Switch 3

She sauntered into the department store, and headed for  the lingerie section, as was her wont. She loved lingerie, the colors, the soft fabrics. She had been wanting a new bra, something sexy and hot. She looked at several, fingering them. That black lace one was pretty neat.

“May I help you?” The scathing tone made her turn quickly. Behind her was a behemoth of a woman, white haired, and scowling.

“Uh…Just looking…”In the nick of time she remembered she was,  to all appearances, a dude. That she had the dip stick, and not the ink well. Whoopsie.

She hurried out of the lingerie department, and to the mens section, determined to find something more decent to wear than a pair of ratty gray sweats and a Homer tee shirt. She’d never been a fan of the Simpsons to begin with.

She had no idea what size her new body wore. She took three pair of jeans to the dressing room. Squirming and wiggling, she finally got  into the first pair.


Too fucking tight, her balls were being crushed.

She got those fuckers off quickly, and went up two sizes. These were bearable but not comfortable. Fuck. She slid up back into the sweats and headed back out to the floor.

“May I assist you?”

The dulcet tones of a very gay man made her raise her eyes slowly from the jeans on the rack before her.  Oh, wasn’t this a priceless conundrum? A gay guy was coming on to her, a handsome man, who was really a woman.

She smiled. She’d been struggling all morning to figure out who she wanted to fuck. The idea of doin’ any of her girlfriends was reprehensible. She almost wanted to do Carla, she had fantastic tits, natural, big boobies that wobbled and swayed with every move, every breath. But no. She couldn’t fuck Carla.

She thought of going to a bar, but really, she didn’t have all the guy protocols down. And despite the overnight sex change,  she wasn’t into women. Though she was really, really enjoying the cock! Well, at least as long as she remembered to walk a bit like Cowboy Joe, and not like Princess Grace. She’d already wedged her nuts twice, for fucks sake.

“Yeah, you could. I’m trying to find some nice jeans. Broke-in but not hangin’, you know?”

“Hot date?”

Ah, there’s the nice fishy, take the hook, she thought.

“Nope, flyin’ solo.”

“Aah.” The clerk beamed. “Maxwell Anderson” he said, thrusting his hand out to Ani. “Please, do let me…assist.”

She took Maxwell’s hand, holding it a moment longer than was considered acceptable for straight men. Then she winked.  “I’ll call you Max. That is…if you don’t mind.”

Maxwell almost fainted. His eyes rolled, his cheeks flushed, his hand grew moist. These things never happened to him. And at work? Oh gods!

“Max is fine, fine…” he almost stuttered. “Well, let’s get you fit. Follow me.”

He took up a tape measure and sashayed into the men’s dressing room.  He opened a door to a fitting room, gesturing for Ani to preceed him. Ani swaggered into the room. It was very clear which of them was going to be the Top.

She lifted her tee shirt so that Max could measure her waist. She stood there before suggesting that Ani go to his knees.

The suggestion became an order as she saw the hesitancy flash for a moment.

“On your knees, slut. You know what comes next, don’t you?” She stood, hands on hips, feeling her new cock begin to stiffen. Men still turned her on, but how strange to have one at her feet. She felt his hands tugging at her sweats, felt her cock spring free as the waistband slid down to pool around her feet.

And then the incredible sensation of hot wetness as her new boi toi began to mouth her cock.  Lips fluttered around the head, and she felt it swell, larger and harder. The hardness was an ache that was pleasant and sweet. She felt tension from the tenderly laved tip, to the curled toes of her feet. Her ass clenched, her eyes half-closed, she soaked in the ministrations of the mouth on her body.

So different from being eaten out. The tickle of warm breath against tongue-moistened flesh raised her nipples, the touch of warm hands against her thickening balls was a joy. He weighed each one, cupping them gently, hefting them, then smoothing his thumb along the flesh.

The thumb rose higher, stroking the underside of the base of her cock, right where it joined her belly, then the forefinger wrapped around the top.

