Cowboys and Indians (3)

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She walked along the edge of the lake catching her breath. Little wavelets banged against the piney soil here, as the wind  blew tendrils of hair into her eyes.  A duck popped under the water, not far from where she stood. Shading her eyes, she watched until he broke back through the surface, shaking his head and  bobbing along in the breeze.  She’d run almost the entire distance from the house, since shimmying down the trellis.  Weaving in and out of the shrubs that grew abundantly here, she knew that she was almost invisible. Her clothing, her hair all acted to camouflage her from casual sight.  Even her feet were encased in moccasins that matched the outrageously sexy costume Master had designed for her.

It had thrilled her greatly to evade them all, dressing in a rushing hurry, trying to not spend time admiring herself in the mirror. But gosh she looked fucking awesome.  The skin-like fabric molded to her tits, nipped in at her waist, flared over rounded hips and ass. The hem was cut wavy, showing her legs, then hiding them. The dress was made in patches, and she read the note that accompanied it.

“Tear-away” she mused. The thought of what that might mean made her pussy throb. She could fight. She could run. This would be a real-life hunt. The idea of it both excited her  and made her nervous. She could punch and kick her captors, as she never would dream of doing to her Master.

She loved Him for doing this for her. For pulling her secrets from the dark places inside.

He would ask, occasionally, for her  masturbation fantasies.  It was the hardest thing He demanded of her, to give voice to those dark imaginings. She would stutter, stammer, speaking haltingly of ‘rape scenes’ that got her off. She would bury her face in His neck and whisper her darkest imaginings.  Her current favorite scenario was that of being an Indian princess, and being set upon by wild Cowboys. Stolen from her village, or found in the woods, they would grab her, tear away her clothing, gang-bang her, using her mouth, her cunt, her ass.    It always made her cum explosively. Yet the idea that she, in some deep corner of her mind, craved to be used like a piece of meat, embarrassed her.

And here they were, those wild “cowboys” from Jersey. Fucking up her house, to be sure. But potentially fulfilling a wicked and thrilling fantasy, too.

Working hard not to giggle and be caught out, she had opened the screen, and stared for a moment at the height to the ground. She knew the trellis was sturdy, Master had fixed it just this spring. Morning glories grew rampantly up one side, thus far not stretching to reach the more shaded side under the bedroom window.

She’d dropped one moccasin, then the other to the ground. Knowing the guys were in the living room waiting for her had aided  in the decision to take this “escape route”…just in case they didn’t let her out to run.

Despite their bedroom being on the opposite side of the house from them, all it would take was one glance across the living room towards  the dining room window for someone to see her streak past. Holding her breath, she’d worked her way out the window, and climbed quickly down.

Oh, she’d shivered when she reached the ground. That had been pretty fucking scary! And yet, strangely thrilling too. Looking up at the second story window, she’d congratulated herself. ‘Not too shabby, squaw!’

Grabbing up the moc’s, creeping toward the hedge, she’d slithered through, and down the little hill behind.  There, she’d stopped to pull on the slippers. They fit her like a glove.

Score again for the Master!

***   ***   ***

Kevin went upstairs to find out what was taking the slut so long. Man, give the girl 30 minutes to prepare, and she’d try to steal an hour. He pounded on the door.

“C’mon squaw, open up. Got some impatient cowboys out here who wannt fuck you stupid.”

There was no sound from inside. He opened the door, only to find the room empty. He went to the bathroom, opened that door. No slut. He noted the bedroom window. The screen was up.

No fucking way.

The smile dazzled across his face. He leaned out. There were unmistakable scuff marks at the edge of the garden mulch where the trellis ended. Right where a clever little slut would land. Turning on his heel he bounded down the stairs.

“The squaw has escaped!” The men looked at him, then scrambled to their feet. Heading out the backyard, they gathered at a table that Kevin had set up on the back deck. He lifted his hand, waving it across the items there.

“All here to be used. You know the rules. Here’s the map with the layout of the property. Let’s go find us an injun squaw. Me horny. Me be big white chief Wannafuck.”

He pounded his chest. His friends shook their heads.

“You’re a fucking nutcase, you know that, right?” asked Wayne.

Mike and Sam studied the map that Kevin had created. Man, did that guy know how to set a scene or what, Sam mused to himself. He’d dabbled a bit in the BDSM scene, hitting a local club on occasion, but he’d never really felt a good fit there. But watching what his best friend had, well, wasn’t that a kick in the ass? From the outside, you’d never guess that they were “Master” and “slave-slut”.

