Coffee Break

They met, as they often did, at their favorite coffee shop. She slid into her seat, back to the door, facing Him.

She savored the kiss of their eyes meeting. When He nodded, she rose and proffered her lips. He bit gently, then kissed robustly. With a giggle and a blush, she found her seat again.

She stared at Him adoringly for a minute, her bottom lip tingling where his teeth had teased her, and felt an answering tingle between her legs. He could read her easily, and knowingly quirked an eyebrow at her, inciting more giggles. He knew she was a horny little slut.

“So, Master,” she began, grinning.

“So, slut,” He responded, as He often did.

She noted the man sitting at the table directly behind them, as he shifted in his seat. Was he turning his head a bit to listen to their conversation? She wondered for a moment if he’d heard her say “Master” or if it was the “slut” that had caught his attention. His body posture indicated eavesdropping.

She blushed, and tried to signal Master that the man behind them was paying more attention to them, than to his own laptop.

Master repeated, ignoring her.

“So, what, slut?”

With an eyeroll and a deepening of her blush, she dropped her voice. “About that text…” she began.

“Text? Which text would that be, slut.”

Was it her imagination, or was He speaking just a bit louder than normal, she wondered. It embarrassed her greatly when He did that. Yet, as his collared submissive, and His slut, she knew she needed to just suck it up.

It was these random acts of Dominance that always threw her into a tizzy. He owned her. She got that. But gosh it was way easier to be owned when they were behind closed doors!

“You know. That text.”

He didn’t reply, just cocked His head. Oh, the bastard! He just wanted her to stutter it out. She sighed inwardly. He drove her crazy when He did that.

“The text about…” she swallowed. The quirky grin on His face both charmed and annoyed her. “…about…Your…friend.”

“I have many friends, slut.”

He was going to make her say every fucking bit of it. Dammit!

Her voice dropped lower, as if to compensate for His getting louder. There was a flurry of noise from behind the counter, and she leaned forward.

You know, Master…your friend that You met for a drink the other day? The one that You want me…”

The man behind her Master half turned in his seat, bending to reach something in his briefcase on the floor. She was distracted, and wished she’d taken a moment to get some tea before she’d sit down here.


He took her hand in his, a seemingly casual and sweet moment between a couple, at least to the casual eye. His smile was her warning, as His thumb and middle finger pinched down on her middle finger. She winced and gritted her teeth, willing herself to not squeak out loud.

It never worked, and in moments, little gasping sounds eked through her lips.

He released her hand, stroking along the top the way a lover would. She took the silent warning to heart, returning her full attention to Him.

the friend who” she paused, gathering breath. “You want me to suck his cock.”

“What? I wanted you to do what?”

He leaned back in his chair, even further away. Her cheeks were hot with embarrassment. If she spoke loud enough for Master to hear, the man behind her Master would certainly hear too! Maybe even the barista’s behind the counter, who always seemed to enjoy  their antics when they were together here, would hear.

Instead of whispering, she dropped her voice down an octave.

“Cock. You wanted me to suck it.”

He tapped His ear, though she knew full damn well He had to have heard her.

She shook her head, waved her hand in the air, as if to say nevermind. Like that would work. He loved to make her squirm.

“OH, did you say you would suck his cock, slut?”

The man behind them turned to face them. A smile slicked across his face.

“Are you two for real? I’ve heard of this…read it on the internet…but really, I couldn’t help but overhear.”

Her eyes closed and she wondered if she would fall through the floor, little molecules of herself oozing through the pores of the linoleum. Dear fucking Gawd.

She looked at the lemon cake in the display case. She looked at the artwork on the walls. She looked at Master’s fingertips.

“Answer the man, slut.”

Her eyes flitted up to His.

“yes Sir,” she whispered. She flicked a glance at the man.

“Yes, we’re ‘for real, a Master and His slut.”

Her eyes dropped to the tabletop again and her face flamed. It seemed she would never get used to saying that out loud in public. Despite the seeming appearance of Vanillaville, they really were a D/s couple and Master had no issue of reminding her of that.

“So, if I appealed to your Master, He’d make you…” there was a pause as if he were thinking, but she saw the sly smile when she looked up at him.

Her mind went blank. He wouldn’t.

“If I asked Him to loan you to me for a blowjob?”

She looked to Master. He looked at her blandly. Oh Gawd. He expected her to answer?

