Seedlings (6)(fini)

verrah , verrah long….fair warning….here be dragons…and sweetness too….

He shrugged out of his silk jacket and pants. His sister sent him this same outfit every January, as a gift for the new Lunar Year.  Incongruously, under the fine Chinese silk  he wore thin white boxers that he bought at K-Mart.  They were comfortable, and inexpensive.  His cock had already leaked onto the front of the boxers, leaving a wet spot the size of  a dumpling. Quickly he shed those; folding the silk clothing, he placed them on the chair at the edge of the sleeping area, and placed the soiled boxers into the bamboo hamper in his tiny bathroom.

He stood in front of the toilet, coaxing urine from his body. He would  clear himself of any and all wastes  before he began. Earlier today he had cleansed his bowels, and eaten naught but rice, an offering to the dragon within him. If he were younger, he would have fasted; yet he knew he needed to maintain his strength for the ordeal to come.

Though he was considered ‘elderly’ by American standards, he was tough and strong. His body was wiry, and nearly devoid of hair, but for a small patch of white just above his penis.  His legs were strong, and not bowlegged.

After washing his hands, he headed to the kitchen for the second cup of tea. He looked at his Student as he passed through the sleeping room. She lay on the bed her body rippling with the effects of the tisane. Her body glistened with a fine sheen of sweat, looking golden in the dimly lit space.  Her flowering womb was leaking honey for him now, he could smell it in the air around her. She was ready for him.

His cock, semi-rigid, bobbed as he stepped into the small kitchen. It seemed his manhood was nearly ready, as well.  Taking up the teacup, he sipped. His eyes closed, and there was a sudden insistent throbbing in his testicles. His buttocks clenched, his toes curled against the cold linoleum floor.

He took another sip.

It felt as though he had swallowed lightning. His shaft flared into life, growing thick and hard. He’d always had a large penis, but now it was fully engorged for the first time in many years. A steady sticky stream of golden juice oozed through the slit at the top of his cock, the engorged head fat and bouncing with every heartbeat.

His hand shook when he lifted the second brush, and dipped it into the tisane.  A drop fell onto his cock making him grit his teeth. His cock grew harder. Thicker. Longer. He felt as if the skin would split he was so hard. Carefully he painted his shaft, from the base to the top, around the underside. He knew that painting the head of his cock would be the hardest part.

He held the cup under his testes and dipped them into it. The stream coming from his cock was turning into a river. His ass tightened, and he felt like he was on fire, burning from the inside out.

He needed to fuck!

He lowered the cup, and let the excess liquid drip back into it. Raising the cup again, he thought about just dipping the tip of his shaft into the elixir, but he could not. It would be too intense for him to withstand. Clenching his jaw with the effort, he stroked the brush from the base of the head up to the tip of his engorged cock. Each stroke brought intense sensation, increased the throbbing pulse he felt. His entire consciousness was focused on two things…the paintbrush and the head of his cock.

Over and again he painted that thick bulb. Arching his back in a spasm of intense need, eyes squeezed shut, he could hear the splatting of liquid being forced from his cock. It was both agony and ecstasy.

He thought of her, tied to his bed, open, wanton, waiting. His cock pulled him forward. He didn’t notice the teacup when it slipped from his fingers to shatter into a dozen and more pieces. His foot stepped into the small spill, and a shard of glass nicked his heel. The fluid seeped into his wound, soaking deep into his blood.  Heart thundering, he could only think now of that open gaping cunt, and the need to pound himself into it.

Gone was the thought of what lay buried within her awaiting  his enhanced semen. Gone was the thought of her as a young woman, almost a girl, laying helpless.  The drive of his testes, his cock lashed him onward.

He fell upon her like a ravening beast. His mouth and teeth latched onto one protuberant nipple as his cock found her slick hole. He was large now, very large. She was swollen, tight, holding the mystery within.

He would have to batter through her flesh to reap the rewards that he had worked a lifetime towards fulfilling.


She was barely aware. Intense sexual need took what little sense she had and thrust it down between her open legs. She wasn’t certain why her legs were open. She didn’t try to move, couldn’t move. The feeling of sex-need was too pervasive.

The bite on her nipple was pain and pleasure. The already persistent throbbing was suddenly swallowed and washed away with the sharp ravening against her tit. There was a probing between her thighs that was an answer to a question that she barely understood.


As if awakened by that one sibilant, hissing acquiescence, the beast that was knocking between her swollen cuntlips began battering. She wanted it.

Needed it.

“mooorrreee…” she breathed, the sound barely audible.

And a heartbeat later, it was inside. There was a jolt of pain as he crashed through her distended flesh, then a coo of joyful bliss as his thick hardness began thrusting up, higher, deeper into her belly.