But this? This just beat all.

He wondered if he would share his girlfriend. They’d been together for two years. Looking at Mike, he wondered how he’d feel, watching Mike do her. He felt the little surge in his cock.

Surely not!

Yet it was unmistakable, thinking about Mike, or Kevin, or any of them, catching her, fucking her…was a turn on.

“You coming, or you gonna stand here all fucking afternoon dreaming pussy dreams?”

“Fuck you.”

With a snicker, Mike punched him in the shoulder. “Thanks, but I’d rather fuck me a little Indian squaw. She’s way prettier than you, you ugly bastard.”

The two headed off, bickering, across the back lawn, heading for the woods.

“I’m going to circle around the perimeter,” said, Wayne, grabbing a spoon and shoving it into his back pocket.

Kevin saluted him. He wondered if any of these ‘city boys’ would find her. The thought made him grin. If he found her, he’d grab her, drag her home, and fuck her in bed. Waiting and watching for all his friends to come in empty handed and dejected, only to find him layin in comfort, in his own room!

***   ***   ***

They saw her hair first, the gold glint catching the late afternoon sun. Quietly they separated, coming at her from two sides.

She fought, as her Master had warned them she might. Clawing and screeching at them, she pulled and tugged. Already pieces of her dress lay on the ground, one tit hanging free.

It was an enticing tit.

Standing and facing them, she narrowed her eyes. Lifting her hand to her breast, she held in the smile as her finger touched her nipple, causing it to tighten. Their eyes followed the movement. Quick as a rabbit, she darted to the left and ran around them.

In the end, might overcame guile, and  she was forced to her knees, there in the mucky verge of lake and shore. Her arms were bound tightly behind her, her hair held in a fist, as he slapped her face to gain access to her mouth.

Mike rammed his cock between her lips, making her gag and cry around the thick hardness of his shaft. Sam was stroking his cock through his jeans, his eyes watching the scene unfolding. It didn’t take long for Wayne to arrive, panting.

“Whoa.” He gasped, stopping with his hands on his knees, looking at their prize. “Fuckin’ A…what a picture that would be, eh?” He’d always toted around a camera, although not today. Dammit.  He was picturing his cock shoving up into her pussy, the tight wetness grabbing at his dick. It’d been a while since he’d gotten laid.

Minutes after Mike unloaded down her throat, as Sam took his place and began face-fucking her, Joe and Kevin arrived. Kevin watched his slut-wife taking it in the face. By the looks of things, she was pretty fucking turned on. He wondered if his friends had noticed the thin trail of juice on her inner thigh.

She was such a fucking slut, living out her darkest fantasy. He smiled.

“Did our little princess give you any trouble?” he asked.

“Fought like a fuckin’ wildcat, but,” and Wayne waved his hand towards her, showing off his bindings. ” She’s got a good mouth, if you’re wanting a nice blowjob.”

“Thanks, but I have another hole in mind,” he said with a leering smile.

“I’m gonna cummmmm” Joe shoved his pelvis against her face, grabbing her head. She choked on his cock. He ground his belly against her lips for a second more, then pulled out and shot the rest of his sticky load on her face. She squealed as a salty wad hit her eye.

“Stings like a bitch, don’t it, squaw?” He laughed, then aimed a gobbet of spit between her spread knees. Gross.

She was jerked to her feet, untied, and dragged back towards the house. Once, she managed to pull free, but they recaptured her and tugged her along by nipple and hair. She moaned, she cried, but to no avail.


He slicked his cockhead with her pussy juice, and began feeding it into her asshole.  Joe held her bent over his lap, her mouth on his cock. She grunted and whined as her backdoor was penetrated, making Joe gasp with the pleasure.

His cock was rock hard by the time Kevin was buried in her asshole.

“Stand her up,” he ordered.

She grunted as he hooked his arms around her belly, pulling her close. He walked her a step closer to the coffee table.

“Put your fucking foot up there,” he ordered. She complied instantly.

Her pussy opened up, and Joe wasted no time pressing his cock into her wet hole. Her head fell back onto her Masters shoulder as her second hole was filled. She’d never had two cocks inside of her at the same time. It was a strange, yet incredible feeling.

And then they began to fuck her.

Cocks slipped and slid in and out of her and she was lost. The pain in her ass, mitigated by the pleasure in her pussy, began to transmute into deep, incredible lust. The orgasm slammed her hard, and she shuddered as they continued moving inside of her.

