Seedlings (3)

She slept, as the first tendrils slipped up between her sheets, seeking. She slept, as those first tendrils, and then, more, began lacing around her ankles, twining up her legs.

She twitched as she felt a tickle along her calf. Still mostly asleep, she attempted to rub her right foot against her left leg. Something was tickling, perhaps a fold in her blankets.

Her foot did not move. Nor did her arm as she moved, attempted to move, the blankets from around her. She blinked, coming awake.  It was deeply dark in her room, and the air was humid and warm. She wondered if she had forgotten to turn down the thermostat.  Likely she had, she’d been so tired when she went to bed.

Which meant that she was probably sweating under all her blankets.

Again she tried to move her feet, her hands.

Nothing moved. Maybe she was still asleep, and dreaming. She did that sometimes. Usually she dreamt of animals…beavers that spat at her and tried to attack, mice that attacked beavers, bees that she rode upon. She felt something move up around her knee. It had to be one of those dreams…

“HEY!” she yelped. There was definitely something there. She remembered last summer when she’d had that ant invasion, and had ants in her bed. That had freaked her the fuck out. Maybe she had some sort of insect in bed with her.


She wiggled but to no avail.

There were little pinches against her skin. “OUCH” she yelped. It felt like a…a thorn. It was digging into her, hard. There was a burning ache where it was pressing into her skin, and then just a feeling of heat.

Feelings surged through her. She had flashes of sex…bodies tangled, cum-and-sweat slicked skin sliding together.  The feelings came as fast as memories.

A fist in her hair.

Of being tied down that time with Tony, and being fucked hard.

Of being licked on her pussy, until she came in a froth of sex-juice.

She felt a tickle along her pussy, and more burning pricks along her legs. And then a probing.

Whatever it was, it was pressing against her lower lips, feeling like a coil slicking through the sudden burst of moisture all those memories had flushed from her.

Her clit was throbbing like crazy, and she had the urgent need to fuck.

This was crazy! She was having an awake sex dream, about bondage, and she couldn’t wake up enough to get her dildo and fuck herself.

The probing between her thighs grew more insistent. Shaking her head she opened her eyes. There was a distinct green glow across the room where her compost box was, and a long slither of glow along her floor and up the side of her bed.

What the fuck was going on here?

She shook her head, and pulled frantically with arms and legs. Her left wrist snapped free, and she flung back the blankets. There was a coil of green around her wrist and she looked closer at it.

A stem?

Looking down her body she saw a multitude of glowing green stems wrapped around her legs, pulling them apart. She felt and saw the slithering vines wrapping around her waist, growing faster than her eyes could see, tendrils separating and growing, encasing her.

Even now it was reaching for her tits, while she felt continued probing at her pussy.


She was dreaming. Another sharp pinch made her yelp. The thing was…adhering to her.


She yelled into the room but knew there was no one there. Tossing her head she struggled to free her lower body. She reached to pull the plant, for that was surely what it was, from her belly, but more tendrils flipped around her wrist, pinning her arm to her body.

She watched as a tendril raised up between her spread thighs, as a wicked looking thorn grew out the side. Slowly it dropped to the top of her pubis, and she yelped as the ‘needle’ pierced her skin. There was a moment of intense vertigo, and then a wave of lust so intense she almost came then and there.

The fucking plant was drugging her!

A fat, green stalk emerged from a furled leaf, looking very much like an oversized piece of   asparagus.

It bent towards her exposed cunt, and she realized its intent. The thing was growing fatter, and drops of a dewy substance was leaking from the overlapping scales all along the top of the stalk.

Two more stalks were growing, rising and writhing, almost snake-like. Like the main stalk, these two also wept liquid from under their scales. She watched, able to see each one growing thicker, longer.

Thin vines had begun wrapping around her tits, tightening around them until those fleshy globes became engorged. Tiny  tendrils grabbed and wrapped around her large nipples, pulling them tight.

She arched, moaning, at the sudden pressure on her tits. As if this was an invitation, she saw the first stalk dip back down, and felt it press against her lower lips once again.

This time it was bigger. She felt the tip of the spear parting her, pressing upward. It was wet, slick with its dew, and rubbery. It pressed upward, upward. She shook her head no, but her body responded. Whatever the plant had injected into her, left her in a haze of sexual need.

She felt a second probing along her pussy. And the third. It was impossible to think that all three would attempt to fit inside of her vagina. She arched and wiggled and tried to close her legs, but the three stalks pressed inexorably upwards, stretching and filling her.

It seemed impossible, but she swore she felt them twining around each other, twisting and spiraling inside of her. There was a painful press against her cervix, then the incredible rush of sex need that always hit her when a partner fucked her that deeply. As if her womb was inviting them to pour seed into it, the pain and pleasure was so incredibly intense.

There was pressure against her clit and she knew that a tendril was wrapping around that tender nub of flesh. She was alive with sensation. Her skin felt slick, sensitive. Her tits throbbed, and her over-filled cunt ached.

The pinch inside of her caught her by surprise. The fucking thing had sprouted a thorn inside her! She panicked, imagining it ripping her apart. Her heart raced, her body shuddered as fear threaded through her. An icy sweat popped out.

Immediately there was a soft rush of feeling. The plant cradled her but did not crush her. She was stroked and squeezed.

It felt like…she was being comforted.

Her pussy screamed as the tangled stalks continued to auger up inside of her. They were still growing, as fat together now as a man’s fist.

The thorn scratched along inside of her, making her scream at the sudden pain.