Was she speaking or thinking? It didn’t seem to matter.

He answered her call and began thrusting.


He had never been this huge. Never had the feeling that his heart was lodged firmly in his dick.  Withdrawing, and pressing onward, much as a Samurai would when fencing with  an enemy, he slowly gained ground.

At last, his belly pressed against hers, their pubic bushes rubbing together. Her head was thrown back, mouth agape, as she sucked in air like a drowning victim. For a moment, he felt two heartbeats, his own, and hers, meeting there, where his cock pressed hard against her cervix.

Then the beast rose inside of him, and he began fucking her in earnest. He was not a gentle tender lover, but a dragon, seeking release. His cock began to batter her insides, roughly taking her to places he had only dreamt of. His head floated with scenes and sensations. How many generations of ghosts fucked with him between her tender, pale thighs?

He fucked her past the point of pleasure, and still he fucked. His cock thrust and speared into her fertile belly. The belly which had been prepared for him just  a day ago, and lay in wait of that final offering, his fertile sperm.

His gnarled fingers grasped her large tits, the nipples like hot rocks against his palms. He saw tears on her face, but pressed on. Watered by her spirit, his lust grew deeper.

At long last, his testicles began to gather. He felt the preparations along his shaft, the teasing tickle, the tightening, as if his body were the bow and the dragon was pulling him taut.

His arrows sprang free, boiling from his body and steaming up into her open belly. His brutal pounding had softened her, opened her, and his semen was propelled deeply up and into her womb, where it was received by what lay waiting to be fertilized.

Gasping, he collapsed onto her. For good or naught, it was done.


She woke in her own bed. It was once more just past noon. She blinked at the sun shining brightly through the living room window, and slanting across the floor into her room.

She felt marvelous. Her pussy was a bit sore, but she thought she remembered masturbating last night before she fell asleep.  With a last feline stretch, she slid from her bed. She turned on the grow light.

No sprouts yet. Still, it was only day two.  Idly she rubbed her belly. Whatever Mr. Wu had given her the evening before had soothed that beast. Padding into the bathroom, she peed. She noted her urine was a greenish hue. Weird. Likely something in that tea he’d given her.

Heading into the kitchen, she turned on the teapot. She saw the packet of herbs propped up against her cereal box. She didn’t remember doing that, but then again, she’d been very relaxed when she came home. Come to think of it, she didn’t really remember coming home, either.

Another yawn and stretch, then turning, she peered into the cabinets. Nope. She didn’t want cereal. Didn’t want eggs. Or bacon, though the thought of that was somewhat appealing.

She reached up for her favorite mug with one hand, rubbing her tummy with the other. The teapot whistled, and she poured her first cuppa. What she really wanted was a steak. Thick and juicy, and barely cooked. The thought of it made her mouth water. Max grilled a wicked steak, but she had no idea what time he and Alex would return from their ski-cation.

Sipping at her tea, she decided to go out to a breakfast place she knew that served steak and eggs. It wouldn’t be near as bloody as she wanted but right now, she’d take it.

She dressed quickly and headed outside. It was nippy and the wind was teasing her hair. Puffy clouds scudded across an almost painfully blue sky. The land lay in soft, white folds, full of blue shadows and the brilliant dazzle of ice-diamonds.  A jay called raucously from the hedge as she passed; a flurry of sparrows chittered in the pine.  Cars shwooshed by, their tires throwing up beads of wetness from the roads.

She slid into a booth inside the warm restaurant. The smells of fresh cooking foods, and the pungent tang of overheated coffee made her stomach clench. The waitress came by, and she placed her order, urging the girl toward speedy service.

A cup and teapot arrived at the table, and she pulled the homemade teabag from her coat pocket. It wouldn’t be quite as good as what she could make at home, but it would suffice.

She was staring idly out the window, foot tapping impatiently against the post that bolted the table to the floor. She felt a presence at her table. Looking up, expecting the waitress, she was pleasantly surprised to find Mr. Wu smiling down at her.

“good morning my Student.”

“Mr. Wu!” She didn’t think she’d ever seen him outside of his store before.

“I would be honored if you would join me, Sir.”

He slid into the booth with a genteel inclination of his head. They chatted while they waited for her meal to arrive. He declined having anything more than hot water for his own tea, but he talked to her while he watched her consume her meal.

She didn’t think she’d ever had a steak for breakfast before. It was the best meal, ever.

Mr. Wu slid a piece of paper across the table to her. Wordlessly she questioned him with her gaze, but he nodded for her to open it. It was an invitation to a party.

4 February, 2012

Year of the Dragon Party

“You will come.”