Joe grabbed her face and kissed her hard as her pussy clamped down on his cock, even as Masters fingers began tugging and squeezing her nipples. Pain danced with pleasure.

She felt so full. So fulfilled. So slutty.  So delirious with lust.

Time stood still, then fractured around her as she came again, harder than the first time.

“Oh FUCK” yelped Joe, “she fuckin’ pissed on me!”

“Squirted. Not piss.” Her Master growled, his own orgasm almost there. The feeling of her body gripping his shaft, of the second cock rubbing at his through that thin and flexible membrane, and the heat, the incredible heat of her.

They came moments apart. She swore she felt it, the filling of her ass and pussy, although she was limp and spacey when they pulled out and folded to the floor as one. Before she could do more than catch her breath, she was pulled to the coffee table.

“My turn, little lady,” purred Wayne. She blinked. Of them all, his was the most immense cock she had ever seen. She groaned as he pressed his cock against her pussy.

“Too big,” she whispered.

“nah…if you can pop a kid out of this thing, you can take this.” He stroked his hand down the length of his tool. “I’m gonna fuck you like you have never been fucked before. Like a slut. Like a whore. Cum, don’t cum, I don’t care. But I’m gonna blow such a fuckin’ load in your belly you’ll feel it coming out your fuckin ears.”

He was such a crude bastard, and yet, his words spurred a rush of dirty and dark pleasure inside her mind. Wasn’t this her fantasy? To be used, to be a hole?

He pressed into her. With a pop and groan, he fitted the head of his cock inside of her. She felt stretched to the brim, yet there was still the thick, hard length of him to go inside of her. She didn’t think she’d ever had anything this big inside her pussy before; she’d always resisted being fisted by her Master. This cock was easily as big.  He pressed, she whimpered. He surged suddenly, pressing hard up into her, up against her cervix. She felt the throb of his cock, his heart beat against her as he leaned down on her.

His dark eyes bored into hers.

“Gonna fuck the fuck outta you.”

He pumped into her, stretching her, his crinkly pubic hair grinding against her clit and pussy lips with every hard, slamming stroke. His hips battered against her belly, and she began grunting as if taking a beating.  Her pussy grabbed his cock, fitting to him; unbelievably, waves of pleasure began rippling through her and she felt the orgasm building.

She arched, screaming as she came, her pussy squeezing his cock so hard she swore she could feel his every vein. He pulled out and slammed back inside her clutching hole, extending her cum, making her writhe wildly, shoving her hips up to meet his thrust.

His cock shot great fountains of sex potion into her cunt. Her pussy was sore and raw, quivering with the effects of so many fucks, so many orgasms.


She woke to the sound of clinking.

“To kid games, grown-up style!”

“Here, here!”

“Fuckin’ A!”

“Jersey Boyz rule”

“To Indian sluts”

She smiled to herself as she fell back to sleep. Men will be boys, she thought.


Epilogue 1

She woke up slowly.  Masters friends would be leaving today. It was so quiet in the house. Rolling over she looked at the clock.

It was noon!

Apparently 3 days of rampant non-stop sex with 5 men was exhausting. She slid from the bed, and headed slowly downstairs.  Her body ached, she was covered in hickey’s, bruises and bites. The thought of the disaster that awaited her downstairs almost made her cry.

She stopped and stared in amazement. The living room was pristine. With her mouth agape, she went into the kitchen. Like the living room, it was clean as a whistle.  The counters gleamed, the floor sparkled. The trash was gone, and every surface was clutter-free.

She shook her head, wondering if she’d slept her way into an alternate universe.

A crystal vase sat on the table, with a clutch of wildflowers in it. A note was propped up against it.

slut, headed to the airport with the guys. Take a nice long bath and relax. you’ve earned it.


Holding the note against her chest, she closed her eyes and smiled. They’d made her fantasy, reality. She doubted she’d ever been more used, in more craven ways than even she could have imagined. Fucked, and spanked, tied and pinched, she ached deliciously, everywhere. She headed upstairs for a long, soaking bath.

Epilogue 2

They one-shoulder man-hugged at the airport. Talking and laughing they presented quite a picture, these 5 handsome men.

“So, it’s agreed?”

There was nodding, “yes’s,” and fist bumps. The first annual “Cowboys and Indian Festival” had been a huge success.  They could hardly wait until next year.

Waving, they headed off to their various gates, as Kevin turned and headed home.