For a moment the world stopped. She was in her cunt, the hot throbbing mess of it. Plant goo and blood intermixed.

The orgasm slammed her back into the bed, locking her in a rigor so intense she thought her bones would crack. She felt the spray of fluid from her pussy squirting out to wet her thighs, her cum soaking the bedsheets, and the vines wrapped around her lower limbs.

The plant went wild. Tendrils whipped and waved around her, wrapping around her throat, her face. Touches against her nose, her lips, her ears, as the vines exploded in growth.

The braided thickness pulled out from her, rubbing along her soaked slit, absorbing her juices, before thrusting back up inside of her. Her groan allowed a tendril to slip between her lips and coil around inside of her mouth, forcing her jaws open.

Her breath was ragged now, fear and lust dancing through her body. She had no idea how long she had been held this way.

A second orgasm hit her hard. Her screams rang out as the scene repeated, as the plant absorbed her liquid, then drove back up towards her womb.

The fullness inside of her throbbed. Or she throbbed from the fullness. But suddenly she was wet, as if she’d been sprayed from a hose. She felt it in her belly, the sudden sloppy wetness passing from the plants thickness, to slick down her asscrack and pool around her lower back.

She felt that thick wetness filling her belly. She felt heavy and languid with the juice of the plant oozing in to all the little thorn cuts, and with her own powerful orgasms.

She’d never had a dream like this before, was her last thought before she fell into a deep and dreamless sleep.


Mr. Wu paused, smiling,  as he puttered around the back of his shop. He was certain that Leeza’s curiosity would have caused her to plant all the seeds he had given her. One plant per pot would yield a lovely large pumpkin. Two together would engender something all together different. Only time would tell. He lifted his feather duster and went back to his task.


She woke slowly.  Blinking back the bleary morning, she stared at the face of her clock.


The little dot that illuminated at the “p.m.” time of day was lit. She’d slept the morning away? Geeze.  She’d had some sort of weird fucking dream, too. She sat up, blinking, feet dangling over the edge of the bed.

Naked, she went to the bathroom and peed. Absently she rubbed at a a scratch on her arm. Must’ve done that during all her planting yesterday. But it itched. She finished, and washed her hands. She had small dots on her arms, her tits, her belly.


She must’ve used Alex’s soap yesterday by accident. She was allergic to it, dammit. She sniffed at her skin. Hard to say, as she remembered sweating in the night. The cold snap must’ve broken.

She went into her room and turned on her grow light. No signs of sprouts yet, of course. Finding an old tee shirt, and some sweats, she padded barefoot into the kitchen. She was hungry!

She whipped up scrambled eggs, a pair of toast slices, spread thickly with butter and drizzled with honey. The teapot whistled as she finished her food, and she poured a cuppa, then walked to the window to look outside.

Fresh powder coated the view. Trees were painted with thick tufts of snow, and the sky was blue as Texas cornflowers. Fat clouds dotted the far horizon, and a cardinal zipped across the alley and into the pine tree that stood sentinel between the two neighboring properties.

Her tummy gurgled, and she rubbed it absently. She likely needed some ginger-root. She headed for the kitchen, only to sigh in dismay when she found the vegetable drawer empty.

Fucking Alex! Some snow bunny was gonna have one hella sore asshole before this weekend was out. Oh well, she didn’t mind walking in the snow. After her tea, she’d stump out and go visit Mr. Wu.


Somehow, after her big breakfast, she found herself headed back to bed. She fell instantly into a deep and dreamless sleep. She woke with her tummy gurgling.

Remembering her promise to herself to go for more ginger root, she reluctantly pulled on her sweats and top, although she didn’t remember taking them off prior to her nap.

On the walk to Mr. Wu’s a feeling grew between her thighs that she recognized as being totally horny.  Hopefully the walk to the Herb Shop would help quell that suddenly raging inferno down there. Outside, it was cool but not terribly cold. The sun, falling low in the sky in the late winter afternoon, set the snow to gleaming in shades of dusky purple, soft blue and even a twist of pink. The sky, it’s puffy clouds stretched along the horizon line, mirrored the candy colors of the snow below. She was pleased that she’d gotten out to see this ethereal beauty. The colors wouldn’t last more than a few minutes more; soon the sun would drop below the buildings to the west and darkness would pull itself up, covering this side of the world.

She hoped the boys were having a good time on the slopes. She was very much enjoying her time alone, although she did like their company. Likely one or both of them were shacked up after a few runs in the fresh powder, with Alex making full use of her purloined root. She smiled and shook her head wryly.

The lights began winking on as she walked down to the center of town. She enjoyed being one of a handful of sojourners out and about. The bell over the door jingled in welcome as Leeza stepped into the fragrant warmth of Mr. Wu’s shop.

He stepped out from behind the curtains before she could call to him.

“Leeza, back so soon, child?”

“I…need more gingerroot. My tummy is a bit funny, and the boys took the fresh root when then went skiing. I …think they were going to make homemade ginger ale.” She finished lamely.

“I see.” For indeed he did.

“So, you are unwell? Come into the back and let me examine you.”

“it’s…okay.” She acquiesced. Whenever she had a malady, he always had a therapy that seemed to work for her.  Why, he’d even knocked the flu down to 7 days instead of the usual 14-20, last winter.

Mr. Wu smiled his timeless smile. Under his robe, he felt a twitch. He went out through the curtain, and flipped the sign over the door to “Closed”,  locked the door, and turned off the store lights….he had more important work to attend to now.

Scooping a packet of herbs he’d prepared earlier, he passed back through the curtain.