She wasn’t certain if it was an order or a question. But she knew that she wouldn’t miss it for the world. An authentic Chinese New Year celebration? Hellya!

“It is my honor to attend, Mr. Wu.”

He smiled and nodded, then slipped nimbly from the booth. There seemed to be a robustness about him today. She smiled and waved goodbye as he left.


There were not many people at the party. A dozen or so elderly men, and their wives. She was the only non-Chinese person there, and was by far the youngest.

She had been feeling unwell all day, but had a strong compulsion to be out of the house. Alex had planned an in-house date with the snowbunny he’d tangled with last weekend on his ski trek, and Max was headed out with his buddies to some kind of special football party.

Although she’d dressed nicely for the party, when she arrived at his shop, Mr. Wu had pressed a package into her hands, and bid her to please accept his gift, and to wear it to the party.  The few guests were spread through his shop. They nodded and smiled encouragingly at her as she went upstairs and dressed in his bathroom.

The silk felt cool and lovely against her skin. She was feeling hot today, and she hoped it was not the onset of the flu. Sipping at the cup of tea he had passed to her as she went upstairs, she felt the onset of calm complacency.  Her nipples rose and were visibly poking out the front of the dress, yet it didn’t really seem to matter all that much. The crimson silk clung to her curves, and flowed over her legs with every whispering step. The dragon was embroidered in such a way that the tail wrapped around her waist and lower legs, while the head passed up and over her shoulder as if to devour her left breast.

She slipped on the silk slippers, and let her hair out of the more casual ponytail she’d arrived in. The red outfit drew highlights from her lush chestnut hair. She barely believed it was her, looking at herself in the mirror over the sink.

She finished the tea, and decided to pee since she was up here. Again, it was green. She kept meaning to ask him about that.

By the time she was downstairs, a languor had settled through her. She smiled, and listened to the different music. There was the sound of fireworks popping off outside, and the quiet murmur of voices speaking around her.

“It is time.” Mr. Wu was taking her hand, and drawing her upstairs. Obediently, she lay back upon the bed. He drew the silk garment up, baring her pussy, but she only smiled, lost in a dream-like contentment.

He quickly threaded her arms through silk cord nooses that he had prepared earlier. He tightened them to restrict some, but not all movement. As he prepared the girl, his guests began filtering upstairs.

A ripple along her belly and a soft ‘oh’ was greeted by the guests with a collective, in-drawn breath. Her head drew back and she moaned deep in her throat. The watchers leaned forward a bit, eager.

A long green coil slipped from between her folds. It was joined by another, and another, all growing fast. Twining about her legs, and growing up her torso, the vines grew thick and heavy.

She was panting now. There was an opening between the vines, an opening that led straight from her womb. Her belly rippled, and she groaned. Her fingers bit into the rope that held her hands cuffed over her head, and pulled as she strained and pushed at her confinement.

She screamed, punching the room with the sudden sound, as a large, ovoid object began pressing out of her hole. At first, only the tip was visible. More pressure, more pulling from the vines to open her further. Soon the full thickness of it was pressing right at the edge of her opening. With a sudden twisting surge, it was out. It came with a gushing rush of green fluid, soaking the bed between her spread thighs.

She was crying, but no one took note. Every eye was focused on the bud that had appeared. The end of it was still rooted inside of her; yet the bulbous bud continued to grow and swell.

For a moment, perhaps two, it seemed that nothing was happening. Breath was held, silence quivering in the room, and then a gasp as, soundlessly, the bud began to peel open.

The flower was large, and intensely pink. The giant chrysanthemum covered her entire pussy; petals opened from thigh to thigh.

“Soon…” Mr. Wu crooned.

In minutes the flower went to full beauty to the end of its life-cycle. It transformed from pink to red over several heartbeats. Brown began to tinge the outer petals, and in the center of  the flower, seeds began to form. Little spikes drove up from that center, each bearing a cluster of seeds. Each seed transformed from green to brown, dried and hardened.

As the flower folded in upon itself, Mr. Wu reached out, and gave a gentle tug. It came away from the stem easily. Reverently he gathered the seeds into his palms. Passing around the room, he offered one to each person there.

The year of the Dragon promised immortality if one carefully nurtured the seeds of life.

Reverently, they ate.


Max and Alex looked at her with wide grins as she danced across the living room. She carried a sheet of paper and waved it over her head in jubilation.

“I GOT IN I GOT IN I GOT IN!” she yodeled. For several years she’d been trying to get into veterinarian school, but there was always more students than openings available for them.

This seemed to be her lucky year.


She stopped by Mr. Wu’s shop. She couldn’t wait to tell him that, with his encouragement, she’d finally been accepted at one of the best schools in the country. Her dreams of being a vet were becoming reality.

