The Switch

for sephi…for planting the idea in my head in the first place….~n~

She lay in her bed staring at the ceiling and pouting.  She’d lost her boyfriend when she’d told him her fantasy. Not that he’d been all that psyched about the whole “coming out” about bondage and pain and all that shit, either.

It was clear the end had been approaching.

It still sucked.

Every girl has her fantasies, she knew it, and knew it well. Her girlfriends would giggle over cigs and beer when they had their monthly bar night. Cassie wanted to take it in the ass, and then get facefucked with the stinky cock. Monica wanted to have her nipples pierced, and her clit hood, so that she could wear a chain connecting all three sensitive areas. As for herself? She wanted a dick.

Oh, how the girls had errupted.

“You’re such a fucking slut. You ALWAYS want dick.” Cassie almost fell off the barstool, laughing. She was half gone; it never took more than two beers to set her off.

Monica tugged Cassie back up before she hurt herself. “Lemme git this straight,” she drawled in her deep Texas twang. “Ya’ll wanna cock. Not up your fuckhole…but instead of yer fuckhole? Like, Dude looks like a la-dee?” She bit her lower lip and played a wicked air guitar. The feather in her hair flopped into her face, and for a heartbeat she almost looked as tortured as SteveTyler.

Almost. But not.

“Yeah. I want a cock. So? This is fantasy right? I’ve always wondered what it felt like to be a guy. To feed your cock into the throat of your girl, the way she gags on it. How does it feel to have that long pee tube, to have the hot juices boil in your balls and spew out under pressure? How does it feel to have the tight ring of an asshole split apart and admit you, squeezing all the way in?”

Cassie waved her hand in front of her face. “Phew, it’s hot in here. Or maybe it’s just you.”

“What?” Ani stared at her very drunk friend.

“It’s my classic pick up line for a hot guy. If i see a bump start to grow, i know i gotta chance. That’s the bad thing about being a guy yanno…it’s hard to hide that old stick when it gets thick.”

She collapsed onto the bar in a fit of giggles. Ani sighed and shook her head. She knew it was over with her and the asshole, but she just wasn’t grooving with the girls tonight. She just wanted to go home. And jack off.

If she only had a cock.

She had no identity crisis. She loved being a girl. Loved the jiggle of her tits as she walked, the weight and heft of them. Loved the way her nipples cried when a Dom tortured them, and how the shot of lust ran right down to her clit when they were sucked or tugged.

She fully identified as a woman. She loved being fucked. Being dominated. Being used. Being loved. She loved sex.


She was insanely curious, every time she had a man’s dick between her lips, as to what, exactly, it felt like to them.

With the vanilla guys, they usually blushed and stammered a bit when she asked them how it felt, after.

‘Feels nice” was a common answer.

What the fuck was “nice”, anyway? She wanted facts, dammit!

She fell alseep, curled miserably in her bed.


She heard the sounds of a crying heart. oh dear, that can’t go on, she mused to herself.  She turned her head to find out where the throbbing sound was coming from.

Ah, the southwest. She flew on. A bat swooshed past her, swooping away from a near-collision. She waved her fist at him, but otherwise gave him no mind. She and bats had an understanding…most of the time. There had been that unfortunate episode in Tuscan a few months back, but she refused to dwell on the negatives.

The heart-sobs got louder.

Finally she found the house. She landed on the ledge. A pretty young woman lay curled up on her bed, sleeping.

Sliding in through the window, she raised her little wand. She tapped it gently on the girls head.


In moments she had the entire story. How totally bizarre. In all her years as a Fairy Godmother, she had never heard the like.

Blinking, she shook her head. This new generation was just fucking weird.

Nonetheless, if she could ease the suffering of one of her charges, so be it.

“Switch you want and switch you shall…now a lad and not a gal..

As I will it so it be…make the switch when I say three…”

And on the count of one–two–three, she waved her wand and tapped the girl on the crown of her head.

“That, as they say, is that,” she said to herself. “Oh, but one more thing…you will remember what it is to be a woman, to have these things done to you…and you will only be a lad until the setting of the next sun. Use your time wisely….”

And with that, she squeezed through the window, and went out to dance with the wind.


Ani woke with the need to take a piss so intensely that she could barely believe it. Never before had the need to pee made her feel so…strange. She rose and went to the bathroom.

Her balance was off a bit. She hit her shoulder on the door jamb and rubbing it, discovered it was swollen. What the fuck? She sat to pee and yelped aloud when her testicles hit the cold seat and she nearly squashed them.

“WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?!!!”  She yelped. Nature took over and a spurt of piss arched up over the seat and hit the side of the tub three feet away.

“FUCK” shouted Ani…. and quickly she pressed her penis down to point into the toilet.

What the FUCK….she had a dick! ???

She scratched her left pit, and found a thick mat of hair there. Gross! She’d just shaved her pits two days ago for fucks sake. Rising, she stepped over the urine line running across the bathroom and washed her hands in the sink.

She gave herself credit for not screaming when she saw the strange face in the mirror. Her eyes, but someone else’s mustache and beard. They were well trimmed but….she shook her head.

Her reflection matched the movement.

She still wore the silver cross that had been her mothers. She still had the tattoo over her left nipple…although it was now a dragon and not a dragonfly. And she had no tit…only a pec that was pretty impressive.

She had no fucking idea what was going on…she only hoped it wasn’t  a wierd-assed dream.

She walked from the bathroom, sprawl-legged. She watched her dick wiggle and sway with every step.




She did a little shimmy of a dance, watching with delight as the new piece of flesh between her legs bobbled and bounced with her movements.

She had a cock!