HNT The Wall

Mid-afternoon, after being tickle-tortured, and spanked in equal measure…after being nearly drunk on pain and lust…after all of that, came the Wall.

Blindfolded, hands cuffed behind my back, i was helpless to stop the inexorable slip of the clamps from the edge of my nipple.

i’m still not certain whether He planned for this to happen, but,  as He’s told me before…He does nothing with me “by accident”.

And there was a clue in the somewhat insincere voice He used each time the clamp came off.

“oh, nilla, did that come off again? Gee, that must’ve hurt, huh?”

There  i was, dancing with the pain of both nipples…one from the incredible pinch as the clamp   s  l  i   d   off the teeny nubbin of flesh it was gripping…the other from suddenly bearing the full weight of both clamps and the weights.

Yes Master. It   fucking damn well hurt!!!

It was painful, oh so incredibly pinpointed, this pain….and yet….

It made me feel so….submissive, so very owned, so very His to play with as He chose.

And it was incredibly  erotic.

After a few “pop-offs”  He came up with an “idea” to help the clamps stay on….and stay they did…

Devious Sadist.

13 thoughts on “HNT The Wall

    • I can’t decide. Was it just pure luck it popped off? Cos it hurt like a bee-atch when He put it on, and it felt like it was just there on the very edge of skin…but i was blindfolded by then so who knows.

      He is devious enough to have “planned” it just for fun, yannoo?


      (It is ZNN, and Master is requiring me to sign all my posts this way. Coz, yanno, it embarrasses me a bit, AND reinforces in my head that i’m NOT gonna have an O until Friday around 930…Maybe)

    • all caps kind of ouch, yes indeed!!

      and yet, and yet…how i crave it.


      (as i said on your blog this a.m., it’s ZNN Day and Master is reminding me of that, and having the added enjoyment of embarrassing me…don’t we know which of us is the Master today…!)

    • oh, ha!

      i’m not certain if He invented it…or merely invented a reason to use all His pinchy toys…

      (Master is making me do this…it’s ZNN and He is reinforcing which of us has the Powah of the Pussy…and it’s not me.)

  1. just when I wish Master would use clamps on me….. than I see your post……. and …… then no f**cking way. i want no part of it 🙂


    • LOL…and then you’ll think about it again and …yes, the need for it builds and builds…He didn’t clamp me most of the first year we were together…and now? He is pretty sadistic about it. My nips hurt for several days after that…but it always made me smile when i brushed against something that made them ache…


      (Master is torturing me with embarrassment and ZNN..)

    • Thank you Bill…one of my favorite semi-corsets…


      (yes, it’s ZNN day and Master is rubbing it in AND giving me a dose of embarrassment, too. What a guy!)

    • LOL….this made me giggle…such a helpful Dom you are!


      (Master is making me sign every post this way coz it’s ZNN and He’s rubbing it in)

  2. Oh geeze! yeouch…. owie….
    Wolf pinched my nipples on Sunday and they are still tender. Can’t imagine how they’d feel if there were clamps involved. Nope! Not into that much pain….
    Love you!

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