How sad.

It was a struggling bitch of a game. Kept me on tenterhooks the entire 4 quarters….would they? Could they? Brady fucked up in the first Patriot possession and almost made me cry…..and geeze.

So …i’ll take your comments about being defeated in good stride. Don’t need to rub my nose in it, I was SURE we would win…and i was wrong.

You know what the WORST thing about the Superbowl is?

do ya?

no more football until August.

And i won’t wish away days that way. It’s a long long time until then, and i’ll just have to find other ways to amuse myself.

any thoughts on that?

yeah. i thought you’d think those kind of thoughts.

Okay peeps…lets get back to the sexay stuff…


Super Sunday

It’s Super Sunday! If you’re not a football person then this week has been hell if you live in New York or New England…the media blitz has been crazy. i’m sure there are important things going on in the world, but you sure wouldn’t know it by our local news coverage. Boston media is…drinking WAAAAY too much coffee…just sayin’….

The unSuper part of today is that i won’t be seeing my Master. Not at all. That, frankly, sucks.

On the other hand…i will see Tom Brady and the Patriots charge up, over, through and around the NY Giants to win the Superbowl. Good things come to those who wait.

And i hope to win some concessions from Master if my beloved Pats take charge of the field, and walk away with the Big Prize. (More on that in a bit…)

Which of course i know they will, despite faithful’s comment on Friday’s blogpost that said “go XXX” (can’t even type it) ūüôā ¬†– my blog my team, yanno? With all due respect to faithful…as Master sez…NFW!!


Gosh i love football. Still don’t understand all the play strategy and that’s fine. i don’t need to be an armchair quarterback to scream my lungs out when Gronk runs downfield and slams that pigskin into the ground. i appreciate the cute butts, the powerful legs and arms, and the hustle of the game.

¬†Don’t care about which play is getting called in the huddle, just want all ‘my’ boys to come through the game safely, and to see Coach B get doused in Gateraide!

And yanno. There’s Master’s little concessionary wager. He’s a Pats fan too, and He played football himself in college. So if i get totally stumped about a play, i can send Him a text later and ask for Him to clarify for me.

Anyway, as of this writing, Friday night, the wager terms have not been set in stone. i’ve offered two different scenarios to Him. We’ll see which one He’ll consider.


It’s Saturday night, verrah late. Had to go fetch the teen from his g/f’s birthday party in the City, and am only now getting back here to finish this…it’s been a long day, work was very busy (which was great!), then i came home and did some work for a few hours…and then the driving.

I did get to talk to Master on the drive in to the City, as i was verrah tired, and He kept me awake, and laughing. We talked about the arrangement of the “HOW” i can win our wager. ¬†I’m looking for a point total (combined of both teams score) of 25 and above to win. (my guess was 14 Pats, 10 Giants). I have a whole long, rambling scenario of who will score and when but i won’t share it here coz i know ya’ll are here for the sex, not football!!

So here’s where YOU all can chime in with your thoughts. What should nilla “win” from Master when the Pats win, (and IF the total game points is 24 or higher…if the game ends say, 7-3…i’m screwed).

Chime in! Master is eager to read your thoughts on what nilla should get. (hint…lotsa orgasms!) *giggle*

As for sex? Well….thanks to a wee nilla fuck-up, there, won’t be any until after the Big Game…It’s been ZNN since FNF (where my fuck-up occurred..) ¬†And now the lesson learned? Do NOT touch the slut bits until AFTER ¬†Master has said ‘get your pink vibe’ (or whatever toy)…because ZNN does not end when i call Him, but when He says it ends. (wee tiny rut roe there…yes…nilla does occasionally fuck up!! )

Don’t be surprised if “gronk” becomes a new¬†euphemism for fucking. If you say it right it sounds like a goose honking…but if you say it with a guy emphasis…”yo, lookit that bitch…one a these days i’m gonna gronk her….”


So for all of you hoping to read the sexay…come back tomorrow, and nilla promises to have something hot and juicy…

until then, Go Go Go Patriots! Bring that trophy home to Boston!