Face Time!

It has been forever.

Okay, i’m forever speaking with a flair for the dramatic, i know…yet it does feel that way. Forever since we had time behind closed doors. Forever since i touched Him. Forever  since He touched me.

….and yet it was early in December when last we met. Not really forever.

But, through the fall, we had every Sunday evening to share a little bit of time.  I’ve not seen Him once since we were together on the 4th.  The holidays put a big crimp in that, as well as Himself becoming very ill for 10 days. (He hates being “coddled” so all i could do was call every other day and say a wee “oh Master…” before He’d cut me off. Damned Man! i love coddling Him… 🙂  )

But today…Friday…just shy of the end of the year, we had a brief chance to hook up. The time flies so fast when we are together. Just being people together, yanno?

i’m silly and giggly and giddy. Teasing and kissy and huggy. Hungry for Him. Just so hungry. And He….*wow*….

He was in a suit, people.

OMFG, a suit!!

He made my mouth water. He made my pussy clench. Just Him in his suit, his tie perfectly knotted, his snazzy shoes…ohgawd..what a fucking turn on.

i know, it’s not like He doesn’t affect me whatever He wears but today? i dunno. His eyes gleamed wickedly. His smile was sweet..and sinister. His words were double-edged with hints of things to come, and teasing. He was silly and sharp as a sword-edge.

It was grand.

We’ve been texting back and forth a fair amount this week; my calling times have been fewer between wife being home, my work-at-home gig keeping me up later, and His illness. Ergo, more texting, whenever i could run upstairs and sneak one in. But this face time was so much better than all the words in the world…

There was a wee “heart-war” (i always have a supply in my purse now, of little glittery heart stickers!)…i snuck one wee tiny one on His neck, and made Him laugh (and promise delightful dire things!).

A bit later, i surreptitiously slipped my shoe and sock off, stuck a sticker on the edge of my big toe. While we were slapping hearts on each others hands, my toe “accidentally” brushed His leg. i even said “oh, sorry!” as we played like silly kids…

And as He put the last two hearts on my hand and smacked them (which always makes me smile), i looked up at Him, blue eyes wide and innocent and sweetly asked about the heart-on His pants.

His eyes narrowed.

“you didn’t?” He looks down at His pantleg…”you little bastard” He says, laughing. “How the fuck…did you put that on your toe?!”

By now i’m collapsed on the table, giggling wildly….He gets the heart off His pantleg, and sticks it on my shoe, which He has scooped up. Then whomps me on the head with it (it’s a foam shoe!) and has me put it back on.

Later He decides to torture my foot, which hasn’t been tickled in almost a month and i was giggling and gasping and twitching…gads my feet are so sensitive!!

While waiting for the teen to evacuate the movie theater with his g/f, i send Master a text…always pushing, yanno?

is it still ZNN?

coz you know…He might say “okay” to a nooner O…(yeah, right)

It takes less than a minute for His reply to come back

It’s always ZNN-unless I decided to allow you an O

Hot rushing flush of pleasure with that answer, i’m quivering with lust as i text back

Holy hawtness, Batman!

Isn’t it amazing what a little bit of face time will do for a slut?