Slapped, Beaten, Fucked HNT 1/12/12

i’d asked Him to be rougher with me. It’s partly my fantasy, to be treated roughly, and partly because i want Him…to be happy.

He’s been doing this for a long time, this D/s stuff…and i…i’m insecure. He’ll laugh and do an eyeroll over that sentence. Because it is so true. i want, desperately, to please Him.

He tells me, at the end of our time together, as we lay entwined on the bed, talking,  that i do. It is balm to my spirit. i know He’s played rougher than rough, way before He got mixed up with this vanilla-nilla slut…

He says there is not much He’s not done. And that i’ve not even come close to the darkside He’s played on. That we’re taking babysteps, for me.

i’m in no rush.  i only want to please Him, as much as He pleases me.

Trust me, His “babysteps” are pretty intense. Good, rough, painfully intense.

Did i say “good”? Oh, so fucking delightfully, torturously divinely wonderful.

He uses me hard this day. From the moment we enter the room, He is on me. No kissing, no hugging. Instead,  He captured my arms, immobilizing me, then capped that with a ball-gag. He pulled me out of the “safe zone” (the bathroom! LOL) over to the chair where He put his bags…and i stared, openmouthed as he turns with the gag in his hand.

Which made it pretty easy for him to shove it into my shocked and surprised mouth! He laughed. Considering that i’d fought Him restraining my arms (and was easily subdued) this gagging of the nilla was pretty remarkably fast.

Coz, of course, He took full advantage of my shock.

We’d only *just* walked in the door, people. I had just moments to pee. I was leaning towards the mirror, freshening up when He came in and grabbed me.

This was out of the norm. This wasn’t how we *usually* do things. This was not like any other time together. It was hard, and rough and raw.

So there i am, bound with my arms behind my back, gagged, and staring at Him in a mix of lust and shock. WTF is going on here? Knowing that i have no control over how He chooses to use me, to fuck around with me…pushes me into the submissive zone. It didn’t take much time at all to change a smart-assed, mouthy slut into a full-on submissive….cuffs and a ball gag are pretty effective tools for that.

With a hard jerk He yanks my sweater up over my head, then my bra. Arms behind me, i am defenseless to protect my tits. Of course, they are HIS tits…now more than ever.

And He hits them, hard.Tops, sides, undersides, nipples. Squeezes them, mauls them, then hits them again.  i don’t know for hours what it was He was using (until later, when He told me it was the FSCT)….and  it sure as hell hurt! (i loved it, too…then again, i’m bad that way)

Soon, i’m on the bed, and He’s thrust some sort of bolster under my elbows, so that my arms are pulled fully behind me and i’m unable to move, face down on the bed.

Alternating between beating the fuck out of my ass (geebers He hits *hard*), and tickling my feet, i’m not sure which is worse. Just when i think i can’t stand it, am moaning and groaning through the ballgag (and drool. so much fucking drool)…i pull my feet up (as aisha said in her post…”like that’s gonna help”…!! ) which He takes for an offering.

Truly i’m between a rock and a hard place.

Time stands still. There is no sense of anything other than the torment of my feet and ass. Pain and giggles. OUCH OUCH and guffaws. He rams his fingers between my toes and i’m helpless to do anything other than gasp and writhe…and then He follows that up with a hard long “drive” of his fingers from heel to toes (ohgods that one *destroys* me.)

i’m so ticklish.

He lets me pull my feet away, and in seconds…WHAM back to beating my ass He goes. Ass.  Thighs.  Calves. Down one side, up the other, with multiple strikes on the same fuc—darned — spots He’s already hit.

Until my feet pop up like their going to offer  protection to my ass…and He goes to work on my toes, again.

Eventually, maybe an hour or more later, He relents, and releases me. i’m drooly, aching already. And i’ve not had an orgasm even yet. Not for days n days and days…

and i


i’m drooling from my pussy, too.

i lay there on the bed, and i’m a mess. Just like in my post the other day. My carefully brushed hair looks like birds were roosting there. There are tangles, and knots and drool and snot…okay some tears too…

He looks at me, laughs, and sez…”Geeze nilla, you’re a mess!”

Yeah. Thanks Master.

(of course He HAD to take a pic and preserve the memory…


Later, after pictures, after getting about a dozen million orgasms…i’m put, firmly, on the Wall.

For fucking EVAH!

my feet are throbbing in my shoes, and He’s been torturing my nipples with clamps and flicking them (man, that Guy is a champion flicker! MEGA owies!).

He says he’s going to the bathroom.

Why don’t i ever learn? i wait a few minutes for the fake out. Sure enough, a few more sly flicks on my nipples, as i stand, wrists cuffed behind my back, forehead to the wall. Sure they startle me. Sure i jump a mile. But eventually (i assume) He’ll be in the bathroom and i can get some relief.  At last, there is no sound, nothing but the football game. Keeping my forehead on the wall, i slither down to where the giant tv console is on the wall, making a nilla-sized corner. Bracing my head there, i lift my left foot off the floor, wiggling my toes.


“What the fuck are you doing over there?” He says, his voice ..affronted. “That is not where I put you.”

Another swat, another hiss of pain from the stunned slut.

Get back over *here* where I had you” he orders curtly.

Rut roe.

Giving me a few more whacks to the ass for my temerity…i’ve learnt my lesson.

Stand. Stay.


Later we play a little game. We’re laying on the bed, He’s 3/4 on top of me.

Leaning down, He kisses me soft and tenderly. Then looking at me, our eyes locked, He slaps me.

Does that shock you?

It did me.


It was pretty fucking hawt.

And hell yes, they were hard slaps. i couldn’t move, my head pinned down by Him laying on my hair, my arms held by the wrists in his grasp.

“Kiss me” he orders. “soft and sweet”

and i stretch as far as my arms and hair will let me, and He kisses me…then slaps me again.




My head is spinning, and his moves from assaulting my cheek to my pussy, which is swollen, throbbing.

“You little cunt,” He says, and inside i shiver…it is so fucking dark and dirty to be called a cunt…and it never fails to excite.

“Your cunt is *soaked*….”

Yeah, i’m a dirty little girl like that.