoy?” She paused and looked over to see his nod of agreement. Taking one between her thumb and forefinger, she pressed it gently.

Stacey gasped. She had never been touched this way by another woman. Greg had spent hours lavishing attention on her tits and nipples, but to have a stranger do so? She flushed softly, embarrassed that she could feel the answering throb between her legs.

She gasped as Mistress suddenly pinched hard. Her head flew up, her body stiffened.


On the floor, Greg winced. He wasn’t certain how Mistress would take his wife’s loud shouting. She didn’t mind moans of pain, but Stacey was so fucking loud. He was amazed to see the smile on his Mistress’s face.  Her smile never failed to arouse. His cock pulsed, and a long line of drool slid out of his pee-hole and hung like a spiders silken thread. The drop thickened and slowly oozed onto the floor between his spread knees. His thighs were burning, and he reveled in the pain of serving Her this way.

She noted the slippery puddle starting to form under his cock. Her smile grew bigger. She tugged the nipple in her hand, pulling her slut to the edge of the bed, and then to her knees on the floor.

“Clean that up. Start with the mess on the floor, and then lick that dripping drool.”

Stacey could not believe this. Part of her balked. Yet she set her lips to the floor, mindful of her still hot ass cheeks. She was sure that was her only motivation, the fear of more spanking.Certainly it had no bearing on the throbbing of her pussy. Obediently, she sucked up the small puddle of Greg’s juice.

“Stick out your tongue and get that string. Don’t you fucking break it. I want you to lift your tongue up and catch it.”

Greg groaned. Mistress’s words, combined with his wife kneeling between his feet had his balls tightening.

“Mistress,” he panted. “Mistress, i-i might cum.”

“Not yet you won’t fucktoy. Think about the butt plug you wore last week to Toronto. In-flight drinks didn’t help that ass-ache, did it?”

He shook his head, moaning again. He thought about the paperwork he needed to do for Wilson, itemizing it line-by-line in his head. It slowed his passion, for the moment anyway.

Yet he opened his eyes and watched his wife gather the cum-string on her tongue and he was hot in a nano-second.

“Slut, I want you to put the head of his cock in your mouth. Just rest it on your tongue. No sucking, lapping, nothing. Your mouth is a nice, warm cave for his cockhead to sit in.”

He was groaning constantly now, his hands fisting and releasing on his thighs. She watched him ride it to the breaking point.

“Fucktoy, put your fingers on my sluts cunt. Your rub it good, boy. You don’t stop rubbing until she cums, and then you can come. You better hold it, boy. You better …”

“Suck it, slut. Suck that cockhead hard, drill your tongue into his little crying hole and suck out his juice!”

Her words were hard;  harsh and guttural and at complete odds to her docile appearance. There was hunger on her face as she looked from one slut to the other. Her fingers went between her thighs and she stroked her clit and pussy.

“Mistress, may i cum?” Greg begged, his eyes watching her fingers dipping in and out of her cunt, even as he rubbed Stacey’s clit hard and fast.

“As soon as the slut comes…no sooner, fucktoyyyyy….”

Her voice trailed off with a groan as her own orgasm caught her. Head thrown back and thighs clasping her hand, fingers buried deeply, she came, harder than she ever had cum before. In seconds the two sluts on the floor were moaning and cumming too. They fell into each other, shuddering through the last of their orgasm.

Slipping from the bed, she joined them, wrapping her arms around them both.  Bodies entwined, they huddled there on the floor. With a deep breath, Vivienne pulled away from them, and rose to her feet.

Unbuttoning her blouse, she turned to Greg.

“Are my toys in your trunk, fucktoy?”

He looked at her, nodding as he replied, “yes Ma’am.”

With a tug, she pulled her new toy up.

“Slut, go downstairs and get the black bag out of your husbands trunk. Don’t bother with clothing. If you’re quick no one will see you. And if they do, they’ll enjoy the view, as I am.”


Downstairs,  she stood for a long moment, looking out the door. She was sure she would die of the embarrassment. Yet, there was no traffic and  little chance she would be seen. She knew all of her neighbors worked. She fingered the key in her hand, planning her moves.  Dashing outside, she almost dropped the ring of keys as she attempted to shove  the trunk key into the slot. Her hands shook, her face flamed. The lock clicked and the trunk sprang open.

In seconds she snatched up the bag, slammed the lid, and tugged the keys out of the lock. Running, she made it to the house, heart pounding. She was humiliated beyond measure. And shamefully, she was also quite turned on. Her clit throbbed, though she had just had a delightful orgasm.

Definitely some weird things happening here today. She was amazed that she was doing this. Going outside naked, for gosh shake.  Letting her husband rub her off in front of someone else. Letting another woman touch her tits.

Shaking her head at herself, she quickly went upstairs with the bag.

Mistress smiled, and took the bag from her, stroking and squeezing her left tit, pinching the nipple.

“What a good little slut you are, my dear. I am so looking forward to all the new adventures that lay ahead for us…for all of us.”

Happy New Years eve, my pervy friends! Just like in the story, many adventures lay ahead of us, as we bid adieu to the “old” year, and prepare to welcome a brand new one.

So many shiny new days to fill, days to lay around and snooze, or to spring out of bed and squeeze every adventuresome drop out of! I wish you just enough rain to appreciate the sun, enough snow to appreciate the warmth of summer,  bare trees to better appreciate the fullness of Nature as it swells and grows, and just enough angst to appreciate the joy that awaits…

Thanks to every one of you for reading, for commenting, for enjoying my little slutty corner of the blogosphere….i wish you all a Happy New Year!