Lips and mouth and sucking at the head, were accompanied  by the tight pressure of fingers around the base. The twisting strokes were making her want to pump her hips and fuck.

“Fuuuuuck,” she moaned, as Max sucked hard, lips clamped around the ring of her cockhead. Her head dropped back, her eyes shut, as the sensations of heat and pressure built.

“Please..” her eyes opened. She looked down at Max.

“Please, fuck my throat. Be a brutal monster and just take me…”

She cupped her hand around the back of Max’s head, and grabbed a handful of hair, while pressing his head forward and onto her cock.

“You want it all, slut?”

Max nodded.

“Get over there, with your head against the wall.”

Max scooted back so that his back and head rested against the back wall.

“Too low. Get up on your knees. It’s gonna hurt.”

Max smiled. “Yes, i…i hope so…”

She swaggered over to him, trying to be all John Wayne macho. She hoped she didn’t look ridiculous, but frankly, Max’s gaze never left off staring at the rigid shaft approaching.

Bracing her palms on the wall, and straddling him, Ani leaned against the wall and began thrusting her pelvis against his mouth.


Max’s head hit the wall.

“keep your fucking head against the fucking wall” she growled, channeling Boris, a friend at a local D/s club she went to sometimes.

“No teeth,” she warned, slapping Max across his left cheek. “Got it, slut?”

She began to understand a bit of the thrill of power that Boris had talked about, but she didn’t want to go overboard here. She wanted a fuck. One good, hard facefuck.

And then a steak. Potatoes. Yeah, she was working up an appetite here. And then sensation drowned rational thought.

Her cock throbbed, and the feeling increased as the shaft passed into Max’s mouth. His lips closed around his thickness, his tongue a warm, quivering blanket to rest upon. She felt the pull of suction as Max began his work, even as she pressed deeper into his mouth. She felt the constriction of his throat, the beginning of that dark tunnel. The pressure was intense, incredible. The heat, the suction, the feeling of Max’s lips…there was sensation everywhere along her cock. She wanted to go harder, deeper.

She pulled out, nearly all the way. Max’s tongue diddled in her pisshole, and she moaned, then, hips jolting forward, she buried her cock in his throat.

She could feel the gag.

No wonder guys liked that feeling. It squeezed along the so-sensitive tip of her cock, making it weep. She pulled back. Once more Max’s tongue dipped into her hole, but now she could feel the weeping of fluid from there. So much different than having pussy juice oozing from her twat; she could feel every bead of dew pop out from her tiny, tender cock hole.

Her hips began to hammer into Max. She developed a rhythm. If it felt good, she kept doing it, then changed it up. She was dimly aware of the snatched breath, the occasional gag, and the bite of fingernails grabbing her asscheeks and pulling her hard against a sucking, drooling mouth.

She felt that feeling in her balls again. A tightening. A pulling. A throbbing…the pressure built. She began slamming her pelvis into Max’s eager pie hole, humping his face.

“Gonnna….gonna…” she gasped.

The explosion was seismic. She felt the expression ‘boiled up from the balls’, felt the incredible pressure as her juice rose, up, and up. It was thick, and sticky and there was a lot of it. The sensation of Max’s throat working to swallow was a caress on her hot flesh, squeezing every drop from her throbbing dick.

When it was done, she leaned against the wall, gasping. She reached her hand down, patting Max’s face.

“Good slut. Clean me up, now.”

It was almost painful, those last licks and laps. When he was done, he looked with adoring eyes up at her.

i want to be your bitch” said Max, the longing written clearly in his eyes.

“I’m sorry, slut. I am only in town today. I have to leave soon. But this…you’ve got a fine fucking mouth on you. Damned fine.” Leaning down, she kissed that mouth, tasting herself. She bit his lip, hard.

“Forget me,” she whispered in his ear.

“never,” she heard him reply, as she turned and headed out of the dressing room.

With regret, she closed the door behind her with a soft snick, and headed out of the store. She was done with shopping. Fuck it.

She headed to the store for a steak and beer. She hoped she’d get a chance at that fairy godmother of hers…she had a request or two.