Seedlings (4)

She wriggled on the stool in Mr. Wu’s back storeroom. She was so freaking horny! The room was warm, the lighting dim. So soothing. She rose and took off her coat, her scarf, her gloves.  It was even too warm in here for her sweatshirt. She pulled it over her head, and tossed it on the edge of the counter with her outerwear. Sitting in her exercise bra and sweatpants, she felt better.

Besides, this way Mr. Wu would be able to see her spots, and recommend a natural antihistamine to relieve them…although, come to think of it, they were not itchy.

She heard the soft whoosh of the curtain closing behind him. She loved the sound of the silk fabric, the shimmer and shine of it. She knew Mr. Wu’s long-dead wife had embroidered the dragon on it. She smiled at the man as he came into the small room. His cheerful face never failed to make her happy.

He showed her the packet of herbs.

“For tea. It will soothe your belly. I will brew the first pot, you watch me.”

She rose and stood beside him as he carefully scooped a rounded demitasse spoon of herbs, and slipped them into a tiny, fine-meshed bag. He drew the string tight, then wrapped the excess cording around the neck of the little bag.

“This will prevent the herbs from going into your tea; they taste bitter. Best to avoid that for now.”

As she watched him work, the teapot, which he had set upon the single hot plate, came to a boil.

He placed the bag into a fine china cup, and slowly poured the water over it. Pungent scents rose immediately. The tisane was a soft green-gold color.

“This will steep for 5 minute,” He held out his palm, all five fingers extended. She nodded.

“Then we remove bag without squeezing. Squeezing will  push out bitterness.”

She glanced at the clock on the wall, noting the time. 8:05.

“Mr. Wu, am i keeping you here too late?”

“You are my student. Teacher should make time for his most excellent pupil, yes?” She smiled at his response. He was always so sweet!

While waiting for the tea to brew, she spoke to him about her rash.

“I forgot and used Alex’s soap in the shower, i think. I hate the smell of it usually, but i was so tired that i just grabbed what was at hand. Now look at me!”

He traced a gnarled finger from her shoulder to her elbow. It made her shiver, that light touch, but also sent a sharp stab  straight to her clit. What the hell was wrong with her, that this kindly old man would rouse such…lust…between her throbbing pussy lips? She could feel the slow and steady ooze of juice leaking from her cunt.

She hoped he couldn’t smell her.

He looked at her face, into her mouth, and traced another finger down her spine, with the same results. It was as if his finger was drawing sex need out of the sky and painting her body with it through the tip of that one gnarled digit.

“You are cold?” he asked as she shivered again. Behind her back, he smiled a knowing smile. He understood that cold was the least of her issues just now.

“No, no actually i am very warm. Your touch just…tickled me a bit.”


He returned to touching her, or barely touching her. Under his loose-fitting pants, he felt an ancient stirring. The smile turned inward, as he came to face her.

“Tea will help.” He said, looking down at her. Moving to the counter, he deftly scooped the bag from her cup, sprinkled in a dash of powdered honey, and handed her the saucer.

She took a sip. It was hot and burned her tongue a bit but the taste was …amazing.

“mmmmmm…Oh, Mr. Wu, your tea’s are always so different. Interesting and flavorful…and good for me, too.”

Nodding, he turned away, and took the dripping bag to the sink. He rinsed it carefully, inside and out, and hung it over a peg to dry. As he set about tidying his area, he watched her surreptitiously  as she drank his concoction.

“Drink all,” he admonished, when she would have set it aside.

“Hot, it’s so…” Her voice was dreamy, vacant. She was deeply relaxed now, and her belly rumbled loudly. She giggled at the sound.

“I sound like a washing machine on “spin” cycle,” she said with a vapid giggle.

“You are feeling…hot? Where are you hot, my student?”

“Um,” and she twisted coyly on the stool. “Kinda in naughty girl places.”

He smiled knowingly.

“It is to be expected. I believe you are feeling very tired. Come, let us go upstairs to my apartment and you may sleep there tonight. It is too cold for you to be out and walking, and there is no one home to miss you.”

“Mmmmhhmm,” she cooed. “Boyz are still away. Won’t be home until tomorrow night.”


Mr. Wu took her arm and helped her make her way on wobbly weak legs to the small steps that twisted upwards to his small flat. Her tummy rumbled and she giggled. His arm came around her to support her, his hand resting just below her belly button.

At long last, the prophecy would be fulfilled, and he would finish his life-long task.

She was the beginning.