Switch 4

She scrubbed the floor of her bathroom. She had no idea what the fuck had possessed her to leave piss on the floor like that. It was such a guy thing…

She sat back on her haunches. That was unfair. She knew plenty of guys who would wipe up such a ‘spill’. Then again, she knew equally as many who would expect her to wipe it up.

This was annoying. Suddenly she was seeing things through two perspectives. She was the ‘he’ who expected her to clean up the fucking mess, and she was the she who was frustrated by cleaning up his mess, which was her mess…

….and didn’t that just lead her back into the rabbit warren?

It was 2 a.m. and her knees hurt and her pussy was soaked, and she was rubbing dry piss off the bathroom floor. Stretching up, and bending her neck from side to side, she noticed the dried flecks of semen on the shower wall.

Oh, fucking grand.

There was a bump against the bathroom window. Rising to her feet, knees aching, she stretched before going to see what hit the glass. She peered left and right. Nothing. Damned bats.

She looked down at her now-spotless floor. Of course she couldn’t just wash the pissy part. No, she had to wash the entire floor. To keep it ‘equal’. It was what she did.  Arching, hand at her lower back, she closed her eyes, yawning.

It had been one hell of a day. She wasn’t sure why she wasn’t running around screaming wildly. No, she’d just gone along with it. From waking up with a dick, to face-fucking a clerk in the menswear department, to going home and grilling a steak while watching her neighbor undress…she’d taken it all in stride.

That last thing there, watching Mrs. Greanly strip for her shower, had been completely unintentional. She was a hippie and loved running around her house naked as a jaybird, as she’d told Ani in her giggly voice.  Her soft, pillowy tits were nothing like Ani’s own firm round ones, and not the kind of thing she really got off on, right?  Not that she disrespected her. Ani hoped she’d be as cool with her sexuality at 50.  But with a cock dangling between her thighs? Those round and floppy tits were pretty fucking appealing.

Those old broads knew a thing or two about pleasing a guy.

She shook her head. No! She wasn’t a guy anymore! She pinched her nipple. Definitely not a guy.

“Something wrong, dearie?”

She shrieked, and stumbled back, arms pinwheeling as she tried to keep from falling backward into the tub. A push against the wall stopped that tumble, only to land her, ass first, into the toilet.

Seat up, of course.

She felt the cold water soaking into her jeans, and was thankful that at least she…he…she..who the fuck ever…had flushed the last time the john had been used.

She stared up at the small, round, redheaded fairy that stood on the edge of her sink, peering down at her.

“Goodness me, are you okay Ari?”

It knew her name.

“Who..who the fuck are you..”

“Tisk, such language for a little lady.”

“Well, i *wasn’t* a little lady all day today, so that may be …hey! Its you…You’re it…I….”

If this was real, and not some tortured figment of her imagination, the little creature was doubled over, laughing. Ari watched tears of mirth roll down her cheeks, drip off her chin.

“Ah, dearie me! I really needed that. And my goodness, you look cold stuck in there like that. Want a hand?”

Ari tried to struggle out of the crapper. Her hand slipped, splashing more water onto her fresh-washed floor.

The fairy godmother just watched, waiting, Ari presumed, for a reply. How dom-like.

“yes, please.” she sighed.

Yet all it took was a wave of her little wand, and Ari was up, and dry. Even the floor was spotless.

“How’d you do that?”

Her fairy godmother just winked.

“Now, onto more important topics. Why did you call me, again? Twice in one 24 hour period is quite unusual, my dear.”

“I…didn’t call you.”

“You certainly did.”

“I didn’t”

where’s a fucking fairygodperson when you fucking need one. i’m sick of this shit, when the fuck do i get my tits back? and i need to talk about..”

Ani blinked. That was a near-perfect incantation of her private, innermost thoughts just before the change-back had happened. The little fairy even spoke in a voice that sounded just like her. Freaky.

Abashed, she lowered her eyes.

“I need to know a few things.”


“The guy…at the store?”

“Oh, that was a creative solution to that predicament. I have to admit, I didn’t see that one coming. NO pun intended.” And she dissolved into a fit of giggles.

Ani tried to not roll her eyes.

“What I mean to say is…I didn’t want to ruin him for life, pining after me and all…”

“Sweetie? At 3:22 p.m. a grandfatherly type went into that same room with him and reamed him good. Right there in his tookus. It was entertaining as hell. He is a sweet boi, but an alleycat in his sex partners. He’ll fuck anything with a cock. Worry not. He’ll remember you fondly, right up until the next cock is dangled in front of him.”

Ani hadn’t expected that either. For a moment, she was filled with annoyance. Here, she’d been worried about breaking that little Lothario’s heart all fucking afternoon.

“Anything else? And don’t ask for the change again, because I’m not going to fuck with mother nature. She’s a right bitch when I do things like this and I really don’t feel like eating muff for the next month.”

Ani blinked.

“Um, um, no, I was happy to experiment, but I’m done with dick. Having one, I mean. I was just kind of wondering if there was someone special…you know..”

“Looking for prince charming and bibbity bobbety boo?”

Oh, this fairy had a wicked snark. Ani smiled. She kind of liked it. She nodded.

“I can’t divulge that. I’m not allowed to break into the Code of the Crystal Ball. Very strict rules there, very strict.” She had one hand on her hip, the other waving in the air in front of her, as if to ward off bad juju.

“Well, if that’s all, I’ve gotta fly. Lotta bats out there tonight. Fucking rodents with wings.”

She shivered dramatically, and tucked a loose curl back into her chignon. Her wings quivered and she rose fractionally to hover, then zipped right in front of Ani’s nose.

“Don’t miss the D/s Ball, sweetie.” With a wink, and a tap of her tiny wand on the tip of Ani’s nose, off she flew.

She bounced off the bathroom window. Turning an accusing eye towards Ani, she scowled.

“Don’t you ever open this fucking thing?”

Holding back the chuckles, Ani ducked around the madly fluttering fairy and opened the window.

She watched her fly up into the night sky. There was a flurry of pink and purple sparkles.

“Fucking bats,” Ani heard her yelp.

With a laugh, she closed the window.

She wondered what she would wear to the Ball.