Switch 2

Looking in the mirror, she flexed her muscles. No Mr. Universe, but not too bad.

For certain, she’d fuck him. Her. Herself. She shook her head. That sounded weird. She did fuck herself when she masturbated, but this wasn’t the same thing, not at all. She winced. Her strong jawline caught her attention.

Wow. She was hot.

She wondered for the 100th time how this had happened. She had a hazy dream-like memory of a redheaded fat fairy. But that was just a dream, right?

She caught a whiff of strong, male smell. The strong, stinky smell of man, not the strong sexy smell. Ugh.

Whipping back the shower curtain she turned on the hot water. Now, here was a dilemma. Stepping over the piss line on the floor, she opened the linen cabinet. She thought she remembered one of her ex’s leaving some guy soap here, and just shoving it under the towels rather than look at it all the time.

She hoped she hadn’t been pissy and thrown it out, that would be a damned shame. Aha! She found the tube of Axe body wash, and lobbed it into the shower. She thought about grabbing a facecloth, then shrugged. Facecloths were for chicks.

Stepping into the shower, she popped the heat up a few notches. Grabbing the body wash, she squirted it liberally, then soaped her underarms vigorously. She scrubbed at her head with the soapy hand, then down the line of her chest.

Her tiny nipples amused her and she spent some time squeezing and flicking them.  They were sensitive. Not the same as her girl nipples. Those sensations rippled through her tits…the sensation here was more centered, shooting down through the crinkled flesh, and deeply into the center of her body.

Her hands stroked lower. Hands slick with soap caressed the length of her cock, tested the weight of her balls. Tried to assimilate the feelings within and without. The pleasure of having her fingers wrapped around her shaft, the various points of pleasure, the amount of pressure. She stroked a thumb over the head of her new cock, and moaned.


That felt fucking fine. She shivered, as her finger stroked along the pee slit, dipping with a bit of pressure into that sensitive hole.  She felt the thickening, the pleasure and pressure of skin drawn taut. Her breath came in short pants, as she continued to explore the wonders of a cock from the other side.

The tug of her balls, the sudden tight tingle warned her, a second before the first splat of semen against the side of the shower.  Like a schoolboy having his first erection, she groaned and sagged against the shower wall as silver strings of cum spurted through her testes and out her cock.




fuckity fuck.

She drew ragged breaths, feeling the sensitivity along her softening flesh. Woah. What a feeling that was.

She remembered how sensitive her clit was when she came, how it was pleasure-pain to touch after cumming. This? This was way beyond that. Her clit really was like a small cock in its own way, but really? There was nothing like the real thing!

Turning off the water, ignoring the cum dripping down the side of the shower, she stepped over the piss on the floor, and grabbed the towel.

She roughly scrubbed at her head, face, shoulders. She snagged the towel around her waist, not bothering to dry the lower half. She wondered what the fuck she was gonna wear. She’d been naked in her bed. She thought there must be cast-offs in her closet, like the soap.

Looking up at the fogged mirror, she was startled to see words there.

you have until the dawning of the new day

enjoy every minute that you have

for there will never be another day

quite like today.  love, fg



12 thoughts on “Switch 2

    1. LOL!

      penis curiosity describes how i feel, too! You’ll have to keep a window open for her to come in…and watch out for those fucking bats!



  1. how do I love thee? let me count the ways ….. as much as I would love to have a cock! Your really good at imagining and I’m pretty sure I never told you about my dreams lol can’t wait for more!

    1. You have never told me of your dreams, no. I’m just sort of….imagineering as i go…(did i ever tell you that i think i was a guy in a past life? )


    1. *laughing*

      it is a different sort of thing isn’t it? Now i have to start thinking about the opposite kind of ‘switch’…


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