“i …i don’t know what Master would choose for me to do. You’d have to ask Him.”

In her head she chanted ‘don’t don’t don’t don’t’ as she tried to assess whether the guy would actually make such a request of her Master. And what Master would say in response.

“So, Your slut will perform sexual acts at your whim?”

Master nodded.

“So…is her mouth available? Ideally, I’d love to fuck her, but a blowjob is really all I have time for. I have an appointment in an hour.”

“That is more than enough time for such a talented mouth.”

She blinked.

“Go to the bathroom slut. The men’s room. Service just as I would expect from you.”

She was shaking as she rose to her feet. She could hardly believe this was happening. He had never shared her before. And now He was going to send her into a room with a stranger?

“I think 12 minutes should cover it. Let’s not take longer than that.”

She wasn’t sure if He was talking to her or the man. Mutely she walked towards the mens room, hearing the rustle of clothing that indicated that he was following her there.

At least the room was clean, she thought to herself as she knelt on the tile floor. The cock in her face was already half-hard; the swollen knob of it brushed her lips and she opened them slightly, using her tongue to circle around the head, the sensitive pee hole. She thought of the texts Master had sent her this week, teasing and tormenting her. About sharing her with His best friend. About a three-some. About being the filling in a Dom sandwich.

With an inward sigh, she  resigned herself  to serving her Master’s will. Better than that…she would make Him so proud of her! He knew that she loved to suck cock, loved the taste and weight of a hard dick in her mouth.  She would suck this guys cock, give him the best blowjob of his life, and earn her Master’s approval.  Besides, He’d spoken before about loaning her out. She’d thought that the first time would be with his friend, but perhaps this was a trial run?

Besides, she considered,  this may well be a chance to practice and impress Master’s friend when they met him in several weeks.

She pressed her head forward, keeping her lips taut, blowing and lapping at the little bit of head. As his hands tangled in her hair and pressed her forward, she opened her mouth and let his cock fuck into her mouth.

Then suddenly she lost control of the situation, and he began pumping hard and deep into her mouth. She’d thought she was in charge of giving him a blowjob, but apparently he’d decided a good facefuck was more to his liking.

She was helpless to protest, with 7 inches of cock buried in her mouth. She swallowed back bile, taking his dick into her throat, focusing on relaxing her muscles and letting him use her. And use her he did, fucking her fast, fucking deeply between her spread lips, mashing her nose with every hard thrust, scrubbing her chin with his  pubic hair.








Each staccato word matched a hard thrust. Quickly,  she unbuttoned her over shirt, pulling her cami down and exposing her tits. In seconds, the cock slipped from her mouth and pumped semen across her exposed tits, her throat, her cheek. He wiped the tip across her lips.

“Button up. Don’t wash that. Want you to remember me when it dries and itches you. Slut.”

He said the last word with a hint of amazement.

“Slut, fucking slut.”

He took her by her arm, lifting her to her feet, pushed her out the bathroom door. On wobbly legs, she made it back to the table, and sat heavily.

Master looked up from his laptop.

“Nine minutes and 36 seconds. Impressive as hell.”

The man settled behind them, returning to his computer as if nothing had transpired.

Master closed his laptop.

“Hotel is ready, time to go, slut.”

Mutely she rose and followed Him out the door.


The hotel was fabulous. The waterfall and pool in the lobby was like something from a storybook. The atrium was two stories high, covered with glass, letting the sky in. Trees, flowers, mosses, and rocks made the area seem more like an exotic forest glade, rather than a hotel in the middle of the City.

Master found her gazing into the pool where silver and orange koi swam lazily. Circling her waist with His hand and giving it a pinch, He ushered her along to their room.

In silence they entered the elevator, though He kept His hand up under her skirt, pinching her ass. It heightened the feeling of ownership as she felt His fingers biting their way up around her right cheek.

On the third floor they exited, and walked down to their room. She went into the bathroom to prepare, as He set his toybag on the bed.  She was dressed and seated on the bed, hands cuffed behind her when there was a knock on the door.

Another surprise?

She shot him a worried look.

He opened the door, inviting someone in with a wave of His hand.

“slut, I want you to meet Eric, my best friend.”

Her mouth dropped into an “o” of shock.

They grinned at her, two intensely handsome men, well-pleased with themselves.

He was the man from the coffee shop.