Cowboys and Indians (1)

Yet another  tale from the “unfinished”s archives. Started in March last year, suddenly it too has fired up into life. And yes, Tip…all the parts of this one are written…*wink*….~n~

She met Masters frat brothers when He brought them home from the airport.

“Group of wild Jersey boys” He’d said.

He wasn’t kidding. In a few hours time the foursome, with help from her husband, who was also her Master, had devastated her well-ordered house. Popcorn bags littered the floor around the eating nook, and the kitchen island. Cheese curls, chips, and a few blobs of salsa littered the table, and the floor around it.  Beer bottles lay on their sides, the trash can was filled to overflowing, and the smell of pepperoni pizza was an olfactory assault.

She shuddered, taking in the mess. She’d gone out for two fucking hours to have dinner with a friend and this was her greeting, for fucks sake.  She put her purse down at the edge of the counter, and surveyed what had been a pristine room.

She heard the raucous laughs from the living room. If the kitchen was this bad, she shuddered to think what the living room would look like.

He saw her standing in the kitchen doorway. She was scowling enough to frighten dogs and small children, he thought, but she sure was fucking pretty anyway.

“Hey babe,” he called to her. His buds, and his slut, were in for a surprise. He’d told her he’d call her babe in front of them…but that was about to change.

These guys were his oldest friends, several of them had known each other since grade school. He rubbed his hands together. Things were about to get verrrrry interesting!

She looked up at him, trying to tamp down the aggravation. She was an owned slut after all, and she should not tell him what to do. But for fucks sake. . . this was well past the boundary of “normal”…

She’d spent days  working on their home for his friends’ visit. She’d cleaned the entire house from top to bottom, all spiffed and shined. Even Himself had spent hours this last week, working in the yard. He’d created several “man havens” in the woods around their property, and set up a “fishing enclave” at the hut by their small lake.

“The kitchen…” she began, feeling angry.

“Can wait,” he interjected.

“Come with me.”

She stood there, watching his ass. What she wouldn’t give for a 5-second roll reversal! She’d kick that arse from here to kingdom come. Jerk!

Petulant, she schlumped after him.


She came into the living room. Geebers. Bags of popcorn and chips spilling out onto the sofa, the coffee table, the floor.

“Game time! I promised you all some fun times for our 25th reunion of the Wild Bunch, right?”

Nods and whoops accompanied this statement.

“Remember our favorite game when we lived on Beecher Street?”

There were two puzzled faces, one sly smirk, and one chuckle. Master was nodding.

“Cowboys ‘n Indians,” chortled Wayne.

“Right, RIGHT!” Joe jumped up and punched Wayne in the shoulder. “You used to…You fucking A asshat…try to catch my sister!!”

“Well, do you blame me? Your sister has knockers like a playboy bunny, man. Nobody else had a sister like you did. She was a fucking knock out. Man, I must’ve wanked my dick a million times, thinking about her tits…”

“That is fucking disgusting,” Joe frowned, then barked out a short laugh. “I can’t think about my sister like that. Besides, she’s put on a few and then some and has 3 kids. Like…fucking gross, bro.” He shook his head, trying to not think about Becky and her tits.

“Those were the days. Yeah Joe, your sister caused more than a spurt or two in my shower, too,” laughed Mike. “The time she “fell” into the lake when we were up at camp? I fantasized about sucking those nipples for months.”

“Hey, I got to pinch ’em.”

“You fucking did not!” Joe whirled on Sam.

“Grade A prime tits, of course I did, man! And…” he paused, aware that all eyes were on him, even Kevin’s wife, who was standing silently  just inside the doorway.



“yeah, what else, you fuckin’ pervert, touching my big sister…” Joe grumbled.

“and she fucking wanted me to!”

The room erupted with hoots and howls.

Hooligans. They were all trolls and hooligans, she thought to herself. She almost turned around and headed back to the kitchen. It would take her fucking hours to clean these two rooms. And they were here all fucking weekend. Geezuz.

As if he was reading her mind, Master reached out and grabbed her arm.

“Guys…I propose a…more adult version of our favorite childhood game. Nostalgia…with a twist. Rather than going after Joe’s sister, I propose a lovely substitute, my sweet little …” he let it hang a minute, watching her reaction.


There was dead silence in the room. Kevin looked around at each of his friends. Ha! He’d finally managed to surprise them!

“Heard of BDSM? You know…bondage, slavery, sex, spanking…all that good stuff? Ever visited a porn site where the chicka was tied up? Yeah, right,” this, to Joe who shook his head ‘no’.

“You’ve never looked at tits online?” Sam was amazed.

Joe blushed.

The room erupted in laughter again. Once more Kevin called for their attention.

“My slut and I live it, 24/7. She is my wife, yes. She is also my fucktoy, my slave, and while I respect her for all she is and does for me, if I tell her to bend over and present her asshole for fucking, you can be damned certain that she will.”

They stared at her. Speculative gazes sliding over her tits, her pussy. She shivered a little; it was like being stroked by 5 pairs of eyes. She blushed, knowing that she was more embarrassed that Master’s words had hit a hot fantasy of hers.

She was suddenly very turned on.

Of course she and Master had been to many D/s events…yet this was more…intimate, more humiliating.  Master stared into her eyes. He knew, he knew what this was doing to her. It was embarrassing that He could read her that easily. To know that HE knew she was excited.   Her pussy throbbed, and she felt her nipples pull  into tight knots.

It was happening here in their home. With His oldest friends. He smiled at her, releasing a flurry of butterflies in her belly, then continued.

“I propose my slut be our little “indian maiden.” Slut, you will wear an outfit that I’ve specially prepared for you. It’s upstairs on our bed. Boys, we’ll let her get outside, maybe give her a 15 minute head start.”

“Slut, you can hide or play anywhere. But. You must do *anything* asked of you. Cock sucking, spanking…anything.”


He paused, making sure everyone was paying attention.

“Her ass is mine. Pussy, mouth, tits…all open and available. But her ass is mine and stays that way. Capiche?”

There were nods around the room. And despite the nerves he saw on her face, he knew how excited she was. Her cheeks were flushed, and he could smell pussy. They’d talked this fantasy a lot. And now it was time to push some of her boundaries…and entertain his friends in the process.