yet another offering from the “should i finish this?” vault..though the story has been in my head for more than 5 months now, it just stopped where it was. Knowing you all like i do, i’m pretty sure you’ll all want to know what happens next…am i right?  ~nilla~(grinning)


another song-inspired piece that popped into my head wholecloth. My favorite song from the 70’s was “Dreamweaver”…full of mystical music that spoke to my teenaged spirit…i’ll post a youtube link at the end of the story…~nilla~


She entered the shop hesitantly. It looked rather like any other kind of salon did, a counter with a young woman behind it, and a row of discrete booths lining each side. There was a curtain across the back wall, purple satin, that went with the colors within the room, dark blue, stars, moons.

Very new age.

Very “mystical”.

The name of the salon was even spelled out in deep indigo tiles on the floor of the foyer “Dreamspinners”. She stepped over the flamboyantly done “D” and stepped up to the counter.

The pink-haired attendant looked up, a brilliant smile plastered on her face. Her eyes, however, were bored. That was okay, because she really wasn’t in the mood for a chipper-spirited youngling to bounce all over her in greeting. She hated that false effusiveness as much as she hated being totally ignored.

This girl managed to surf the boundaries between the two extremes.


“Clara Bolton. I have a 10:00.” She swallowed nervously as her voice faltered.

“First timer, huh?” At her terse nod, the girl smiled again. “Ah, don’t worry, first time is a bit nervous, but Ester is great, you’ll love her. ”

She wasn’t so sure about that, but she sat in one of the plush chairs and waited for ‘Ester’ to come and fetch her.

It seemed that she counted the minutes with every breath. She watched the hand tick around the face of the clock across the wall from her. A moon clock, naturally. At 9:58, the purple curtains at the back parted, and a statuesque blonde with short, spikey hair strode out.

“Clara?” she asked standing before her. Her eyes were a piercing blue.

She nodded, offering a soft “yes”- this woman was a commanding presence!

“Hello, and welcome to Dreamspinners. I’m Ester, and I’ll be your guide.” She took Clara’s hand and led her to the back of the room, and through the curtain to what lay beyond. “Through a glass, darkly” she thought to herself, amused.

***         ***         ***

The area was dimly lit, and as they walked through the long expanse, she saw cubicles, each swathed in dark fabrics. As they neared one such cubicle, a tall man stepped through, closing the curtain behind him. Not, however, before Clara caught a glimpse of a man, sweating profusely, tossing his head and humping the air. His engorged cock jutted upwards bobbing with the force of his thrusts.

She slowed, but Ester pulled her forward.

“Here you go, little one.” And she guided her to the left, where a dim-lit opening appeared between two tied-back drapes. Inside was what looked like a recliner.

“Let’s get you naked now, little one,” Ester said, starting to tug her tee-shirt up over her head. She didn’t protest, just stood there, wondering if she was loosing her mind for coming here. In short order she was naked, and helped up into the chair. Straps secured her arms, her ankles, her belly, and Ester positioned the chair with a variety of buttons until she was comfortable.

“Open up, sweetie, time for your Dreampill.”

She took the capsule, and the glass from the technician, hesitating a moment before placing it on her tongue and swallowing. Whatever was in the cup was not water. It had a funny taste to it.

“The cup has electrolyte syrup in it, to keep you stabilized while you are dreaming. Pleasant dreams, little one.”

Clara felt herself begin to drift off, never noticing when a dildo was pressed gently inside her pussy, clamps attached to her nipples. By then she had fallen asleep, fallen into another realm.

***         )   ) ~*~*~ (   (        ***