She stared at the front of the shop.

It was blank. She knew she’d not stopped by for a few days but what the fuck was going on here? She propped her hands on the window peering inside.

“OH, he’s gone honey.” Startled, she whipped around. A woman stood there, holding a “For Sale” sign and a hammer.

She blinked. Surely she would have heard about his ….passing…

“He…he’s….dead?” she asked, feeling tears burn her eyes.

“Oh, hell no. The old geezer finally got it in his mind to go live with his daughter down in San-Fran. But he said if I ran into you, to give you this.” She pulled an envelope from her jacket pocket. It was elegantly designed, with the logo of a flaming dragon on the front.  In his beautiful calligraphy, he had written “Student”.

How very apropos, today of all days.

“Thank you.” Distracted, she took the envelope, and walked home. Why would he leave without telling her? It was all so …. weird. She shook her head.

At home, she went to her room, subdued. Closing her door, she sat on her bed and let the tears fall. Her little garden was brimming with life, tomatoes already several inches tall. This was her best start year ever, and it never failed to soothe her spirit, to come in here and see the perseverance of nature to survive.

She opened the envelope, after a little cry. Wiping her eyes and blowing her nose, she still felt a sense of bereavement and loss.  Inside the envelope was a single sheet of paper, and a smaller packet. She shook it.


Of course.

She smiled and read his note.

Student, I have decided to accept my daughters urgent pleas to move in with her family. I am old, and tired. You have been my best student.

The dragon smiles upon you, little one.




She was 32 years old and finally finished with school, licensing boards, and internships. After a long, long journey, she had moved from the city to the country, and hung out her veterinarians shingle.

She served a large county, and spent a decent amount of time on the road attending to cows and horses, and even the occasional llama. She spent even more time caring for the dogs and cats and ferrets and all the other pets that came to her office. Since her office was part of a large barn which was part of the house and fields she’d purchased, it was more than convenient to go to work each day.

Today was a rare day off. Thus far, on this summer Sunday morning, she’d had a leisurely cup of tea, read a chunk of the paper, and fed the animals currently boarding with her.

Deciding that the house was too limiting a place to spend a gorgeous morning, she slipped on her sneakers and headed off for a walk with her mutt, Rufus. He bounded ahead of her as she strolled along. They took the shortcut through the woods, and came out on a cross-road to her own Mulberry Lane.  Rufus set up a huge bark-fest, and she hurried around the curve in the road to find him barking at a stranger, and not a treed cat as she’d supposed.

“RUFUS…GET OVER HERE NOW,” she commanded in her stern-voice.

Whining, he threw one last regretful look at the man standing stock-still, and came to her side.

“I’m so sorry, I hope he didn’t startle you,” she called out. There was something familiar about the man. There weren’t that many Asians who lived out here. He was young, although the gray at his temples informed her that he was perhaps a bit older than he looked.

“No problem, Miss…..?”

“It’s Doctor, actually, Dr. Leeza Macguire.” She extended her hand as they drew closer.

“Aah, the veterinarian.”

She smiled. “Yes, exactly.” As  her hand touched his, she would’ve sworn that electricity sparked between them. It shot a current straight to her pussy. She shook her head at her foolishness.

“And you are?” she asked with an almost shy smile. She was never shy with men. Geeze, suddenly she felt like  a gauche 20-something again.

“Bai Longwei” He replied, taking her hand and tucking it into the crook of his arm, and strolling with her. “It’s an old family name. The origin lies in the Old Chinese language; it  means “White Dragon,” which in mythology, is symbolic of immortality.”

She turned her head, studying him. He met her perplexed gaze with and impassive smile.

She came to her senses, realizing that she’d been staring for far too long to be polite.

“I’m sorry, that was quite rude of me. It’s just that you look very familiar to me.”

“People say I have an ancient spirit,”  he replied, straight-faced.

“But perhaps you have seen me about town. I am an herbalist. That is, I use the ancient Chinese way of healing the body through the use of herbs.”

“I’m familiar with that…there was a very important person in my life who was also an herbal healer. You almost look a bit like him, I think. He was very old, and I haven’t heard from him in years. Still, I wonder, the field of herbology being so small…if you may have heard of Mr. Wu. He is likely passed now, but…I had a bit of a crush on him. He was a wonderful man.”

Bai smiled, and patted her hand.

“Now that we have met, may I offer you the hospitality of my home? I have a feeling we will become good friends. We can talk of your Mr. Wu, and share a cup of herbal tea that I think you may enjoy? That is, if you have the time…?”

At her nod, he smiled, and they walked, talking towards his home.

He’d found his student again, at long last.

The End