Cowboys and Indians (2)

Their property was huge. A mix of woods, meadow, and a small lake were encompassed in their acreage. Some of the property had come to Him through inheritance, and the rest they’d managed to acquire over time. They lived comfortably without neighbors, though they’d made friends with folks in town, not to mention their D/s friends and that special Community. Telecommuting to work made being here a dream come true. He only had to visit Corporate in May and October. The only other times he left this haven was to visit his boys back east in Jersey. Over the last 25 years, they’d managed to catch up as a group every three or four years, though Sam and Mike had both come here for his wedding.

“Here” was a far cry from his early days in New Jersey. Back then his  world consisted only of close-clustered houses, a motley pack of friends, Coney Island treks, and the occasional journey into the City across the river.  It wasn’t until his late teens, when Uncle Gus had called for him, that he’d discovered what true wild beauty was. They’d stuck him on a plane and sent him here, to the cool woods, during the late weeks of  his 15th summer. He remembered being scared shitless– and too proud to admit it. Bluster and bullshit had been his motto, his way of life.  Gus had chipped away at that, patient as water over granite.  He’d come to treasure the summers he spent here, through high school and into college.  Back then, he’d never thought he’d be the outdoorsman he was today. He’d learned to love nature, thanks to that somber man.

It had been during his overseas tour to Germany, courtesy of Uncle Sam’s Army, that he’d gotten the news about Gus’s passing. It has surprised Kevin to his core that he’d left this property “to the only kin who will respect this land like I did.”  Thanks to his uncle’s legacy, he had everything he’d never even dreamed about.

Now, his 4 dearest childhood friends were here, for their 25th reunion gathering. He’d been fantasizing this for two years, planning their fun.

And most of it centered around his slut-wife.

She was out there, somewhere. He wondered how she’d play this out. Would she be hiding in the woods, awaiting the rampaging ‘white men’ ?  Would she play “village maiden” or maybe ‘hunting and gathering princess” ? The choices were all hers to make.

At least until they caught her.

The ‘cowboys’ had gathered up their gear; ropes, floggers, a few wooden spoons, all the gear that made for a fun D/s experience for a band of  Mast…or rather… Cowboy’s, and their soon-to-be-captured Indian maiden. Standing there in the backyard, the late-afternoon sun glaring down at them, he shaded his eyes, scanning the tree line.

He’d drawn a crude map, burnt the edges to make it look authentic. They pored over it,  trying to logic out where they might find a secret Village, where the Natives might be. They made plans on who would go where, pointing out the wooded pine copse as their meeting-up spot.

He thought of her, out there in the woods  in that sexy outfit. He’d arranged to have it custom-made for her. The faux deerskin had been skillfully crafted so that pieces could rip away if tugged on too hard. He knew it would entice, it would tease, as it clung to her body. He’d not even seen her in it; she’d dressed quickly, then slid out the window, and down the trellis while he and the Boys were still in the living room, the clever minx!

The tear-away had been his idea. It gave her a small advantage, a wee opportunity to evade a grabbing hand. This was no catch-and-release event. No, this was a catch and keep game. The stakes were high…for her.  He knew eventually someone would catch her, someone would fuck her. The reward of the chase would give both the hunted, and the hunter, an adrenaline-filled thrill.

The plan was simple. Spread out and seek her. Finders became users. They would fuck or bid her to suck. They could tie her up, they could beat her. Already he could see the group becoming aroused. He’d discussed protocol, and given them her safeword,  which was Geronimo.

Eventually, he knew, they’d all wind up back together, out in the wild, or back here at the house.  Then it would be no holds barred fucking. Her deepest fantasy, come to life.  His cock twitched, thinking of all his friends fucking her, as his cock lay buried deep in her ass.

He’d only double-teamed a few times, before her. Never since. She was always too shy. But she spoke of this fantasy more than any other.

Scooping  his ‘lasso’ of rope from the ‘tool table’ outside the back door, he hefted it over his shoulder. He couldn’t miss the wide grins on his buddies faces. Mike and Sam were thinking about teaming up, and were talking strategy. Wayne was scouting the edge of the woods, and fingering the crop in his hand. Joe was just standing there grinning at him.

“Best fucking get together, pal.”

“And you mean that in *every* sense of the word, eh?” Kevin laughed while slapping Joe’s shoulder.

“C’mon posse,” he called, “let’s go huntin’.”

With a whoop the 5 men headed out to the woods.

***   ***   ***

here are the questions YOU can answer for me. 1. too much scene setting? i have to tell you, i am really enjoying writing this, but i struggled a ton about the wordiness of the scene. You usually get a lot more sex scenes from me, but i wanted you to get to know the main Guy…he’s come a long way from where he started, after all.

2. This is a gang-bangy story. And it’s a love story. It’s about give and take and learning and loving someone.  That said, this could go on for a while. I’m trying so so hard to keep stories together until the end. Are ya’ll okay with reading the same story all week or a bit longer? And why is it that when i go to empty my queue…the stories are longer and longer? 

3. Is there a too long? Be honest. I can take it. You know you can still get raw and gritty from me. But some stories build over time.  Let me know your thoughts. I may not change a single thing (she laughs…)  but it’s good to know what my audience is thinking. And if you’re not comfortable commenting in public, shoot me an email. Trust me, i’m interested to know what you think.