HNT 2/2/12 Butt Seriously Folks…

in the beginning, there was nilla and her ass. it was pale, round, moonlike. And the Master proclaimed it a blank canvas.  After a time, He paused in his work, and surveyed what He had wrought, and proclaimed it….

not done. Not even close to done. Not even close. But His arm lay heavy from his shoulder, so He proclaimed it “time to stretch the asshole”.

and He smiled as He went about His torments, knowing that the asshole would soon be “ready”.

Yet soon He returned to his labours, since He was chilly, and wanting to lay against a warm ass is a true Master’s pleasure; ergo, He set to warming the bottom.

And when He was done, He proclaimed it…

Awesome, indeed.

For He was a Master who enjoyed his handiwork. And He knew, that such a large, blank canvas would indeed have been

a terrible thing to waste.

(He’s been wanting me to show this sequence for a while now. Happy, Master? *smile*)